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These are the sources quoted or paraphrased in this publication.

Department of Defense Regulations (DOD Regs)

DOD Reg 4500.32-R, Volume I. Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures. 15 March 1987.

DOD Reg 4515.13-R. Department of Defense Air Transportation Eligibility Regulation. 1 January 1980.

DOD Reg 5030.49-R. Customs Inspection. 27 May 1977.

Joint and Multiservice Publications

AR 59-8/AFR 76-38/OPNAVINST 4630.18E/MCO 4630.6D/DLAR 4540.9. Department of Defense (DOD) Common User Airlift. 20 August 1982.

AR 59-18/AFR 76-13/OPNAVINST 4600.21C/MCO 4631.8C/DLAR 4151.15. Management of System 463L Pallets, Nets and Tie-down Equipment. 25 March 1988.

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Allied Tactical Publications (ATPs)

ATP 53. NATO Air Transport Policies and Procedures. 18 May 1990.

Standardization Agreements (STANAGs)

STANAG 2023. Marking of Military Cargo for International Movement by All International Means of Transport. 3 March 1974.

STANAG 3345 TN. Forms for Planning Air Movement. 5 February 1988.

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Army Regulations (ARs)

AR 5-16. Army Supplement to Defense Regional Interservice Support (DRIS) Regulation. 21 August 1985.

AR 70-47. Engineering for Transportability. 19 August 1985.

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AR 310-50. Authorized Abbreviations and Brevity Codes. 15 November 1985.

AR 735-5. Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability. 20 September 1989.

Field Manuals (FMs)

FM 55-1. Army Transportation Services in a Theater of Operations. 30 November 1984.

FM 55-10. Movement Control in a Theater of Operations. 8 December 1992.

FM 55-15. Transportation Reference Data. 9 June 1986.

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FM 55-60. Army Terminal Operations. 18 May 1987.

FM 55-65. Strategic Deployment by Surface Transportation. 10 May 1989.

FM 100-5. Operations. 5 May 1986.

FM 100-17. Mobilization, Deployment, Redeployment, Demobilization (to be published).

Technical Bulletins (TBs)

TB 9-2300-415-40. Front Bumper Mounted Towing Hitch. 30 November 1972.

TB 55-46-1. Standard Characteristics (Dimensions, Weight and Cube) for Transportability of Military Vehicles and Other Outsize/Overweight Equipment. 1 January 1991.

Air Force Publications*

AFM 28-346, Vol. I/II. Contingency Operation/Mobility Planning and Execution System (COMPES), Cargo Movement Operations System (CMOS), Computer Aided Load Manifesting (CALM): A200/AU. 31 October 1989.

AFP 76-2. Airlift Planning Factors. 29 May 1987.

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L.O. 35D33-2-3-1. Maintenance Repair Instructions for Air Cargo Pallet Nets. 1 April 1972.

Air Mobility Command Publications**

AMCP 50-13. AMC Affiliation Training Program. 23 December 1991.

AMCP 55-41. Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) Load Planning Guide. 30 September 1987.

AMCR 55-3, Vol. IV. AMC Tanker Airlift Control Elements (TALCE). 21 May 1991.

AMCR 55-4. C-141B Configuration/Mission Planning. 6 February 1991.

AMCR 55-26. C-5A Configuration/Mission Planning. 1 August 1990.

AMCR 55-47. C-130 Configuration/Mission Planning. 29 December 1989.


These documents must be available to the intended users of this publication.

Air Force Forms

AF Form 127. Traffic Transfer Receipt. July 1972.

AF Form 2279. Pallet Identifier. March 1984.

Department of Defense (DD) Forms

DD Form 1384. Transportation Control and Movement Document. April 1966.

DD Form 1387-2. Special Handling Data/Certification. June 1986.

DD Form 2130-1. C-5 A/B Cargo Manifest. December 1988.

DD Form 2130-2. C-130 A/B/E/H Cargo Manifest. December 1988.

DD Form 2130-3. C-141B Cargo Manifest. December 1988.

DD Form 2130-5. DC 10-10/30CF Cargo Manifest. July 1991.

DD Form 2130-6. KC-10A Cargo (17 Pallets Configuration) Manifest. December 1988.

DD Form 2130-7. KC-10A Cargo (23 Pallets Configuration) Manifest. December 1988.

DD Form 2130-8. DC 8-50 Series F/CF Cargo Manifest. December 1988.

DD Form 2130-9. DC 8-61/71-63/73F/CF Cargo Manifest. December 1988.

DD Form 2130-10. DC 8-62CF Cargo Manifest. December 1988.

DD Form 2130-11. B707-300-C Cargo Manifest. December 1988.

DD Form 2130-12. B747-100-F/200C/200F Cargo Manifest. December 1988.

DD Form 2130C. Aircraft Cargo Manifest Continuation. November 1986.

DD Form 2131. Passenger Manifest. November 1986.

DD Form 2133. Joint Airlift Inspection Record. November 1986.

DD Form 2327. Unit Aircraft Utilization Plan, February 1984.

*DD Form 2327C. Unit Aircraft Utilization Plan Continuation. February 1984.

*U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1994 528-027/20068

*Request Air Force publications using DD Form 1149 (Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document) and forward to Air Force Publications Distribution Center, Baltimore, MD 21220.

**Obtain Air Mobility Command Regulations from Department of the Air Force, ATTN: HQ AMC/DAP, Scott Air Force Base, IL 62225-5001.

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