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AAR after-action review
amp ampere
APC armored personnel carrier
AR Army regulation
ARTEP Army Training and Evaluation Program
ASI additional skill identifier
asst assistant
ATGM antitank guided missile
ATWESS antitank weapon effect signature simulator
batt battery
BFV Bradley fighting vehicle
BMP (a fighting vehicle manufactured by the former Soviet Union)
BRDM (a scout car manufactured by the former Soviet Union)
BRT brightness
BTR (a personnel carrier manufactured by the former Soviet Union)
C2 command and control
CB citizen's band (radio)
cbt combat
CFV cavalry fighting vehicle
CP command post
CPX command post exercise
CS combat support
CTA common table of allowances
CTRS contrast
CVI combat vehicle identification
DA Department of the Army
DC direct current
DFTT Dragon field tactical trainer
DGT Dragon gunnery trainer
dir direction
DLIC detachment left in contact
DZ drop zone
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
F Fahrenheit
1SG first sergeant
FASCAM family of scatterable mines
FHT field handling trainer
FIST fire support team
FM field manual
FOV field of view
FPF final protective fire
FPL final protective line
freq frequency
FSO fire support officer
FTX field training exercise
GTA graphic training aid
HE high explosive
headphone An earphone held over the ear by a band worn on the head-usually used in plural, as in "a set of headphones."
headset An attachment for holding an earphone and transmitter at one's head.
HEAT high-explosive antitank
HMMWV high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
horz horizontal
HQ headquarters
hr hour
Hz Hertz
IAW in accordance with
KHz kilohertz
KPH kilometers per hour
LAW light antitank weapon
LCE load-carrying equipment
LD line of departure
ldr leader
LFX live-fire exercise
LOS line of sight
LP listening post
L-R left to right
LRA local reproduction authorized
LTID laser target interface device
M monthly
mech mechanized
METT-T mission, enemy, terrain (and weather), troops, and time available
MILES multiple integrated laser-engagement system
min minute(s)
mm millimeter
mod model
mon monitor
MOPP mission-oriented protective posture
MOUT military operations on urbanized terrain
MPH miles per hour
MQS military qualification standards
MTP mission training plan
NA not applicable
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVTRADEV Naval training development
NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical
NCO noncommissioned officer
NCOES Noncommissioned Officer Education System
NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge
nonmech nonmechanized
NVD night vision device
OPFOR opposing force
OSUT one-station unit training
PDF principal direction of fire
PGTS Precision Gunnery Training System
plt platoon
PMCS preventive maintenance checks and services
POI program of instruction
PSG platoon sergeant
PSI pounds per square inch
PSM power supply modulator
pwr power
Q quarterly
qual qualification
qtr quarterly
RDL Reimer Digital Library
RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition
S2 intelligence officer
S3 operations and training officer
sec seconds
SGT sergeant
SL skill level
SMCT soldier's manual of common tasks
SOP standing operating procedure
sqd squad
SSN social security number
STB supertropical bleach
STP soldier's training publication
STX situational training exercise
TC training circular
tm team
TM technical manual
tng training
TO training objective
TOW tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided (missile)
TRADOC (United States Army) Training and Doctrine Command
TRP target reference point
TSC Training Support Center
TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures


US United States
USC United States code


VAC voltage alternating current
VDC voltage direct current
vert vertical
VPC vehicle power conditioner


WP white phosphorus
XO executive officer

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