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1SG first sergeant

AC alternating current

AFCS Army Facilities Components System

air switch

a no-load disconnecting device


the current-carrying capacity of a conductor



AR Army regulation

ASG area support group

ATTN attention

BOM bill of materials


circuit breaker

C31 command, control, communications, and intelligence


a multistrand conductor used in power transmission and distribution systems

CCV centralized control van

CESP Civil Engineer Support Plan

CINC commander in chief

circuit breaker

a device that can be used to open and close an electrical circuit and that will open automatically to protect the circuit without damage to itself

CO contingency operations

commercial power

power produced by a commercial power plant

COMMZ communications zone

continuous output capacity

a power plant's rated capacity to produce continuous power for a long period of time

CONUS continental US

CONUSA continental US Army

COR contracting officer's representative

CPM critical path method

CPT captain


the time rate of flow of electrical charge through a conductor; the basic unit of current is the ampere or amp

CZ combat zone

DA Department of the Army

DC direct current

DCO defense coordinating officer

DCSOPS Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations


to reduce output capacity due to uncontrollable circumstances such as elevation, humidity, or ambient temperature

DISE distribution illumination set, electrical

distribution network

also called distribution system; an electric system or portion thereof that delivers electric energy from transmission substations or the bulk power system to the users

distribution panel

a collection of overload protective devices connected to buses where a power supply is subdivided into feeders and/or branch circuits.

distribution transformer

a transformer for transferring power from a primary distribution circuit to a secondary distribution circuit or a user's service circuit

DOD Department of Defense

DOMS Director of Military Support

DS direct support

EAC echelons above corps


death caused by electric shock

ENCOM engineer command

FCO federal coordinating officer

FM field manual

FORSCOM Forces Command


the number of complete oscillations per second of alternating current


an electromechanical device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy

GFCI ground fault current interrupt

GP general purpose

GPH gallons per hour


a power transmission and distribution system

GS general support


cycles per second

HHD headquarters and headquarters detachment

HQ headquarters

HSS health service support

Hz Hertz

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

JTF joint task force


1,000 watts

km kilometers

kva kilovoltamperes

kW kilowatts 


electrical power received by a device or devices on a circuit 

load center

a distribution panel located at the assumed center of the load

load survey

a preliminary study conducted to determine type, quantity, and quality of power required for a particular application or system

LTC lieutenant colonel

MACOM major Army command

MAJ major

medium voltage

voltage between 600 and 5,000 volts


1,000,000 watts

MHE materials handling equipment

MOS military occupational speciality

MSG master sergeant

MW megawatt

NCO noncommissioned officer

NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge

NEC National Electrical Code

NESC Nation Electrical Safety Code

NLT no later than

NTG nontactical generator

OPCON operational control

OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense

OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration

peak capacity

the maximum output capacity of a power plant

PKO peace-keeping operations

PM-MEP Program Manager - Mobile Electric Power

POC point of contact


the time rate of doing work; electrical power is measured in watts

power bus

one or more conductors that serve as a common connection for two or more circuits in a switchgear assembly

primary terminals

the connecting terminals on the high voltage side of a distribution transformer

prime power

power that is continuously generated

protective devices

devices such as breakers and fuses which serve to protect a circuit from overload


the tendency to resist the flow of electricity

RT rough terrain

S-l personnel/administrative staff section

S-2/S-3 security and operations staff section

S-4 logistics staff section

SAO Security Assistance Organization

secondary terminals

the connecting terminals on the low voltage side of a distribution transformer

service entrance

all components between the termination point of the overhead service drop or the underground service lateral and the building main disconnecting device with the exception of the utility company's metering equipment

service entrance equipment

equipment located at the service entrance that provides overcurrent protection for the feeder and service conductors and provides a means of disconnecting the feeders from energized service conductors

SFC sergeant first class

SGT sergeant


switching or interrupting devices and their associated control, instrumentation, metering, protective, and regulating devices; also refers to assemblies of these with associated interconnections, supporting structures, enclosures, and accessories

TA theater army

TAACOM theater army area command

TACGENS tactical generators

TM technical manual

TO theater of operations

TOE table of organization and equipment

USACE US Army Corps of Engineers

USAES US Army Engineer School


electrical potential or electromotive force; basic unit of voltage is the volt


the basic unit of electrical power; power (in watts) equals voltage (volts) multiplied by current (amperes)

XO executive officer

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