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This publication implements the following STANAG:

STANAG 2002 Warning Signs Marking of Contaminated or Dangerous Land Areas, Complete Equipments, Supplies, and Stores.

STANAG 2010 Military Land Classification Markings.

STANAG 2019 Military Symbols.

STANAG 2028 System for Field Wire Labeling.

STANAG 2034 Ammunition Supply Procedures.

STANAG 2036 Land Minefield Laying, Recording, and Reporting Procedures.

STANAG 2047 Emergency Alarms of Hazard or Attack (NBC and Air Attack only).

STANAG 2103 Reporting Nuclear Detonations, Radioactive Fallout, and Biological and Chemical Attacks and Predicting Associated Hazards.

STANAG 2104 Friendly Nuclear Strike Warning.

STANAG 2112 Radiological Survey.

STANAG 2129 Recognition and Identification of Forces on the Battlefield.

STANAG 2259 MGD -- Terrain.

STANAG 2868 Land Force Tactical Doctrine (ATP-35).

STANAG 2904 Airmobile Operations (ATP-41).

STANAG 3700 NATO Tactical Air Doctrine (ATP-33)(A).

STANAG 3736 Offensive Air Support Operations (ATP-27)(B).

STANAG 3805 Doctrine and Procedures for Airspace Control in the Combat Zone (ATP-40).

STANAG 3880 Counter Air Operations (ATP-42).

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