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A/Ladministrative and logistics
AAassembly area
AATFair-assault task force
ABCSArmy Battle Command Systems
ACEanalysis and control element
ACIRSAutomated Criminal Investigative Reporting System
ACTanalysis control team
ADAair-defense artillery
ADCarea damage control
AFATDSAdvanced Field-Artillery Tactical Data System
ALOauthorized level of organization
AMDPCSAir- and Missile-Defense Planning and Control System
AOarea of operation
AOEArmy of Excellence
AOIarea of interest
AORarea of responsibility
APODaerial port of debarkation
APOEaerial port of embarkation
ARArmy regulation
ARFORArmy forces
ASarea security
ASASAll-Source Analysis System
ASCCArmy service component command
ASGarea support group
ASPammunition supply point
ASRalternate supply route
ASVarmored security vehicle
ATCCSArmy Tactical Command and Control System
AWISArmy WMCCS Information System
BCTbrigade combat team
BFAbattlefield functional area
BLDbrigade liaison detachment
BOSbattlefield operating system
BRTbrigade reconnaissance troop
BWAbattlefield workload analysis
C2command and control
C3command, control, and communications
C4Icommand, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
C4IFTW command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence for the warrior
CASclose air support
CASEcorps area support element
CCIUcomputer-crime investigative unit
CGcommanding general
CHAcorps holding area
CIcivilian internee
CIDCriminal Investigation Division
CIDRCriminal Investigation Division Regulation
CINCcommander in chief
CIPCriminal Intelligence Program
CMOCcivil-military operations center
COAcourse of action
CofSChief of Staff
COMMZcommunications zone
CONUScontinental US
COSCOMcorps support command
CPcommand post
CRCCrime Records Center
CRIMINTELcriminal intelligence
CRS-3Correctional Reporting System
CScombat support
CSAcorps storage area
CSEcorps support element
CSGcorps support group
CSMcommand sergeant major
CSScombat service support
CSSCSCombat Service Support Control System
CZcombat zone
DADepartment of the Army
DCDistrict of Columbia
DCCPdivision central collection point
DCGdeputy commanding general
DIBRSDefense Incident-Based Reporting System
DISCOMdivision support command
DLEAdomestic law-enforcement agency
DMMCdivision materiel management center
DNAdeoxyribonucleic acid
DODDepartment of Defense
DOJDepartment of Justice
DOSDepartment of State
DPMdeputy provost marshal
DRAdivision rear area
DSdirect support
DSAdivision support area
DSBdivision support battalion
DSEdivision support element
DSSdecisive, shaping, and sustaining
DZdrop zone
EACechelons above corps
EADechelons above division
ECBechelons corps and below
EGescort guard
EMSemergency medical services
EPWenemy prisoner of war
ERPengineer regulation point
FAfield artillery
FBCB2Force XXI battle command-brigade and below
FBIFederal Bureau of Investigation
FEBAforward edge of the battle area
FIUfield investigative unit
FMfield manual
FOBforward operating base
FOIAFreedom of Information Act
FORSCOMUS Army Forces Command
FSBforward support battalion
FSCforward support company
G1Assistant Chief of Staff, G1 (Personnel)
G2Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 (Intelligence)
G3Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 (Operations and Plans)
G4Assistant Chief of Staff, G4 (Logistics)
G5Assistant Chief of Staff, G5 (Civil Affairs)
G6Assistant Chief of Staff, G6 (Communications)
GACground-assault convoy
GCCSGlobal Command and Control System
GCCS-AGlobal Command and Control System-Army
GOgovernment organizations
GSgeneral support
HHBheadquarters and headquarters battery
HHCheadquarters and headquarters company
HHDheadquarters and headquarters detachment
HMMWVhigh-mobility, multipurpose, wheeled vehicle
HNhost nation
HRPhigh-risk personnel
HVAhigh-value asset
I/Rinternment and resettlement
IBCTinitial/interim brigade combat team
ICinformation center
IEWintelligence and electronic warfare
IGinspector general
IHOinternational humanitarian organization
IMETPInternational Military Education and Training Program
IOinternational organization
IPBintelligence preparation of the battlefield
IRICinternment/resettlement information center
ISBintermediate staging base
ITOinstallation transportation officer
J3Operations Directorate
JFCjoint force command
JOAjoint operations area
JPjoint publication
JRAjoint rear area
JSOAjoint special operations area
JTFjoint task force
L&Olaw and order
LIDlight infantry division
LOClines of communication
LOGSEClogistics security
LRPlong-range plan
LSTAlogistics-security threat assessment
LVOSSLight Vehicle Obscuration Smoke System
LZlanding zone
MACOMmajor Army command
MCRPMarine Corps reference publication
MCSManeuver Control System
MDMPmilitary decision-making process
MEDEVACmedical evacuation
METLmission-essential task list
METT-TC mission, enemy, terrain, troops, time available, and civilian considerations
MEVAmission-essential or vulnerable area
MFPUmajor fraud procurement unit
MImilitary intelligence
MILCOMmilitary community
MKTmobile kitchen trailer
MLRSMultiple-Launch Rocket System
MMSmaneuver and mobility support
MOBmain operating base
MOOTWmilitary operations other than war
MPmilitary police
MPBTFmilitary police brigade task force
MPMISMilitary Police Management Information System
MQSmilitary qualification standards
MSRmain supply route
MTOEmodified table of organization and equipment
MTPmission training plan
MTTmobile training team
MWDmilitary working dog
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBCnuclear, biological, and chemical
NCOnoncommissioned officer
NEOnoncombatant evacuation operation
NGnational guard
NGOnongovernmental organization
NIBRSNational Incident-Based Reporting System
NLTnot later than
OCONUSoutside the continental US
OPCONoperational control
OPLANoperation plan
OPSECoperations security
ORS-2WOffense Reporting Systems Windows
PASEport area support element
PCIRpolice/criminal information requirements
PDFPanamanian Defense Force
PEOpeace-enforcement operation
PIAPpolice information assessment process
PIOpolice intelligence operations
PIRpriority intelligence requirements
PKOpeacekeeping operation
PMprovost marshal
POCpoint of contact
PODport of debarkation
POEport of embarkation
POLpetroleum, oil, and lubricants
PRCpopulace and resource control
PSDprotective security detail
PSUprotective-service unit
PSVApersonal-security vulnerability assessment
PSYOPpsychological operations
PWIS-3Prisoner-of-War Information System
PZpickup zone
R&Sreconnaissance and surveillance
RAOCrear-area operations center
RCreserve component
ROCrear operations center
ROErules of engagement
RSOIreception, staging, onward movement, and integration
RSTAreconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition
RWSremote work station
S1Adjutant (US Army)
S2Intelligence Officer (US Army)
S3Operations and Training Officer (US Army)
S4Supply Officer (US Army)
S5Civil-Affairs Officer (US Army)
S6Communications Officer (US Army)
SALUTEsize, activity, location, unit, time, and equipment
SAWsquad automatic weapon
SCIsensitive compartmented information
SFCsergeant first class
SITREPsituation report
SJAstaff judge advocate
SMSSecurity Management System
SOCsecurity operations cell
SOFspecial-operations forces
SOFAstatus of forces agreement
SOIsignal operating instructions
SOPstanding operating procedures
SPODseaport of debarkation
SPOEseaport of embarkation
SPOTREPspot report
SRTspecial-reaction team
STAMISStandard Army Management Information System
STCCSStrategic Theater Command and Control System
TAtheater Army
TAAtactical assembly area
TAACOMTheater Army Area Command
TACCIMSTheater Automated Command and Control Information Management System
TAItraffic accident investigation
TASETSC area support element
TC-AIMSTransportation Coordinator Automated Movement Server
TCFtactical combat force
TCPtraffic-control post
TFtask force
THREATCONthreat condition
TMtechnical manual
TMOtraffic-management officer
TOtheater of operations
TOEtables of organization and equipment
TRADOCUS Army Training and Doctrine Command
TRPtraffic-regulation plan
TSAtheater storage area
TSCtheater support command
TSEtactical support element
TTPtactics, techniques, and procedures
UMTunit ministry team
UNUnited Nations
USUnited States
USACIDCUS Army Criminal Investigation Command
USACILUS Army Criminal Investigations Laboratory
USAFUS Air Force
USAMPSUS Army Military Police School
USCSUS Customs Service
USDAUS Department of Agriculture
VIPvery important person
VRSVehicle Registration System
WMCCSWorldwide Military Command and Control System

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