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AAFES - Army and Air Force Exchange Service

ACUS - area common-user system

AD - Air Defense

ADA - air defense artillery

ADC - area damage control

admin - administration

adrp - airdrop

AF - Air Force

AI - area of interest

ALOC - air lines of communication

AM - amplitude modulated

amb - ambulance

AMC - U.S. Army Materiel Command

AMO - Automation Management Office

anal - analysis

AO - area of operations

AOAP - Army Oil Analysis Program

AOR - area of responsibility

APOD - aerial port of debarkation

AR - Army regulation

ARTEP - Army Training and Evaluation Program

ASB - area support battalion

ASG - area support group

ASL - authorized stockage list

ASG - area support group

asst - assistance

ATCCS - Army Tactical Command and Control System

aug - augmentation

AUTODIN - automatic digital network

AVIM - aviation intermediate maintenance

avn - aviation

AVUM - aviation unit maintenance

AWCM - Area Wartime Construction Manager


BC - base commander

BCC - base cluster commander

BCOC - Base Cluster Operations Center

BDAR - battle damage assessment and repair

bde - brigade

BDOC - Base Defense Operations Center

bn - battalion

br - branch

BSB - base support battalion


C4I - command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence

CA - civil affairs

CASCOM - U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command

CBS-X - Continuing Balance System-Expanded

cbt - combat

cd - civil defense

cdr - commander

C-E - communications-electronics

CEB - clothing exchange and bath

cen - center

CHS - combat health support

CIMIC - civil-military cooperation

CINC - Commander in Chief

civ - civilian

CMCC - Corps Movement Control Center

cmd - command

CMMC - corps materiel management center

CMO - civil-military operations

CNF - confinement

co - company

COA - course of action

comm - communication(s)

COMMZ - communications zone

COMSEC - communications security

con - control

const - construction

CONUS - continental United States

COOP - Continuity of Operations Plan

coord - coordination

COR - contracting officers' representative

COA - course of action

COSCOM - Corps Support Command

CP - command post

CS - combat support

CSB - corps support battalion

CSC - combat stress control

CSG - corps support group

CSH - combat support hospital

CSS - combat service support

CSSAMO - combat service support automation management office

CSSCS - Combat Service Support Control System

CTA - common table of allowances

CTASC - Corps/Theater ADP Service Center

ctrmob - countermobility


DA - Department of the Army

DAMMS-R - DA Movements Management System-Redesigned

DCSOPS - Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations

decon - decontamination

def - defense

det - detachment

dev - development

DFSC - Defense Fuel Supply Center

dir - directorate

DISCOM - division support command

div - division

DLA - Defense Logistics Agency

DMA - Defense Mapping Agency

DNVT - digital nonsecure voice telephone

DOD - Department of Defense

DODAAC - Department of Defense activity address code

DOL - Director of Logistics

DPW - Directorate of Public Works

DRMO - Defense Reutilization and Marketing Operations

DS - direct support

DSU - direct support unit


EAC - echelons above corps

ECCM - electronic counter-countermeasures

EEFI - essential elements of friendly information

elem - element

EMP - electromagnetic pulse

ENCOM - Engineer Command

engr - engineer

EOD - explosive ordnance disposal

EODCT - explosive ordnance disposal control team

EPW - enemy prisoner of war

equip - equipment

evac - evacuation


FAST - Field Assistance in Science and Technology

FAWPSS - forward area water point supply system

fax - facsimile

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

FCCME - Facilities/Contract Construction Management Engineer

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

FH - frequency hopping, field hospital

fld - field

FLOT - forward line of own troops

FM - field manual, frequency modulated

FORSCOM - U.S. Army Forces Command

FSB - forward support battalion

FSOP - field standing operating procedures

FSSP - fuel system supply point


gen - general

GH - general hospital

gp - group, general purpose

GS - general support

GSA - General Services Administration

GSU - general support unit


HET - heavy-equipment transporter

HF - high frequency

HHC - headquarters and headquarters company

HHD - headquarters and headquarters detachment

hlth - health

hm - heavy materiel

HN - host nation

HNS - host-nation support

hosp - hospital

HQ - headquarters

HSS - health service support

hvy - heavy


ICP - incremental change package, inventory control point

INFOSEC - information security

intel - intelligence

IPB - intelligence preparation of the battle

ISB - intermediate staging base

ISEC - Information Systems Engineering Command


JAG - Judge Advocate General

JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff

JPO - joint petroleum office

JTF - joint task force


kHz - kilohertz

KP - kitchen police


lab - laboratory

lang - language

LAP - Logistics Assistance Program

ldry - laundry

LOC - logistic operations center, lines of communication (logistic routes)

log - logistics

LOGCAP - Logistics Civil Augmentation Program

LOGMARS - Logistics Applications of Automated Markings and Reading Symbols

LOGSIT - logistics situation

LOTS - logistics over the shore operations

LP - listening post

LPT - logistics preparation of the theater

LSE - logistics support element

lt - light


MA - mortuary affairs

MACOM - Major Army Command

maint - maintenance

MASH - mobile army surgical hospital

mat - materiel

MC - movement control

MCA - movement control agency

MCT - movement control team

med - medical, medium

MEDCOM - Medical Command

METT-T - mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available

mgt - management

MHE - materials-handling equipment

MI - military intelligence

MLRS - multiple-launch rocket system

MMC - Materiel Management Center

MMM - medical materiel management

MOA - memorandum of agreement

MOADS - maneuver-oriented ammunition distribution system

mob - mobility

MOPP - mission-oriented protection posture

MOU - memorandum of understanding

MP - military police

MRE - meal, ready-to-eat

MRO - materiel release order

MRT - movement regulation team

MSE - mobile subscriber equipment

MSR - main supply route

MST - maintenance support team

MTF - medical treatment facility

MTMC - Military Traffic Management Command

MTP - mission training plan


NA - numbered Army

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC - nuclear, biological, chemical

NCA - national command authority

NCO - noncommissioned officer

NCS - net control station

NEO - noncombatant evacuation operations

NICAD - nickel cadmium

NICP - national inventory control point

NSL - nonstockage list


OCIE - organizational clothing and individual equipment

OCONUS - outside continental United States

ofc - office

OLS - operational level support

OOTW - operations other than war

OP - observation post

OPCON - operational control

OPLAN - operation plan

OPORD - operation order

ops - operations

OPSEC - operations security

ord - ordnance

ORF - operational readiness float


P&A - personnel and administration

pers - personnel

PERSCOM - personnel command

petrl - petroleum

PKO - peacekeeping operation

PLL - prescribed load list

plt - platoon

PM - Provost Marshal

pnt - patient

POD - port of debarkation

POE - port of embarkation

POMCUS - prepositioned materiel configured to unit sets

PSA - port support activity

PSYOP - psychological operations

purif - purification

pvntmed - preventive medicine

PW - prisoner of war, public works

PWIC - prisoner of war internment camp

PX - post exchange (Army)


QA - quality assurance

QASAS - quality assurance specialists (ammunition surveillance)


RAOC - Rear Area Operations Center

RC - reserve component

recon - reconnaissance

rep - repair

renv - renovation

ROC - rear operations center

ROWPU - reverse osmosis water purification unit

RPMA - real property maintenance activities

RSO&I - reception, staging, onward movement, and integration

RTF - regeneration task force


S3 - Operations and Training Officer (U.S. Army)

S4 - Supply Officer (U.S. Army)

S&P - stake and platform

S&S - supply and service

SAAS - Standard Army Ammunition System

SAMS - Standard Army Maintenance System

SARSS - Standard Army Retail Supply System

SEALOC - sea lines of communication

SEAVAN - Commercial- or Government-owned (or leased) shipping container

sec - section

SIDPERS - Standard Installation/Division Personnel System

SIGSEC - signals security

SIMLM - single integrated medical logistics manager

SINCGARS - Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio Subsystem

SJA - staff judge advocate

SMFT - semitrailer mounted fabric tank

SOI - signal operation instructions

SOF - special operations forces

SOP - standing operating procedure

SPBS-R - Standard Property Book System-Redesigned

SPO - security, plans, and operations

SPOD - seaport of debarkation

spt - support

SSA - supply support activity

SST - single subscriber terminal

STAMIS - Standard Army Management Information System

STANAG - standardization agreement

STON - short ton

sup - supply

survbl - survivability

svcs - services


TACCS - Tactical Army Combat Service Support Computer System

TACSAT - tactical satellite

TAMCA - Theater Army Movement Control Agency

TAMMIS - Theater Army Medical Management Information System

TB - technical bulletin

TCF - tactical combat force

TDA - tables of distribution and allowances

tech - technology

TFE - tactical field exchange

tm - team(s)

TMDE - test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment

TMMMC - Theater Medical Material Management Center

TOE - table(s) of organization and equipment

topo - topography

TPFDL - Time-Phased Force Deployment List

TRADOC - U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command

trans - transportation

TRANSCOM - Transportation Command

TRI-TAC - Tri-Service Tactical Communications

trk - truck

TSEC - tactical security

TSOP - tactical standing operating procedure


ULC - unit-level computer

ULLS - Unit-Level Logistics System

UMT - unit ministry team

US/USA - United States (of America)

USACE - United States Army Corps of Engineers

USAF - United States Air Force

USAMC - United States Army Materiel Command

USAMMA - United States Army Medical Materiel Agency

USAREUR - United States Army, Europe

USMC - United States Marine Corps

USN - United States Navy

UXO - unexploded ordnance


vet - veterinary

VHF - very high frequency


wtr - water


XO - executive officer

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