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The US Army watercraft fleet is made up of all types of vessels, including oceangoing vessels, tugs, landing craft, barges, and amphibians. Although all of these vessels operate on water, their missions are different. The watercraft operator must have the skills and knowledge to perform the tasks required on any of these vessels.

This FM is for the 88K watercraft operator, skill levels 1 through 4. It will provide the subject matter that relates directly to the common technical tasks listed in STP 55-88K14-SM-TG.

The US Army's environmental strategy into the 21st century defines the Army's leadership commitment and philosophy for meeting present and future environmental challenges. It provides a framework to ensure that environmental stewardship ethic governs all Army activities. The Army's environmental vision is to be a national leader in environmental and natural resource stewardship for present and future generations, as an integral part of all Army missions. The Army's environmental vision statement communicates the Army's commitment to the environment.

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