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The battalion task force often operates for extended periods of time in continuous operations. Continuous operations are combat operations continuing at the same high intensity level for extended periods. Figures I-1 through I-37 provide examples of planning and operations charts that can enhance the capability of leaders to sense the battlefield during extended combat or tactical operations and reduce degradation in performance over time. See also FM 3-90.3, Appendix H, Planning and Operations Status Charts.

Figure I-1. Example planning and operations charts cover sheet.

Figure I-2. Example mission analysis briefing agenda.

Figure I-3. Example higher HQ concept sketch.

Figure I-4. Example higher HQ order.

Figure I-5. Example commander's initial guidance.

Figure I-6. Example terrain analysis worksheet-effects and conclusions.

Figure I-7. Example terrain analysis worksheet-factors.

Figure I-8. Example weather analysis worksheet.

Figure I-9. Example enemy composition.

Figure I-10. Example enemy composition.

Figure I-11. Example enemy disposition/strength chart.

Figure I-12. Example enemy capabilities chart.

Figure I-13. Example enemy COA #1 chart.

Figure I-14. Example enemy COA #2 chart.

Figure I-15. Example CCIR chart.

Figure I-16. Example event matrix.

Figure I-17. Example R&S matrix.

Figure I-18. Example initial R&S plan.

Figure I-19. Example tasks and constraints chart.

Figure I-20. Example tasks and constraints chart.

Figure I-21. Example current task organization/combat power.

Figure I-22. Example CSS status chart.

Figure I-23. Example classes of supply chart.

Figure I-24. Example class III/V useage and projection chart.

Figure I-25. Example end item status chart.

Figure I-26. Example commander's guidance chart.

Figure I-27. Example COA brief agenda chart.

Figure I-28. Example restated mission statement.

Figure I-29. Example RCPA matrix.

Figure I-30. Example COA Sketch #1.

Figure I-31. Example COA #2 sketch.

Figure I-32. Example COA comparison chart.

Figure I-33. Example decision brief agenda.

Figure I-34. Example light and weather chart.

Figure I-35. Example enemy situation chart.

Figure I-36. Example commander's intent.

Figure I-37. Example timeline.


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