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A   airborne
AAI   Africa-America Institute
AAR   after-action review
AC   Active Component
ACDI/VOCA   Agricultural Cooperative Development International/ Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance
ACofS   Assistant Chief of Staff
ACRI   African Crisis Response Initiative
ADP   automated data processing
ADRA   Adventist Development and Relief Agency
ADSW   active duty for special work
ADT   active duty for training
AED   Academy for Educational Development
AFSC   American Friends Service Committee
AICF/USA   Action Internationale Contre La Faim (International Action Against Hunger, United States of America)
AJWS   American Jewish World Service
AKF   Aga Khan Foundation
AMURT   Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team
ANERA   American Near East Refugee Aid
antiterrorism   Defensive measures used to reduce the vulnerability of individuals and property to terrorist acts, to include limited response and containment by local military forces. (JP 1-02)
AO   area of operations
AOR   area of responsibility
AR   Army regulation
ARC   American Refugee Committee
area assessment   The commander's prescribed collection of specific information that commences upon employment and is a continuous operation. It confirms, corrects, refutes, or adds to previous intelligence acquired from area studies and other sources prior to employment. (JP 1-02)
ARNG   Army National Guard

ARPERCOM   Army Personnel Command
ARSOF   Army special operations forces
ASCC   Army Services Component Command
ASD (ISA)   Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
ASG   area support group
AT   annual training
BFWI   Bread for the World Institute
BWA   Baptist World Alliance
C2   command and control
C2W   command and control warfare
CA   Civil Affairs - Designated Active and Reserve Component forces and units organized, trained, and equipped specifically to conduct Civil Affairs activities and to support civil-military operations. (JP 3-57 under revision)
CACOM   Civil Affairs Command
CACT   civic action team
CAF   Charities Aid Foundation
CAFOD   Catholic Fund for Overseas Development
CALT   Civil Affairs liaison team
CAOC   Civil Affairs Officer Course
CAP3T   Civil Affairs plans, programs, and policy team
CAPT-A   Civil Affairs Planning Team Alpha
CAPT-B   Civil Affairs Planning Team Bravo
CATA   Civil Affairs Team Alpha
CATB   Civil Affairs Team Bravo
CATC   Civil Affairs Team Charlie
CCIR   Commander's Critical Intelligence Requirements
CD   counterdrug
CDC   Citizens Democracy Corps
CE   communications-electronics
CEDPA   Centre for Development and Population Activities
CG   commanding general

CHF   Child Health Foundation
CHOP   change of operational control
CI   civilian internee
CIDA   Canadian International Development Agency
CIHC   Center for International Health and Cooperation
CIMIC   civil-military cooperation
CINC   commander in chief
CINCFORSCOM   Commander in Chief, United States Army Forces Command
CIV   civilian
civic action   (See MCA -military civic action.)
civil administration   An administration established by a foreign government in (1) friendly territory, under an agreement with the government of the area concerned, to exercise certain authority normally the function of the local government, or (2) hostile territory, occupied by United States forces, where a foreign government exercises executive, legislative, and judicial authority until an indigenous civil government can be established. (JP 1-02)
Civil Affairs activities   Activities performed or supported by Civil Affairs forces that
(1) embrace the relationship between military forces and civil authorities in areas where military forces are present; and (2) involve the application of Civil Affairs functional specialty skills, in areas normally the responsibility of civil government, to enhance the conduct of civil-military operations. (JP 3-57 under revision)
civil assistance   Military necessity may require a commander to provide life-sustaining services, maintain order, or control distribution of goods and services within his assigned operational area. Civil assistance differs from other forms of civil administration because it is based on the commander's decision. All other forms of civil administration require NCA approval.
CJCS   Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJTF   commander, joint task force
CM   countermine
CMCC, UN   Civil-military coordination center, UN
CMO   civil-military operations - The activities of a commander that establish, maintain, influence, or exploit relations between military forces, government and nongovernment civilian organizations and authorities, and the civilian populace in a friendly, neutral, or hostile area of operations in order to facilitate military operations and consolidate and achieve U.S. objectives. Civil-military operations may include performance by military forces of activities and functions normally the responsibility of local, regional, or national government. These activities may occur before, during, or after other military actions. They may also occur, if directed, in the absence of other military operations. Civil-military operations may be performed by designated Civil Affairs forces, by other military forces, or by a combination of Civil Affairs forces and other forces. Also called CMO. (JP 3-57 under revision)
CMOC   civil-military operations center
CNFA   Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs
COA   course of action
COCOM   combatant command
COM   chief of mission
combined command   A unification of two or more forces or agencies of two or more allies. When all allies or services are not involved, the participating nations and services shall be identified, for example, combined navies.
COMMZ   communications zone
CONOPS   concept of operations
CONPLAN   operation plan in concept format
CONUS   continental United States
COSCOM   corps support command
CP   command post
CRWRC   Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
CS   combat support
CSAR   combat search and rescue
CSM   command sergeant major
CSS   combat service support
CT   Connecticut
CTOC   corps tactical operations center
CWS   Church World Service
DA   Department of the Army
DAO   Defense Attaché Officer
DAR   directed area for recovery
DART   disaster assistance response team
DASD(H&RA)   Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Humanitarian and Refugee Affairs
DC   dislocated civilian - A broad term that includes a displaced person, an evacuee, an expellee, or a refugee. (JP 1-02)
DCAA   dislocated civilian assembly area
DCO   deputy commanding officer
DCSOPS   Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
DEA   Drug Enforcement Administration
developmental assistance   Long-Range programs to develop the infrastructure of a nation and aid in social and economic progress.
DHHS   Department of Health and Human Services
DJFAC   Deployable Joint Force Augmentation Cell
DOC   Department of Commerce
DOD   Department of Defense
DOJ   Department of Justice
DOS   Department of State
DOT   Department of Transportation
DTOC   division tactical operations center
E&E   evasion and escape
EEFI   esssential elements of friendly information
EHA   Emergency Humanitarian Action
EPA   evasion plan of action
EPW   enemy prisoner of war
ERA   emergency rest area
FANS   friendly or allied nation support
FAX   facsimile
FBI   Federal Bureau of Investigation
FEMA   Federal Emergency Management Agency
FID   foreign internal defense - Participation by civilian and military agencies of a government in any of the action programs taken by another government to free and protect its society from subversion, lawlessness, and insurgency. (JP 1-02)
FM   field manual
FN   foreign nation
FNS   foreign nation support - Identification, negotiation, and procurement of available resources within a foreign nation to support U.S. military missions during wartime, preparation for war, or peacetime. The identification, coordination, and acquisition of foreign nation resources, such as supplies, material, and labor, to support U.S. military forces and operations.
FORMDEPS   FORSCOM Mobilization and Deployment Planning System
FORSCOM   United States Army Forces Command
FRAGO   fragmentary order
G1   Assistant Chief of Staff, Personnel
G2   Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence
G3   Assistant Chief of Staff, Operations and Plans
G4   Assistant Chief of Staff, Logistics
G5   Assistant Chief of Staff, Civil Affairs
GAO   General Accounting Office
GII   global information infrastructure
HA   humanitarian assistance - Programs conducted to relieve or reduce the results of natural or manmade disasters or other endemic conditions such as human pain, disease, hunger, or privation that might present a serious threat to life or that can result in great damage to or loss of property. Humanitarian assistance provided by U.S. forces is limited in scope and duration. The assistance provided is designed to supplement or complement the efforts of the host nation civil authorities or agencies that may have the primary responsibility for providing humanitarian assistance. (JP 1-02)
HACC   Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Center
HAST   humanitarian assistance survey team
HazMat   hazardous material
H/CA   humanitarian and civic assistance - Assistance to the local populace provided by predominantly U.S. forces in conjunction with military operations and exercises. This assistance is specifically authorized by Title 10, United States Code, section 401, and funded under separate authorities. Assistance provided under these provisions is limited to (1) medical, dental, and veterinary care provided in rural areas of a country; (2) construction of rudimentary surface transportation systems; (3) well drilling and construction of basic sanitation facilities; and (4) rudimentary construction and repair of public facilities. Assistance must fulfill unit training requirements that incidentally create humanitarian benefit to the local populace. See also humanitarian assistance. (JP 1-02)
HDO   humanitarian demining operations
HDR   humanitarian daily ration
HHC   headquarters and headquarters company
HMMWV   high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HN   host nation - A nation that receives the forces and supplies of allied nations or NATO organizations to be located on, to operate in, or to transit through its territory.
HNS   host nation support - Civil and/or military assistance rendered by a nation to foreign forces within its territory during peacetime, crises or emergencies, or war based on agreements mutually concluded between nations. (JP 1-02)
HOC   Humanitarian Operations Center
HQ   headquarters
HSC   headquarters support company
HUMINT   human intelligence
ICRC   International Committee of the Red Cross
IDAD   internal defense and development - The full range of measures taken by a nation to promote its growth and to protect itself from subversion, lawlessness, and insurgency. It focuses on building viable institutions (political, economic, social, and military) that respond to the needs of society. (JP 1-02)
IFRC   International Federation of the Red Cross
IMC   International Medical Corps
information dominance   The degree of information superiority that allows the possessor to use information systems and capabilities to achieve an operational advantage in a conflict or to control the situation in operations short of war, while denying those capabilities to the adversary. (FM 100-6)
INS   Immigration and Naturalization Service
insurgency   (1) An organized movement aimed at the overthrow of a constituted government through use of subversion and armed conflict. (JP 1-02); (2) A condition resulting from a revolt or insurrection against a constituted government that falls short of civil war.
IO   international organization - Organizations with global influence, such as the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross. (JP 1-02)
IOBS   information operations battle staff
IOM   International Organization for Migration
IPB   intelligence preparation of the battlespace
IR   information requirement
IRC   International Rescue Committee
ISB   intermediate staging base
J1   Manpower and Personnel Directorate of a joint staff
J2   Intelligence Directorate of a joint staff
J3   Operations Directorate of a joint staff
J4   Logistics Directorate of a joint staff
J5   Plans Directorate of a joint staff
JCET   Joint or combined exchange training
JCMOTF   Joint Civil-Military Operations Task Force
JCS   joint chiefs of staff
JDC   Joint Distribution Committee
JFC   joint force commander
JOA   joint operations area
JP   joint publication
JPOTF   joint psychological operations task force
JSCP   Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
JSOA   joint special operations area
JSOTF   joint special operations task force
JTF   joint task force - A joint force that is constituted and so designated by the Secretary of Defense, a combatant commander, a sub-unified commander, or an existing joint task force commander. (JP 1-02)
JVC   Jewish Volunteer Corps
KATUSA   Korean Augmentation to the United States Army
LAN   local area network
LOC   line of communications
LTOE   living table of organization and equipment
LWR   Lutheran World Relief
MACOM   major command
MAT   ministerial advisory team
MCA   military civic action - The use of preponderantly indigenous military forces on projects useful to the local population at all levels in such fields as education, training, public works, agriculture, transportation, communications, health, sanitation, and others contributing to economic and social development, which would also serve to improve the standing of the military forces with the population. (U.S. forces may at times advise or engage in military civic actions in overseas areas.) (JP 1-02)
METT-TC   mission, enemy, terrain, troops, time available, and civil
military information environment   The environment contained within the GIE, consisting of information systems (INFOSYS) and organizations-friendly and adversary, military and nonmilitary-that support, enable, or significantly influence a specific military operation. (FM 100-6)
MOA   memorandum of agreement
MOE   measures of effectiveness
MOOTW   military operations other than war
MOS   military occupational specialty
MP   military police
MPA   mission planning authority
MSE   mobile subscriber equipment
MSR   main supply route
MSU   major subordinate unit
MTOE   modified table of organization and equipment
MTT   mobile training team - A team consisting of one or more U.S. military or civilian personnel sent on temporary duty, often to a foreign nation, to give instruction. The mission of the team is to train indigenous personnel to operate, maintain, and employ weapons and support systems, or to develop a self-training capability in a particular skill. The National Command Authorities may direct a team to train either military or civilian indigenous personnel, depending upon host nation requests.
(JP 1-02)
MTW   major theater war
NATO   North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC   nuclear, biological, and chemical
NCA   National Command Authorities - The President and the Secretary of Defense or their duly deputized alternates or successors. (JP 1-02)
NCO   noncommissioned officer
NCOER   noncommissioned officer evaluation report
NCOIC   noncommissioned officer in charge
NDO   national demining operations
NEO   noncombatant evacuation operation
NG   National Guard
NGO   nongovernment organization - Transnational organizations of private citizens that maintain a consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Nongovernmental organizations may be professional associations, foundations, multinational businesses or simply groups with a common interest in humanitarian assistance activities (development and relief). "Nongovernmental organizations" is a term normally used by non-United States organizations. Also called NGO. (JP 1-02)
O&M   operation and maintenance
OBJ   objective
OCONUS   outside the continental United States
OER   officer evaluation report
OFDA   Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance
OHDACA   Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster, and Civic Aid
OIC   officer in charge
OJCS   Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
OPCON   operational control
OPLAN   operation plan
OPORD   operation order
OPSEC   operations security
ORT   Obshestwo Propostranienia Truda (Russian for "Society for Handicrafts and Agricultural Work")
OSCE   Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
OSD   Office of the Secretary of Defense
PA   public affairs
PAO   public affairs officer
PDD   Presidential Decision Directive
PDP   professional development program
PERSCOM   Personnel Command
PERSEC   personnel security
PHYSEC   physical security
PIR   priority intelligence requirements
POC   point of contact
POTF   psychological operations task force
PPP   power projection platform
PR   personnel recovery
PRC   populace and resources control
PSRC   Presidential Selected Reserve Callup Authority
PSS   personnel service support
PSYOP   Psychological Operations - Planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator's objectives. (JP 1-02)
RC   Reserve Component
RCAF   Royal Cambodian Armed Forces
RCUCH   Reserve Component Unit Commander's Handbook
rear area   For any particular command, the area extending forward from its rear boundary to the rear of the area of responsibility of the next lower level of command. This area is provided primarily for the performance of combat service support functions.
rear battle   Those actions, including area damage control, taken by all units (combat, combat support, combat service support, and host nation) singly or in a combined effort, to secure the force, neutralize or defeat enemy operations in the rear area, and ensure freedom of action in the deep and close battles.
RFA   request for assistance
RI   Refugees International
risk management   The process of examining and evaluating military and/or civilian operations to identify actions that could help commanders eliminate, reduce, or minimize risk while maximizing force protection.
ROE   rules of engagement
RSOI   reception, staging, onward movement, and integration
S1   adjutant
S2   intelligence officer
S3   operations and training officer
S4   logistics officer
S5   civil-military operations officer
SA   security assistance - Group of programs authorized by the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, and the Arms Export Control Act of 1976, as amended, or other related statutes by which the United States provides defense articles, military training, and other defense-related services, by grant, loan, credit, or cash sales in furtherance of national policies and objectives. (JP 1-02)
SAFE   selected area for evasion - A designated area in hostile territory that offers evaders or escapees a reasonable chance of avoiding capture and of surviving until they can be evacuated. A SAFE area includes contact points and recovery sites. (JP 1-02).
SAO   security assistance organization - All Department of Defense elements located in a foreign country with assigned responsibilities for carrying out security assistance management functions. It includes military assistance advisory groups, military missions and groups, offices of defense and military cooperation, liaison groups, and defense attaché personnel designated to perform security assistance functions. (JP 1-02)
SAR   search and rescue
SATCOM   satellite communications
SCF (UK)   Save the Children Fund (United Kingdom)
SCF (US)   Save the Children Fund (United States)
SecDef   Secretary of Defense
SERE   survival, evasion, resistance, and escape
SF   Special Forces
SFG(A)   Special Forces Group (Airborne)
SFOD   Special Forces operational detachment
SFODA   Special Forces operational detachment A
SICP   standard integrated command post
SINCGARS   Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
SJA   Staff Judge Advocate
SO   special operations
SOC   special operations command
SODARS   special operations debrief and retrieval system
SOF   special operations forces
SOFA   status of forces agreement
SOP   standing operating procedure
SOR   statement of requirements
SOSCOM   Special Operations Support Command
SOTSE   Special Operations Theater Support Element
special operations   Operations conducted by specially organized, trained, and equipped military and paramilitary forces to achieve military, political, economic, or informational objectives by unconventional military means in hostile, denied, or politically sensitive areas. These operations are conducted across the full range of military operations, independently or in coordination with operations of conventional, non-special operations forces. Political-military considerations frequently shape special operations, requiring clandestine, covert, or low visibility techniques and oversight at the national level. Special operations differ from conventional operations in degree of physical and political risk, operational techniques, mode of employment, independence from friendly support, and dependence on detailed operational intelligence and indigenous assets. Also called SO. (JP 1-02)
specified command   A command that has a broad, continuing mission, normally functional, and is established and so designated by the President through the Secretary of Defense with the advice and assistance of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It normally is composed of forces from a single Military Department. Also called specified combatant command. (JP 1-02)
SR   special reconnaissance
support to civil administration   Assistance given by U.S. armed forces to friendly or neutral foreign civilian governments or government agencies.
TA   theater Army
TAACOM   theater Army area command
TASKORD   task order
terrorism   The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological. (JP 1-02)
threat   The ability of an enemy to limit, neutralize, or destroy the effectiveness of a current or projected mission organization or item of equipment. (TRADOC Reg 381-1)
THREATCON   terrorist threat condition
TOE   table of organization and equipment
TPFDL   time-phased force and deployment list
TSC   theater support command
TST   Theater Support Team
TTAD   temporary tour of active duty
UAR   unconventional assisted recovery - (1) Evader recovery conducted by directed unconventional warfare forces, dedicated extraction teams, and/or unconventional assisted recovery mechanisms operated by guerrilla groups or other clandestine organizations to seek out, contact, authenticate, support, and return evaders to friendly control. See also assisted recovery; authenticate; evader; recovery. (JP 1-02); (2) Recovery operations conducted by diverted unconventional warfare forces or dedicated insertion teams, and recovery mechanisms operated by guerrilla groups or other clandestine organizations, to seek out, contact, authenticate, support, and return personnel, to include evaders, detainees, and POWs, to friendly control. (DODI 2310.3)
UIC   unit identification code
UN   United Nations
UNICEF   United Nations Children's Fund
unified command   A command with a broad continuing mission under a single commander and composed of significant assigned components of two or more Military Departments, and which is established and so designated by the President, through the Secretary of Defense with the advice and assistance of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Also called unified combatant command. (JP 1-02)
UNOCHA   United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance
UNWFP   United Nations World Food Program
U.S   United States
USACAPOC   United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command
USAID   United States Agency for International Development
USAJFKSWCS   United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School
USAR   United States Army Reserve
USASOC   United States Army Special Operations Command
USC   United States Code
USCENTCOM   United States Central Command
USCINCSOC   Commander in Chief, U.S. Special Operations Command
U.S. country team   The senior in-country U.S. coordinating and supervising body, headed by the chief of the U.S. diplomatic mission, usually an ambassador, and composed of the senior member of each represented U.S. department or agency provided by U.S. forces.
USDA   United States Department of Agriculture
USEUCOM   United States European Command
USIA   United States Information Agency
USIS   United States Information Service
USJFCOM   United States Joint Forces Command
USPACOM   United States Pacific Command
USSOCOM   United States Special Operations Command
USSOUTHCOM   United States Southern Command
UW   unconventional warfare - A broad spectrum of military and paramilitary operations, normally of long duration, predominantly conducted by indigenous or surrogate forces who are organized, trained, equipped, supported, and directed in varying degrees by an external source. It includes guerrilla warfare and other direct offensive, low visibility, covert, or clandestine operations, as well as the indirect activities of subversion, sabotage, intelligence activities, and evasion and escape. (JP 1-02)
WAN   wide area network
WHNS   wartime host nation support
WMD   weapons of mass destruction
WVRD   World Vision Relief and Development
WWII   World War II
WWW   worldwide web

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