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ACT   average cars per train
ADC   area damage control
ADP   automatic data processing
ALCO-GE   american locomotive-general electric
AMovP   Allied Movement Publication
AO   area of operations
AOR   area of responsibility
approx   approximately
AR   Army regulation
ATTN   attention
AUG   August
AUTH   authorized
Aux   auxiliary
avail   available
avg   average
Bn   battalion
C-E   communications-electronic
CEOI   communications-electronics operation instructions
CM   centimeter(s)
CMD   command
COFC   container on flat car
COMMZ   communications zone
COMSEC   communications security
CONEX   container express
CONUS   continental United States
CR   curve resistance
CS   combat support
CSS   combat service support
CTC   centralized traffic control
CTE   continuous tractive effort
cu ft   cubic feet
CZ   combat zone
DA   Department of the Army
DBP   drawbar pull
D.C.   District of Columbia
DD   day's dispatch
DEC   December
DIV   division
DOD   Department of Defense
ea   each
EDT   end delivery tonnage
EMD   electro-motive division
ETA   estimated time of arrival
EW   electronic warfare
F   fahrenheit
FM   field manual
FS   safety factor
ft   feet; foot
gal   gallon(s)
GR   grade resistance
GTL   gross trailing load
HHD   Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment
HN   host nation
HNS   host nation support
HP   horsepower
HQ   headquarters
HR   hour(s)
in   inch(es)
JUN   June
KM   kilometer(s)
kph   kilometers per hour
LIC   low-intensity conflict
lb   pound(s)
LC   average length of car
LD   length of division
LOC   lines of communication
LT   length of track
m   meter(s)
MCT   movement control team
mi   mile(s)
MILSTAMP   Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures
MOPP   mission-oriented protection posture
MP   military police
MPH   miles per hour
MT   measurement ton
MTON   measurement ton
NA   not applicable
NATO   North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC   nuclear, biological, chemical
NCO   noncommissioned officer
NCOIC   noncommissioned officer in charge
No.   number
NPT   number of passing tracks
NT   number of tracks
NTL   net trainload
NTR   number of tracks required
POL   petroleum, oil, and lubricants
RAOC   rear area operations center
RAP   rear area protection
RAS   rear area security
RR   rolling resistance
RT   running time
S-1   Adjutant (US Army)
S-2   Intelligence Officer (US Army)
S-3   Operations and Training Officer (US Army)
S-4   Supply Officer (US Army)
SCPE   simplified collective protection equipment
SE   switch engines
SEC   section
SEP   September
SFC   sergeant first class
SOP   standing operating procedures
STE   starting tractive effort
STON   short ton
svc   service
SYC   static yard capacity (in cars)
T   ton
TA   theater Army
TASCOM   Theater Army Support Command
TAT   turnaround time
TCMD   transportation control movement document
TD   train density
TM   technical manual
TOE   table(s) of organization and equipment
TOFC   trailer on flat car
TRADOC   United States Army Training and Doctrine Command
TRANSCOM   Transportation Command
TRB   Transportation Railway Battalion
TT   terminal time
TWC   track warrant control
UMT   unit ministry team
US   United States (of America)
USA   United States Army
USACASCOM   United States Army Combined Arms Support Command
USAREUR   United States Army Europe
VA   Virginia
VIP   very important person
W   width
w   with
WF   weather factor
w/o   without

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