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Mobility and Combat Loading

The Stinger weapon is a man-portable air defense missile system. This chapter discusses mobility, vehicular combat loading, and dismounted march loads in which Stinger team personnel should be proficient.


Normally, the Stinger team uses its own transportation to carry its basic load of weapons and team equipment. The Stinger basic load fits easily into the team's organic -ton trailer. All TOE items are carried in the truck. The -ton truck and trailer provide limited mobility in the forward area. (When the high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV) is fielded, it will become the team vehicle.)

During mobile operations with mechanized forces, the Stinger team may not be able to keep up with their supported unit. Also, the Stinger team may be vulnerable to hostile ground fire. When a Stinger team is in support of a mechanized element, the maneuver commander may provide it with tracked transportation; for example, armored personnel carrier(s) (APC). In such a case, the Stinger team will have to share a ride with other troops in the APC. Changing the mode of transportation of the team includes providing space for the basic load of Stinger weapons. If the team has insufficient room for the complete basic load, the load may have to be split into several carriers.

Loading Plan for a -ton truck and trailer; Normally, a Stinger team and equipment will consist of the items shown in the next illustration.


Team Mobility

Stinger Man Pack Load

Numbered items relate to numbered locations on the vehicle and trailer (see illustration). Items 1-16 refer to TOE equipment and personnel; items 17-26 refer to vehicular equipment; and item 27 refers to personal equipment.


The Stinger team must have the capability to move and shoot to keep up with maneuvering combat element.


The Stinger team sometimes dismounts to support maneuver elements under difficult terrain conditions. The team chief must coordinate with the supported unit commander to solve the problem of carrying Stinger missile-rounds and guarding Stinger equipment left behind. Normally, the team will have to split and move with different squads/platoons because of the lack of unit personnel able to carry an extra load (missile-round).


The team is limited to carrying only two Stinger weapons. In addition, team radios (man-packed) (air assault and airborne only), extra BCUs, individual weapons, and binoculars must be carried. The amount of equipment team members must carry limits their range and mobility during dismounted operations. Weights will vary according to what items are carried as indicated in illustration. Under foot march conditions, it is essential that weight be minimized and the load balanced. Multiple sling loads are difficult to carry for extended periods. Both Stinger and the M16 rifle are sling-carried weapons. Soldiers other than members of the Stinger team must be detailed as ammunition bearers to carry the remainder of the basic load. See appendix C for table of Stinger equipment weights and measures.

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