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AC Active Component
ANCOC advanced noncommissioned officer course
AN/PVS Army Navy passive vision sight
ARTEP Army Training and Evaluation Program
backblast The backward blast created by igniting the propellant in a weapon designed to be as recoilless as possible.
blast An explosive or violent detonation that produces a direct effect on its target in addition to radiant heat and overpressure at its point of origin.
BMP a type of non US fighting vehicle built by the former Soviet Union
BNCOC basic noncommissioned officer course
BRDM a type of non-US scout car built by the former Soviet Union
BTR a type of non-US personnel carrier built by the former Soviet Union
C Centigrade
CS combat support
CSS combat service support
DA Department of the Army
DKIE decontamination kit individual equipment
DOD Department of Defense
DS direct support
F Fahrenheit
FHT field handling trainer
fps feet per second
FTX field training exercise
HE high-explosive
HEAT high-explosive antitank
HELLFIRE heliborne laser fire and forget (a missile system)
HMTS medium weapon thermal sight
HWTS heavy weapon thermal sight
IAW in accordance with
IET initial entry training
IR infrared
kmph kilometers per hour
LAW light antitank weapon
LED light emitting diode
METL mission-essential task list
MILES Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System
mm millimeter(s)
MMTT manned moving target tank
MOPP mission-oriented protective posture
MOUT military operations on urbanized terrain
mph miles per hour
mps meters per second
MTP mission training plan
MWTS medium weapon thermal sight
NA not applicable
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC nuclear, biological, chemical
NCO noncommissioned officer
NSN national stock number
NVD night vision device
OIC officer in charge
overpressure increased atmospheric pressure (positive overpressure), followed by a wave of decreased atmospheric pressure (negative overpressure), produced around the origin of an explosive or violent detonation
PLDC primary leadership development course
POI program of instruction
promethium a radioactive metallic element of the rare-earth group used to illuminate range markings on the front sight of the M72-series LAW
RC Reserve Component
RPG rocket-propelled grenade (non-US)
STX situational training exercise
SMCT soldier's manual of common tasks
SOP standing operating procedure
spall small fragment or chip
STP soldier training publication
STRAC standards in training commission
TOC tactical operations center
TP training-practice
TPIAL target pointer/illuminator/aiming light, AN/PEQ-2A
TRADOC (US Army) Training and Doctrine Command
trc track (as used in STRAC manual)
TRP target reference point
TSC training support center
TWS thermal weapon sight

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