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The mission of Army Public Affairs (PA) is to fulfill the Army's obligation to keep the American people and the Army informed, and to help establish the conditions that lead to confidence in America's Army and its readiness to conduct operations in peacetime, conflict and war. PA is a critical battlefield function in today's global information environment since every aspect of an Army operation is subject to instantaneous scrutiny.
This field manual (FM) sets forth tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) for conducting PA operations in accordance with the doctrinal principles contained in FM 3-0 (100-5), Operations and FM 3-61 (46-1), Public Affairs Operations. Although this manual is primarily designed to be used by public affairs officers, noncommissioned officers and civilians, it presents TTPs that all leaders conducting operations in the information age should be familiar with.
FM 3-61.1 (46-1-1) is applicable to units and individuals in both the active and reserve components. It serves as a foundation for integrating PA into Army doctrine, training, leader development, organization, materiel and soldier initiatives. In conjunction with the Army Training and Evaluation Program (ARTEP) and other training guidance, it should also be used to plan, integrate and execute individual and collective PA training in units throughout the Army.
The proponent for this manual is the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs. Send comments and recommendations on DA Form 2028 to Director, Army Public Affairs Center, ATTN: SAPA-PA, Fort Meade, MD 20755-5650.
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