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This appendix contains a trailer inspection checklist that provides both general guidelines and a procedure for inspecting trailers. Items to be inspected are categorized under major systems. For data about a particular type of trailer, see the TM for that trailer.


  • Trailer Body.

o Trailer body is securely mounted on frame; all mounting bolts are present and properly secured.

n Metal bodies.

o Metal bodies are free of dents, cracks, and rusty areas; there is no warping.

o Tailgate is securely mounted; it operates freely and fits tailgate opening properly. Tailgate fasteners and chains are in place and serviceable.

o Vehicle bodies are kept drained to prevent rust.

n Wood bodies.

o Flooring is not cracked, broken, or excessively worn; there is no warping.

o Sideboards are in place and in good condition.

o Tailgates are properly mounted.

  • Tarpaulins and Bows.

o Bows and racks are smooth and free of splinters.

o Bows and racks are serviceable and securely mounted.

NOTE: Bolts in racks and bows should be installed with bolt heads out to prevent damage to canvas.

o All tarps and end curtains are on hand and in serviceable condition.

o Canvas is mounted correctly (not inside out).

o Ropes or straps are not frayed, broken, or missing. Tie-down strap hooks are not bent, broken, or missing.

  • Trailer Chassis.

o Trailer chassis has no cracks, breaks, or broken welds.

o Frame is not sprung.

o The lunette or kingpin is properly mounted, secured, clean, and lubricated.

o Data plates and decals (when used) are secure, clean, and legible.

o Chock blocks are in place and properly secured.

o Landing legs are not bent; they operate freely.

  • Tires.

o Tires have proper inflation.

o Tread is sufficient; there are no cuts, bruises, or breaks.

o There is no evidence of unusual wear.

o There are no rocks between duals.

o Valve caps are in place; valve stems are serviceable.

o Spare tire is in place and serviceable.

  • Electrical System and Reflectors.

o All lights are mounted securely and in operating condition.

o Wires are not worn or frayed.

o Lenses are not cracked or discolored.

o Plug receptacle has cap and gasket; spring lid fits properly.

o Plug receptacle contacts are serviceable and free of dirt and corrosion.

o All reflectors are in place; lenses are not cracked, missing, or painted over.

  • Brake System.

o Air coupling seal is serviceable; dummy coupling, with chain, is present.

o Coupling should attach easily; there is no air leak when attached.

o Air cylinder on trailer (when applicable) is securely mounted and operates freely.

o Cylinder boot is not torn or loose in mounting.

o Air lines are free of water (air filter is clean).

o The master cylinder reservoir has proper fluid level (see appropriate TM for specifications).

o Hand brake is adjusted and operates properly.



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