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AATF Air assault task force

ACA Airspace control authority

ADADO Assistant division air defense officer

ADC Air defense command

ADCO Air defense coordination officer

ADCS Air defense coordination section

ADIZ Air defense identification zone

ADOA Air defense operations area

ADW Air defense warnings

AH Attack helicopter

AIM Armored, infantry, mechanized (infantry divisions)

AM Amplitude modulated

ASM Air-to-surface missile

ASP Ammunition supply point

ATCH Attachment

ATGM Antitank guided missile

BCC Battery control central

BCO Battery control officer

BCU Battery/coolant unit

CAS Close air support

CBU Cluster bomb unit

C-E Communications-Electronics

CEOI Communications-Electronics Operating Instructions

CFA Covering force area

COMSEC Communications security

CP Command post

CRC Control and reporting center

CRP Control and reporting post

CSS Combat service support

CW Chemical weapons/warfare

DAME Division airspace management element

DIVAD Division air defense

DS Direct support

DX Direct exchange

ECCM Electronic countercountermeasure

ECM Electronic countermeasure

ELINT Electronic intelligence

ELSEC Electronic security

EMCON Emission control

EMP Electromagnetic pulse

EW Electronic warfare

EWBN Early warning broadcast net

FAAR Forward area alerting radar

FAC Forward air controller

FACP Forward air control post

FEBA Forward edge of the battle area

FEZ Fighter engagement zone

FLOT Forward line of own troops

FM Frequency modulation

FRAGO Fragmentary order

GS General support

GS-R General support-reinforcing

HIDACZ High-density airspace control zone.

HIMEZ High-altitude missile engagement zone

HUMINT Human intelligence

IAW In accordance with

ICD Imitative communications deception

ID Identification

ir Infrared

IRCM Infrared countermeasures

km Kilometer

KT Kiloton

LADS Light Air Defense System

LLTR Low-level transit route

LOMEZ Low-altitude missile engagement zone

LZ Landing zone

MANPAD Manportable air defense (system)

MBA Main battle area

MOPP Mission oriented protective posture

mph Miles per hour

MRR Minimum risk route

MSCS Manual SHORAD control system

MSU Missile support unit

MT Megaton

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC Nuclear, biological, chemical

NCS Net control station

OPCOM Operational command

OPCON Operational control

OPORD Operations order

OPSEC Operations security

ORL Ordnance release line

PCP Platoon command post

PHOTINT Photographic intelligence

PLL Prescribed load list

POL Petroleum, oil, and lubrication

PPI Plan position indicator

PSF Primary sector of fire

PTL Primary target line

PZ Pickup zone

R Reinforcing

Rad Radiation dose levels

RATELO Radiotelephone operator

RDF Radio direction finding

RF Radio frequency

RFDL Radio frequency data link

ROE Rules of engagement

RP Release point

RSOP Reconnaissance, selection, and occupation of position

SAM Surface-to-air missile

SAR Search and rescue

SHORAD Short-range air defense

SHORADEZ Short-range air defense engagement zone

SIGINT Signal intelligence

SITREP Situation report

SMP Sensor management plan

TADDS Target alert data display set

TCO Tactical control officer

TF Task force

TOC Tactical operations center

TOE Table(s) of organization and equipment

TOW Tube (launched), optically (tracked), wire (guided)(antitank missile)

TSOP Tactical standing operating procedure

WCS Weapons control status

WEZ Weapons engagement zone

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