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Appendix Q



  1. This checklist identifies the primary tasks associated with the functions of Public Affairs, and establishes standards for successful accomplishment of those tasks. Standards of service equate to minimum exceptions of an operational commander and will be used to judge unit readiness, leader effectiveness, and individual soldier performance.

  2. The following definitions apply to this checklist:

Austere: No existing PA units, assets or Army signal information infrastructure available in area of operations upon deployment. Commercial communications infrastructure is not available. PA elements must perform all missions and provide all PA support using organic personnel and equipment.

Existing: PA units, assets and Army signal information infrastructure in place before deployment. Commercial communications infrastructure is available. Deploying PA element assumes duties of or augments organic PA elements. Existing personnel and equipment augmented by additional PA elements to accomplish PA mission and provide PA support.



  1. Perform Global Information
Environment analysis
Existing Austere
  2. Develop PA Estimate (COAs) Existing Austere
  3. Develop PA Strategy (plan) Existing Austere
  4. Develop PA Guidance Existing Austere
  5. Coordinate PA Annex Existing Austere
Media Facilitation
  1. ID media support requirements Existing Austere
  2. Register news media Existing Austere
  3. Coordinate media support Existing Austere
  4. Provide media orientation Existing Austere
  5. Coordinate news media interviews Existing Austere
  6. Plan/coordinate news briefings Existing Austere
  7. Establish Media OPS Center Existing Austere
  8. Operate MOC Existing Austere
  9. Provide media assistance/escort Existing Austere
Information strategy
  1. Identify target audiences Existing Austere
  2. Identify information needs Existing Austere
  3. Develop info themes/CMD messages Existing Austere
  4. Gather info/develop products Existing Austere
  5. Disseminate information to
deployed forces
Existing Austere
  6. Disseminate information to
families/home station audiences
Existing Austere
  7. Disseminate information to
national/local news media
Existing Austere
  8. Disseminate information to
general public
Existing Austere
Public Affairs Training
  1. Identify training needs Existing Austere
  2. Develop unit PA Training plan Existing Austere
  3. Develop Family Spt Training Plan Existing Austere
  4. Develop Senior LDR Training Plan Existing Austere
  5. Conduct unit PA training Existing Austere
  6. Conduct Family SPT Training Existing Austere
  7. Conduct Senior LDR Training Existing Austere
  8. Prepare SMEs for Media interviews Existing Austere
  9. Evaluate training efforts Existing Austere

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