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Users should frequently consult Department of the Army Pamphlet 25-30 for the latest changes to or revisions of references listed herein and for new publications relating to material covered in this publication.

Required Publications

Required publications are sources that users must read in order to understand or to comply with this publication.

Field Manuals (FMs)

FM 6-20 Fire Support in the AirLand Battle

FM 6-30 Observed Fire Procedures

FM 100-5 Operations

FM 101-5-1 Operational Terms and Symbols

Related Publications

Related publications are sources of additional information. They are not required in order to understand this publication.

Department of the Army (DA) Forms

DA Form 2028 Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms

DA Form 4655-R Target List Work Sheet

DA Form 4656-R Scheduling Work Sheet

DA Form 5032-R Field Artillery Delivered Minefield Planning Sheet

DA Form 5368-R Quick Fire Plan

Field Manuals

FM 1-103 Airspace Management and Army Air Traffic in a Combat Zone

FM 1-111 Aviation Brigade

FM 1-112 Attack Helicopter Battalion

FM 3-3 NBC Contamination Avoidance

(C) FM 3-10 Employment of Chemical Agents (U)

FM 3-50 Deliberate Smoke Operations

FM 3-100 NBC Operations

FM 5-100 Engineer Combat Operations

FM 6-2 Field Artillery Survey

FM 6-15 Field Artillery Meteorology

FM 6-20-1 (HTF) Field Artillery Cannon Battalion (How to Fight)

FM 6-20-30 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support for Corps and Division Operations

FM 6-20-50 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support for Brigade Operations (Light)

FM 6-121 Field Artillery Target Acquisition

(C) FM 6-141-2 Field Artillery Target Analysis and Weapons Employment: Nonnuclear (U)

FM 6-161 Field Artillery Radar Systems

FM 7-7 The Mechanized Infantry Platoon and Squad

FM 7-90 Tactical Employment of Mortars

FM 9-6 Ammunition Service in the Theater of Operations

FM 11-50 (HTF) Combat Communications Within the Division (How to Fight)

FM 17-95 Cavalry Operations

FM 21-26 Map Reading and Land Navigation

FM 24-1 Combat Communications

FM 34-1 Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations

FM 34-3 Intelligence Analysis

FM 34-81 Weather Support for Army Tactical Operations

FM 44-1 US Army Air Defense Artillery Employment

FM 71-1 (HTF) Tank and Mechanized Infantry Company Team (How to Fight)

FM 71-2 The Tank and Mechanized Infantry Battalion Task Force

FM 71-3 Armored and Mechanized Infantry Brigade

FM 71-100 (HTF) Armored and Mechanized Division Operations (How to Fight)

FM 90-2 Battlefield Deception

FM 90-3 (HTF) Desert Operations (How to Fight)

FM 90-4 Air Assault Operations

FM 90-5 (HTF) Jungle Operations (How to Fight)

FM 90-6 Mountain Operations

FM 90-10 (HTF) Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) (How to Fight)

FM 90-13 (HTF) River Crossing Operations (How to Fight)

FM 100-26 The Air-Ground Operations System

FM 100-42 US Army/US Airspace Management in an Area of Operations

FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operations

FM 101-10-1 Staff Officers' Field Manual: Organizational, Technical, and Logistical Data

FM 101-31-1 Staff Officers' Field Manual: Nuclear Weapons Employment Doctrine and Procedures

(SRD) FM 101-31-2 Staff Officers' Field Manual: Nuclear Weapons Employment Effects Data (U)

(C) FM 101-50-1 Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual: Air-to-Surface: Weapon Effectiveness, Selection and Requirements, Air-Delivered Non-Nuclear (U)

(C) FM 101-50-20 Characteristics Handbook (JMEM) (U)

(C) FM 101-60-1 Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual/Surface-to-Surface: Effectiveness Data for Mortar, 81-mm: M29 (U)

(C) FM 101-60-2 Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual Surface-to-Surface: Effectiveness Data for Howitzer, 105-mm, M101A1 (U)

(C) FM 101-60-3 Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual: Surface-to-Surface: Effectiveness Data for Howitzer, 155-mm, M109 (U)

(C) FM 101-60-6 Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual: Surface-to-Surface: Effectiveness Data for 5-Inch/38-Inch Naval Twin-Gun Mount, MK-28, -32 and With Gun, Fire Control System MK-37 (U)

(C) FM 101-60-7 Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual: Effectiveness Data for Mortar: 4.2-Inch, M30 (U)

(C) FM 101-60-9 Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual: Surface-to-Surface: Effectiveness Data for Naval Single-Gun Mount, MK42 w/Gun Fire Control System, MK68 (U)

(C) FM 101-61-3 Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual/Surface-to-Surface: Ammunition Reliability (U)

(C) FM 101-62-1 Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual: Surface-to-Surface: Safe Distances for Fragmentary Munitions (U)

(C) FM 101-62-3 Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual/Surface-to-Surface: Manual of Fragmentation Data (U)

Miscellaneous Literature

JCS Pub 1-02 Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

ATP-27 Offensive Air Support Operations

ATP-35(A) Land Force Tactical Doctrine

USREDCOM Manual 525-5 Joint Terminal Guidance Operations

Multiservice and Joint Publications

TRADOC PAM 34-3 Joint Laser (J-Laser) Designation Procedures. TACA 50-25/LANTFLT TIP-1/MCDEC OH 6-2D/USREDCOM Pam 38-1/USAFEP50-25/AACP 50-25/PACAFP 50-25

NATO Standardization Agreements/Quadripartite Standardization Agreements (STANAGs/QSTAGs)

STANAG 2014/QSTAG 506 Operation Orders, Annexes to Operation Orders, and Administrative and Logistics Orders

STANAG 2031/QSTAG 515 Proforma for Artillery Fire Plan

STANAG 2082 Relief of Combat Troops

STANAG 2099/QSTAG 531 Fire Coordination in Support of Land Forces

STANAG 2103/QSTAG 187 Reporting Nuclear Detonation, Biological and Chemical Attacks, and Predicting and Warning of Associated Hazards and Hazards Area (ATP-45)

STANAG 2104/QSTAG 189 Friendly Nuclear Strike Warning to Armed Forces Operating on Land

STANAG 2147/QSTAG 221 Target Numbering System (Nonnuclear)

STANAG 2887/QSTAG 217 Tactical Tasks and Responsibilities for Control of Artillery

STANAG 3736 Offensive Air Support Operations (ATP-27B)

NOTE: STANAGs and QSTAGs can be obtained from Naval Publications and Forms Center, 5801 Tabor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19120. Use DD Form 1425 to requisition documents.

Technical Manual (TM)

TM 11-7440-240-10 Operator's Manual for Fire Direction Center, Artillery 0A8389/GSG-10V) (Volumes 1 through 10)

Training Circulars (TCs)

TC 6-40 Field Artillery Manual Cannon Gunnery

TC 6-40A Field Artillery Automated Cannon Gunnery

TC 6-50 The Field Artillery Cannon Battery

TC 34-130 Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

TC 90-7 Joint (Army/Air Force) Tactical Air Control Party/Fire Support Team (TACP/FIST) Close Air Support Operations

Projected Publications

Projected publications are sources of additional information that are scheduled for printing but are not yet available. Upon print, they will be distributed automatically via pinpoint distribution. They cannot be obtained from the USA AG Publications Center until they are indexed in DA Pamphlet 25-30.

FM 6-20-10 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Targeting Process

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