E-1. General

The weights shown in this appendix are for Standard A items of clothing and equipment. As new items are developed and standardized, their weights will be reflected by changes to the manual.

E-2. Clothing and Equipment

The list below includes all items of clothing and selected items of equipment. Insofar as possible abbreviated nomenclature has been used. A type load is shown in paragraph E-3.

a. Clothing.

b. Individual Equipment.

c. Organizational Equipment. The commander must also consider the additional weight imposed on individuals within the unit by the necessary inclusion of many items of organizational equipment and crew-served weapons needed for a given mission. The following list is not intended to be complete, but to be used as a guide for planning purposes.

* E-3. Type Load

The loads shown below are type loads which could be worn during moderately cold weather (approximately 15 F to -15 F). The term moderately cold is used only as a descriptive term. What is termed as moderately cold to one person, may be extremely cold to another. The windchill factor must also be considered, a moderate cold could change momentarily to extreme cold by the addition of high winds. Therefore, the commander should use the type loads for planning only and should adjust them accordingly to fit a given situation and temperature condition.

a. Fighting Load

b. Existence Load.

c. Supplemental Existence Load. The following are items of clothing not immediately needed by the individual during moderately cold weather. These items are normally carried in the duffle bag on unit transportation and should be available to the individual when needed:

Undershirt, 50/50

Drawers, 50/50

Socks, Cushion Sole (3 pr)

Trousers, Cotton Nylon, WR

Shirt, Wool Nylon, OG

Parka, Cotton Nylon

Liner, Parka, Nylon Quilted

Mitten Set, Arctic

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