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Appendix A

Blank Locally Reproducible Forms

This appendix contains blank reproducible forms (reduced to fit on page) that are authorized for local reproduction. You may reproduce these forms on 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper. You may also request these forms through appropriate distribution channels. The forms are as follows:

DA Form 5620-R Daily Installation Situation Report
DA Form 4090-R Combined Register of Trains and Comparison of Watches
DA Form 5614-R Superintendent's Telegraphic Report of Accident
DA Form 4093-R Station Record of Train Movements and Operator's Transfer
DA Form 5619-R Daily Empty Car Situation Report
DA Form 4092-R Train Order
DA Form 4091-R Clearance Form "A"
DA Form 5706-R Track Bulletin
DA Form 5618-R Conductor's Wheel Report
DA Form 5615-R Set Out Report
DA Form 5616-R Car Inspector's Train Report
DA Form 5617-R Daily Statement of Cars On Hand

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