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AAR after-action review
ammo ammunition
C Centigrade
CLP cleaner, lubricant, preservative
cm centimeter(s)
CMF career management field
CS a chemical agent (tear gas)
DA Department of the Army
DODAC Department of Defense Ammunition Code
EST engagement skills trainer
F Fahrenheit
FM field manual
FOV field of view
FPL final protective line
fps feet per second
FTX field training exercise
HE high explosive
HEDP high-explosive dual-purpose
hr hour(s)
IAW in accordance with
IET initial entry training
IOAC Infantry officer advanced course
IOBC Infantry officer basic course
IET initial entry training
KD known-distance (range)
kg kilogram(s)
kps kilometers per second
LFX live-fire exercise
LTA local training area
METL mission-essential task list
m meter(s)
min minute(s)
mm millimeter(s)
MOPP mission-oriented protective posture
MOUT military operations on urbanized terrain
mph mile(s) per hour
mps meter(s) per second
MTA major training area
MTP mission training plan
NBC nuclear, biological, chemical
NCO noncommissioned officer
NCOES Noncommissioned Officer Education System
NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge
NSN national stock number
NVD night vision device
OAC officer advanced course
OBC officer basic course
OIC officer in charge (of)
OGIVE head of the round
PD point-detonating
PDF principal direction of fire
PMT preparatory marksmanship training
psi pounds per square inch
RETS remoted target system
rpm revolution(s) per minute
S2 Intelligence Officer
S3 Operations and Training Officer
S4 Supply Officer
SEE small emplacement excavator
SM soldier's manual
SMCT soldier's manual of common tasks
SOP standing operating procedure
SSN social security number
STP soldier training publication
STX situational training exercise
TP training practice
TRADOC Army Training and Doctrine Command
TRC training readiness condition

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