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Sample CSG OPORD and Service Support Annex

This appendix provides a sample CSG OPORD and sample service support annex. The samples are meant to serve only as a guide.

The OPORD provides subordinate battalions the CSG commander's intent and his concept of how to accomplish the CSG's support mission. It includes sufficient detail to ensure continuous support and appropriate action by subordinate battalions in carrying out their support mission in the absence of additional instructions. To ensure clarity, subparagraphs of the execution paragraph prescribe specific support tasks to be accomplished by each battalion. They tell subordinate battalions what support they will provide, where they will provide support, how they will provide support, and the priority of support.

The service support annex covers CSS for subordinate units. It tells subordinate units how they are supported and how they obtain their support. It serves as the basis for directions of subordinate battalions to their units.

FM 101-5 and NATO STANAG 2014 prescribe OPORD format. Both use the same format. They differ from the format prescribed by QSTAG 506 only in the use of time zone and the title for paragraph 4. Both FM 101-5 and NATO STANAG 2014 use the time zone applicable to the AO. Both use Service Support as the title of paragraph 4. In contrast, QSTAG 506 uses Greenwich Mean Time throughout the order and Administrative and Logistics as the title of paragraph 4.

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