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1LT first lieutenant

AC alternating current

AR Army regulation

area engineer

representative from the engineer district or engineer division responsible for contracting construction projects with civilian contractors and monitoring their progress.

Army water terminal

Army-controlled harbor or port facilities.

arterial gas embolism

a pulmonary barotrauma caused by the expansion of gas within the lungs. Usually as a result of air breathed under pressure and not exhaled during ascent. Gas could have become trapped by mucus obstruction resulting from lung congestion or by diver reacting with panic to a difficult situation and holding his breath during ascent without realizing it. When the gas expands sufficiently, the pressure will force the gas through the alveolar walls into the surrounding tissues and into the bloodstream. Divers with emboli blocking blood flow to the major organs show definite symptoms normally within only a few minutes. The diver must be diagnosed quickly and correctly. Immediate recompression within the chamber is required to prevent permanent damage or loss of life.


an attached engineer element is commanded by its supported unit, maintains liaison and communications with supported unit, is task organized by the supported unit, responds to support requests from its supported unit, has its work priorities established by the supported unit, has its spare work available to its supported unit, requests support from its supported unit, and receives logistical support from its supported unit. When attached, the engineer element is provided administrative and logistical support. However, some special logistical and administrative needs are still provided by the parent unit.

ASG area support group

bearing pile

a long, slender column usually of timber, steel, or reinforced concrete driven into the ground to carry a vertical load.

BHP brake horsepower


float anchored to mark objects or locations under water.

C&S control and support

centrf centrifugal

cfm cubic feet per minute

combat zone

that area required by combat forces for conducting operations, usually forward of the Army rear boundary.

commo communication

communications zone

rear part of the TO behind the CZ that contains the LOC and supply supporting combat forces.

COMMZ communications zone

CPT captain

CW civil worked

CZ combat zone

DA Department of the Army

dewater to remove water.

direct support

an engineer element in a direct support role is commanded by its parent unit, maintains liaison and communications with supported and parent units, may be task-organized by its parent unit, provides dedicated support to a particular unit, responds to support requests from its supported unit, has its work priority established by the supported unit, has its spare work effort available to its parent unit, requests additional support from its parent unit, and receives logistical support from its parent unit.

diver tender

surface member who assists the diver and standby diver during equipment checks and dressing and undressing into equipment. He tends the umbilical lifeline and reports to the diving supervisor. Two tenders are required for each surface-supplied diver in water depths of 60 feet of more and for the standby diver. One tender is required for each scuba diver. The tender should be a qualified diver.

DMO diving medical officer

dolphin system

a cluster of closely driven piles used as a fender for a dock as a mooring or guide for boats.

drvn driven

dry dock

an enclosed dock that can be dewatered to provide a stable, dry platform for use during the repair of ships.

EAC echelons above corps

EM engineer manual

ENCOM engineer command

EOD explosive ordnance disposal

ETNCO emergency treatment noncommissioned officer

F Fahrenheit

FEBA forward edge of the battle area

fender system

a system of wood or rubber devices designed to absorb the shock of ship movement and protect the pier structure.


removal of superstructure and crushing hull with demolition into the port bottom.

FLOT forward line of own troops

FM field manual

fps feet per second

FSW feet salt water

ft foot, feet

GPM gallons per minute

hd head

high watermark

the highest point on shore that water reaches during high tide.

HQ headquarters


the lowermost, watertight portion of a vessel that gives it buoyancy.

Hz hertz

IAW in accordance with

IDSM intermediate direct support maintenance

IGSM intermediate general support maintenance

kw kilowatt

LIC low-intensity conflict

LOC lines of communication

LOTS logistics over the shore operations

low watermark

lowest point on shore that is exposed during low tide.

LW lightweight

marine railway

a rail system extending below water designed to bring harbor craft out of the water for repair.

min minute

mooring site

an area designated for the temporary anchorage of vessels. The site is provided with mooring buoys and designed to allow sufficient space for vessels swinging on a moor.

MOS military occupational specialty

MSG master sergeant

mtd mounted

NAVFAC Naval Facilities Engineering Command

NBC nuclear, biological, chemical

NCO noncommissioned officer

OPDS offshore petroleum distribution system

ph phase


a structure extending into navigable waters used as a landing and for the loading and unloading of vessels.

PLL prescribed load list

psi pounds per square inch

RCP reciprocating

rec receiver

recompression chamber

apparatus which is pressured with air to decompress a diver or treat a pressure-related diving illness after surfacing.

RWCM regional wartime construction manager

SALMS single anchor leg mooring system


(self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) an apparatus used for breathing while underwater.

SFC sergeant first class

SGT sergeant

ship channel

the deeper part of a harbor, river, or strait designated, marked, and maintained to permit the safe passage of ships.

ship husbandry

work performed on vessels for repair or maintenance.

SPC specialist

SRC survival recovery center

SSG staff sergeant

surface-supplied air

diving equipment where the breathing air is supplied through flexible rubber hoses to the diver from compressors or storage facilities on the water's surface.

TA theater Army

TAACOM Theater Army Area Command

TAHQ theater Army headquarters

temp temperature


records each diver's descent events and time and bottom time. Calculates decompression obligation requirements. Completes dive summary records and official transcript of dive.

TO theater of operations

TOE table(s) of organization and equipment

topo topography

US United States (of America)

USAES United States Army Engineer School

v voltage

w/ with

W/E with equipment


a structure built along, or at an angle from, the shore of navigable waters so that ships may lie alongside to receive and discharge cargo.

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