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Geospatial information and services (GI&S) incorporate the processes that collect, manage, extract, store, disseminate, and exploit geographic information and imagery. This process is an evolutionary change that reflects the expansion of previous topographic operations within the Army. The GI&S play a significant role in military operations. Geospatial information (GI) provides the foundation upon which all other battle-space information is referenced to form the common operating picture. The GI&S aid the commander in visualizing the battle space to plan and execute military operations effectively, to navigate, and to target the adversary accurately. The GI&S support plays an important role in the full range of military operations; commanders cannot afford to conduct military operations without up-to-date GI.

The GI&S within the future force structure combine the resources of national and commercial capabilities and host nations with the Army topographic-engineering community. This union allows the topographer to provide the battlefield commander a clear understanding of the current state (with relation to the enemy and the environment) and the ability to envision a desired end state (which represents mission accomplishment). The topographer molds the geographic information into map products, tactical decision aids (TDAs), user-defined topographic-analysis products or data sets, and precise geodetic-positioning products. These products can then be digitally transmitted or graphically plotted/printed to enhance battlefield visualization.

The engineer's GI&S technology is the cornerstone for information dominance that is critical for a smaller, agile, and more lethal army.



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