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AA&E arms, ammunition, and explosives
AAP Allied Administrative Publication
AFR Armed Forces Regulation
ALOC air lines of communication
AMC Army Materiel Command
AR Army regulation
ARNG Army National Guard
ARTEP Army training and evaluation program
ASCC Army Service Component Command
ASG area support group
ASL authorized stockage list
ASP ammunition supply point
ASR alternate supply route
ATA American Trucking Associations, Inc.
ATP ammunition transfer point
AVLB armor-vehicle-launched bridge
BII basic issue items
BILI basic issue list items
BSA brigade support area
C change
C2 command and control
CBU cluster bomb unit
CCN convoy clearance number
cdr commander
CFR Code of Federal Regulation
CHE container-handling equipment
CINC commander in chief
CLK container lift kit
CMO convoy movement order
COFC container on flatcar
COMMZ communications zone
COMSEC communications security
CONUS continental United States
CONUSA numbered armies in the continental United States
COSCOM corps support command
CP check point/command post/control point/ critical point
CPRP Chemical Personnel Reliability Program
CS combat support
CSA corps storage area
CSB corps support battalion
CSG corps support group
CSM command sergeant major
CSS combat service support
CTIS central tire inflation system
CUCV commercial utility cargo vehicle
DA Department of the Army
DC District of Columbia
DCSLOG Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
DD Department of Defense
DISCOM division support command
DMC defense movements coordinator; division movement control
DOD Department of Defense
DOT Department of Transportation
DS direct support
DSA division support area
DSU direct support unit
DTO division transportation office/officer
EAC echelon above corps
EPW enemy prisoner of war
ERP en route reporting point
ETA estimated time of arrival
ETD estimated time of departure
EW electronic warfare
FM frequency modulated; field manual
FO forward observer
FORSCOM United States Forces Command
FRAGO fragmentary order
FSB forward support battalion
G3 Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 (Operations and Plans)
G4 Assistant Chief of Staff, G4 (Logistics)
G5 Assistant Chief of Staff, G5 (Civil Affairs)
GS general support
GSA General Services Administration
GSU general support unit
GTA graphic training aid
GVW gross vehicle weight
HAZMAT hazardous materials
HET heavy equipment transporter
HHD headquarters and headquarters detachment
HMMWV high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HN host nation
HQ headquarters
HRP highway regulation point
HRPT highway regulation point team
HS home station
HTF how to fight
HTH highway traffic headquarters
IAW in accordance with
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ITO installation transportation office(r)
JSAC Joint State Area Command
km kilometer
KMIH kilometers in the hour
LASH lighter aboard ship
LOGCAP Logistics Civil Augmentation Program
LOLO lift-on, lift-off
LOTS logistics-over-the-shore
LP listening post
LSE Logistics Support Element
m meter
MC movement control
MCAS Motor Carrier Advisory Service
MCO movement control officer
M-date mobilization date
MEDEVAC medical evacuation
METL mission essential task list
METT-T mission, enemy, troops, terrain, and time available
MHE materials-handling equipment
MIH miles in the hour
MKT mobile kitchen trailer
MLC Military Load Class
MOADS Maneuver Oriented Ammunition Distribution System
MOBCON mobilization control
MOGAS motor gasoline
MOS military occupational specialty
MP military police
MPES Mobilization Planning and Execution System
MRE meals, ready to eat
MS mobilization station
MSB main support battalion
MSR main supply route
MTMC Military Traffic Management Command
MWO movement warning order
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC nuclear, biological, chemical
NCO noncommissioned officer
NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge
NG National Guard
NGB National Guard Bureau
NHTN National Highway Transportation Network
No. number
OF optional form
OIC officer in charge
OP observation post
OPCON operational control
OPLAN operations plan
OPORD operations order
OPSEC operations security
PLL prescribed load list
PLS palletized loading system
POC point of contact
POE port of embarkation
POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants
QSTAG Quadripartite Standardization Agreement
Qty quantity
RC Reserve Component
RCAS Reserve Component Automation System
RORO roll-on, roll-off
RP release point
rqr requirement
RSOP reconnaissance, selection, occupation party
S1 Adjutant (US Army)
S2 Intelligence Officer (US Army)
S3 Operations and Training Officer (US Army)
S4 supply officer (US Army)
S6 Battalion Signal Officer (US Army)
SB supply bulletin
SF standard form
SMCC state movement control center
SMCT Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks
SMFT semitrailer mounted fabric tank
SOFA Status of Forces Agreement
SOI signal operating instructions
SOP standing operating procedure
SP start point
SRC Standard Requirement Code
STAA Surface Transportation Assistance Act
STANAG Standardization Agreement
STARC State Area Command
STON short ton
STP soldier training product
TAACOM theater army area command
TACAIR tactical air
TAMMS The Army Maintenance Management System
TB technical bulletin
TC training circular
TCAC theater civil affairs command
TC-ACCIS Transportation Coordinator Automated Command and Control Information System
TCMD transportation control and movement document
TM technical manual
TMCA theater movement control agency
TMT transportation motor transport
TOC tactical operations center
TOFC trailer on flatcar
TOE table(s) of organization and equipment
TPU tank and pump unit
TRANSCOM transportation command
TTP trailer transfer point
UAV unmanned aerodynamic vehicles
ULLS unit level logistics system
UMC unit movement coordinator
UMO unit movement officer
US United States
USAR United States Army Reserve
USDOT United States Department of Transportation
veh vehicle
wt weight
XO executive officer


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