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This appendix contains an outline for a comprehensive and effective prebriefing of convoy personnel. It is properly organized and covers the critical information needed to execute any conceivable convoy operation.
  • Situation:

n Friendly forces.
n Support units.
n Enemy situation.

  • Mission:

n Type of cargo.
n Origin.
n Destination.

  • Execution:

n General organization of the convoy.
n Time schedule.
n Routes.
n Convoy speed.
n Catch-up speed.
n Vehicle distance.
n Emergency measures.

- Accidents.
- Breakdowns.
- Obstacles
- Separation from convoy.
- Ambush.

-- Action of convoy personnel if ambushed.
-- Action of security forces during ambush.
-- Medical support.

  • Administration and Logistics:

n Control of personnel.
n Billeting arrangements.
n Messing arrangements.
n Refueling and servicing of vehicles, complying with spill prevention guidelines.

  • Command and Signal:

n Location of convoy commander.
n Succession of command.
n Action of security force commander.
n Serial commander's responsibility.
n Arm and hand signals.
n Other prearranged signals.
n Radio frequencies and call signs for--

- Control personnel.
- Security force commander.
- Fire support elements.
- Reserve security elements.
- Medical evacuation support.

  • Safety:

n Hazards of route and weather conditions.
n Defensive driving.

  • Environmental protection:

n Spill prevention.
n Transporting HAZMAT.


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