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ACIF           artillery counterfire information form
ACRV           armored command and reconnaissance vehicle
AFATDS         advanced field artillery tactical data system
AFSO           aerial fire support observer
AHB            attack helicopter battalion
ALGOR          algorithm
ALO            air liaison officer
AMTP           Army training and evaluation program mission training plan
AR             Army regulation
ARTEP          Army training and evaluation program
ASI            additional skill identifier
ATF            automatic terrain following
ATI            artillery target intelligence
ATIZ           artillery target intelligence zone
BCS            battery computer system
bde            brigade
bn             battalion
BOMREP         bombing report
btry           battery
C2             command and control
C3             command, control, and communications
cav            cavalry
cdr            commander
CDR            coordinate report (TACFIRE)
CFFZ           call-for-fire zone
CFL            coordinated fire line
CFO            counterfire officer
CFZ            critical friendly zone
cmd            command
COLT           combat observation/lasing team
comm           communication
COMNET         communications net
COMSEC         communications security
COP            command observation post (Soviet)
CP             command post
CPT            captain
CPX            command post exercise
CSB            common sensor boundary
CTAD           corps target acquisition detachment
CZ             censor zone
D              digital
DAG            division artillery group (Soviet)
DC             direct current
DF             direction-finding
div            division
div arty       division artillery
DMA            Defense Mapping Agency
DMD            digital message device
DS             direct support
DST            decision support template
DTED           digital terrain elevation data
DTG            date-time group
DTOCSE         division tactical operations center support element
EAC            echelons above corps
ECCM           electronic counter-countermeasures
ECM            electronic countermeasures
ECOA           enemy course of action
ELINT          electronic intelligence
ELOS           electronic line of sight
ELP            electronic line printer
EMP            electromagnetic pulse
ERPSL          essential repair parts stockage list
EW             electronic warfare
EWO            electronic warfare officer
FA             field artillery
FAIO           field artillery intelligence officer
FCE            fire control element
FDC            fire direction center
FDS            fire direction system
FEBA           forward edge of the battle area
FEM            field exercise mode
FF             Firefinder
FFED           Firefinder elevation data
FIST           fire support team
FLOT           forward line of own troops
FM             field manual; frequency modulated
FO             forward observer
FSCOORD        fire support coordinator
FSE            fire support element
FSO            fire support officer
FTX            field training exercise
GS             general support
GSR            ground surveillance radar
HB             high burst
HE             high explosive
HHB            headquarters and headquarters battery
HMMWV          high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HPT            high-payoff target
HQ             headquarters
HVT            high-value target
Hz             hertz
IEW            intelligence and electronic warfare
intel          intelligence
IPB            intelligence preparation of the battlefield
IPW            prisoner-of-war interrogation
km             kilometer
kw             kilowatt
LO             liaison officer
LOS            line of sight
LT             lieutenant
m              mil
MAC            maintenance allocation chart
maint          maintenance
MDS            meteorological data system
met            meteorology
METL           mission-essential task list
METT-T         mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available
MFR            mission fired report
MI             military intelligence
MLRS           multiple launch rocket system
mm             millimeter
MOI            message of interest
MOPP           mission-oriented protective posture
MORTREP        mortar bombing report
MPI            mean point of impact
MSG            master sergeant
MTI            moving-target indicator
MTLR           moving-target-locating radar
MTOE           modification tables of organization and equipment
NAI            named area of interest
NATO           North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC            nuclear, biological, chemical
NCO            noncommissioned officer
NCS            net control station
nuc            nuclear
OB             order of battle
OF             observed fire
OP             observation post
OPCON          operational control
OPLAN          operation plan
OPORD          operation order
ops/F          operations/fire (radio net)
ORF            operational readiness float
PADS           position and azimuth determining system
PCM            pulse code modulation
PE             probable error
PFC            private first class
PLL            prescribed load list
plt            platoon
PMCS           preventive maintenance checks and services
POL            petroleum, oils and lubricants
pri            priority
PW             prisoner of war
QSTAG          quadripartite standardization agreement
R              reinforcing
RAG            regimental artillery group (Soviet)
RATELO         radiotelephone operator
RATT           radio teletypewriter
RDF            radio direction finding
RDO            radar deployment order
recon          reconnaissance
ref            reference
ROCKREP        rocketing report
RSO            reconnaissance and survey officer
SCP            survey control point
SEAD           suppression of enemy air defenses
sec            section
SFC            sergeant first class
SGT            sergeant
SHELREP        shelling report
SIGNT          signals intelligence
SOI            signal operation instructions
SOP            standing operating procedure
SP             self-propelled
SPC            specialist
SPCE           survey planning and coordination element
SPCO           survey planning and coordination officer
SSG            staff sergeant
STANAG         standardization agreement
TA             target acquisition
TAB            target acquisition battery
TACFIRE        tactical fire direction system
TAI            target area of interest
TAMMS          The Army Maintenance Management System
TC             training circular
TDA            target damage assessment
TF             task force
TFT            tabular firing table
TLE            target location error
TM             technical manual
TMDE           test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment
TOC            tactical operations center
TOE            tables of organization and equipment
TSOP           tactical standing operating procedure
TVA            target value analysis
USAFAS         US Army Field Artillery School
USAF           United States Air Force
UTM            universal transverse mercator
V              voice
VFMED          variable-format message entry device
VHF            very high frequency
WLR            weapons-locating radar
WO             warrant officer


artillery target intelligence zone--An area in enemy territory that the maneuver commander wants to monitor closely. Weapon locations in this zone will be reported immediately. Their priority is exceeded only by targets in a critical friendly zone or a call-for-fire zone.

aspect angle--The relative angle between the path of a projectile, or moving target, and the beam of the radar observing it. For example, if the projectile and the radar beam are perpendicular, the aspect angle is 1,600 mils.

call-for-fire zone--An area in enemy territory that the maneuver commander considers extremely important to neutralize fires from by immediate counterfire.

centralized control--The mode in which control is kept at a higher echelon, such as div arty or corps.

common sensory boundary--A line established by the division artillery or FA brigade that divides TA areas of search into dose and deep areas for the AN/TPQ-36 and AN/TPQ-37 respectively. This boundary is established to prevent target duplication and maximize range capabilities of the radars.

counterfire--Fire intended to destroy, neutralize, or suppress enemy weapons

counterpreparation fires--An intense volume of prearranged fires delivered when the threat of enemy attack is discovered.

counterreconnaissance--Action taken against enemy reconnaissance elements.

critical friendly zone--An area in which are located friendly units or units that the maneuver commander designates as critical.

cueing--External actions or inputs that cause a surveillance or target acquisition device to turn on and search a suspect area.

cueing agent--One who is authorized to direct a TA sensor to turn on and search an area of interest.

decentralized control--The mode in which control is given to lower echelons, such as battalion or battery.

electronic line of sight--A straight, unobstructed path from the transmit antenna of an emitter to either a reflecting object or a receive antenna.

forward edge of the battle area--The forward limit of the main battle area.

forward line of own troops--A line that indicates the most forward positions of friendly forces in any kind of military operation at a specific time. The FLOT may be at, beyond, and short of the FEBA, depicting the nonlinear battlefield.

high-payoff target--A high-value target that must be acquired and successfully attacked for the success of the friendly commander's mission.

high-trajectory weapons--Weapons such as mortars that fire projectiles at an angle exceeding 800 mils.

high-value target--An asset the enemy commander requires for the successful completion of his mission.

intelligence preparation of the battlefield--A continuous systematic approach to analyzing the enemy, weather, and terrain in a specific geographical area. It integrates enemy doctrine with the weather and terrain as they relate to mission and the specific battlefield environment. This is done to determine and evaluate enemy capabilities, vulnerabilities, and probable courses of action.

low trajectory weapons--Weapons such as artillery or rockets that fire projectiles at angles less than 800 mils.

mask--High ground in front of the antenna that blocks the transmitted radar beams. mask angle--The vertical angle from the radar to the top of the mask, or screening crest.

real-time cueing--Planned procedure in which the radar is cued and then locates and reports the target. Immediate fire is then directed on the target.

screening crest--A hill or ridge located in front of a radar set to mask it from unwanted returns (clutter) at dose range and to provide security against electronic detection or jamming. A screening crest also prevents visual observation and attack by direct fire weapons.

sector of search--An area that a target acquisition or surveillance device is required to search.

target--An area designated and numbered for future firing. Also, in radar (NATO), a target generally is any discrete object that reflects or retransmits energy back to the radar equipment. Specifically, a target is an object of radar search or surveillance.

target acquisition--The detection, identification, and location of a target in sufficient detail to permit attack by friendly weapons.

target acquisition capabilities overlay--An overlay that graphically depicts the target acquisition coverage of a unit. The overlay is constructed and maintained by the unit controlling headquarters S2. It is used to help S2s plan and control assigned TA assets.

target intelligence--The product resulting from the collection, evaluation, and interpretation of target information.

target value analysis--An analytical tool used in the targeting process by which the maneuver commander--

  • Provides focus for his TA effort.

  • Identifies priorities for the engagement of enemy targets that will facilitate the success of his mission.

  • Identifies effects criteria.

  • Permits planning for identified contingencies based on enemy options available when the enemy operation fails.

  • Can better estimate friendly unit capabilities.

track volume--The portion of a projectile trajectory that a weapons-locating radar tracks.

tunneling--Positioning a radar so that vegetation is to the sides and rear in order to reduce the side and back lobes of radiation and decrease radar vulnerability to direction-finding equipment.

visibility diagram--A diagram depicting the capability of a TA sensor to observe a given area.

ATI            artillery target intelligence
CDR            coordinate report
DA             division artillery
FM             fire mission
FOCMD          forward observer command (message)
INTM           initiate mission
MFR            mission fired report
MOI            message of interest
OBCO           observer location
PTM            plaintext message
RFAF           request for additional fire
SPRT           support (program)
SUBS           subsequent commands message
SYS            system

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