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These are the sources quoted or paraphrased in this publication.


Mission Training Plan for the Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad. 30 September 1988.



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FM 7-8

Infantry Platoon and Squad. 22 April 1992.


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Map Reading and Land Navigation. 7 May 1993.


These documents must be available to the intended uses of this publication.

AR 385-63

Policies and Procedures for Training, Target Practice and Combat. 15 October 1983.


DA Form 2404

Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet. April 1979.


DA Form 5517-R

Standard Range Card (LRA). February 1986.


DA Form 85-R

Scorecard for M249, M60/M240B Machine Guns. October 2002.


DA Form 7476-R

10-Meter Boresight Offset Target. October 2002.


DA Pam 25-30

Army Electronic Library. 1 July 2002.


DA Pam 350-38

Training Standards for Weapon Training. September 1990.


*FM 3-5

NBC Decontamination. 23 July 1992.


*FM 21-60

Visual Signals. 30 September 1987.


STP 21-24-SMCT

Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks (Skill Levels 2-4). 1 October 2001.

*This source was also used to develop this publication.

*TC 25-8

Training Ranges. 25 February 1992.


TM 9-1005-319-10

Operator's Manual List for Rifle 5.56-mm, M16A2. 1 October 1998.


*TM 9-1005-201-10

Operator's Manual Machine Gun, 5.56-mm, M249 w/Equip. 26 July 1991.


*TM 9-1005-224-10

Operator's Manual for Machine Gun, 7.62-mm, M60, W/E; Mount, Tripod, Machine Gun, 7.62-mm, M122. 2 April 1998.


*TM 9-1005-313-10

Operator's Manual for Machine Gun, 7.62-mm, M240B, W/E; Flex-mount, Tripod, Machine Gun, 7.62-mm, M122A1. 19 July 1996.


*TM 9-1300-200

Ammunition General. 3 October 1969.


*TM 11-5855-213-10

Operator's Manual Night Vision Sight, Individual Served Weapon, AN/PVS-4. 1 February 1993.


U.S. Army Publishing Agency

Army Doctrine and Training Digital Library

*This source was also used to develop this publication.

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