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Appendix B


This appendix addresses the key elements of information that should accompany a request for prime power support. The prime power unit uses this information in formulating a preliminary assessment and support plan. The requestor speeds the support process by providing detailed, accurate information regarding power needs. The requester should provide --

1. General information:

a. Unit. The requesting unit designation or activity.

b. Location. The location of the requesting unit and the exact location where support is needed.

c. Point of contact (POC). This should be a responsible individual who is knowledgeable of the requested support requirements. Also provide telephone numbers or other means of contacting the POC.

2. Description of support required:

a. Nature of support. Describe the nature of support needed and the general situation prompting the request.

b. Special conditions. Describe any special conditions that may affect the support request. Special conditions may include potential hazards; unusual voltage, current, or frequency requirements; or special grounding or protection requirements. Also, state any special considerations that affect the level of reliability required.

c. Site layout. Include a sketch or drawing showing the site layout for the requested support. If possible, the sketch should be to scale and should show linear distances between load connections.

d. Load estimate. Provide an estimate of load requirements for each separate load. If a load estimate cannot be given, state the type and quantity of devices being powered. If possible, state the voltage requirements.

3. Required time frame: State any time factor pertinent to the support request such as the earliest start time, the latest completion time, and the expected period of duration support is required.

4. Availability and accessibility of commercial power, TACGENS, and nonstandard generators: State the location of the nearest commercial distribution feeder. Provide information on the availability of TACGENS and nonstandard generators.

Figure B-l depicts a sample information enclosure.

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