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AAR after action review
ACR armored cavalry regiment
ACU AFCS computer unit
ADA air defense artillery
ADAM area denial artillery munitions
adj adjust
adrs address
AFATDS advanced field artillery tactical data system
AFCS automatic fire control system
AFES automatic fire extinguisher system
AFSO aerial fire support observer
AFU ammunition and fire unit
A/L administrative and logistics
ALOC administrative and logistics operations center
alt altitude
AMC at my command
ammo ammunition
AOF azimuth of fire
APU auxiliary power unit
AR Army regulation
ARPA Archaeological Resources Protection Act
ARTEP Army training and evaluation program
ATC ammunition team chief
ATHS airborne target handover system
ATP ammunition transfer point
AUTL Army Universal task list
az azimuth
BAO battalion ammunition officer
BAS battalion aid station
BAT be advised that
BC battery commander
BCS battery computer system
BDA battle damage assessment
BII basic issue item
BITE built-in test equipment
BMO battalion maintenance officer
BMT battalion maintenance technician
bn battalion
BOC battery operations center
BSA brigade support area
BSOC battalion support operations center
C2 command and control
CANALL cancel all
CASEVAC casualty evacuation
CCL combat configured load
CCP confidence check point
CEP circular error probable
CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act
CFC chloroflouro carbons
CFF call for fire
CFL coordinated fire line
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
chg charge
CM computer met
CNR combat net radio
COLT combat observation lasing team
comm communication
comnds commands
CONUS continental United States
coord coordinate
CP command post or concrete piercing (fuze)
COS chief of section
CSECT center sector
CSR controlled supply rate
CSS combat service support
CVC combat vehicle crewman
CWA Clean Water Act
D digital
DA Department of the Army
DAP distant aiming point
DBR database recording
DD:HH:MM day:hour:minute
DELALL delete all
destn destination
df deflection
DOT Department of Transportation
DPICM dual-purpose improved conventional munitions
DRMO Defense Reutilization Marketing Office
DRU-H dynamic reference unit-hybrid
DS direct support
DTG date time group
DU display unit
E easting
ECO environmental compliance office
EFAT essential field artillery task
EFST essential fire support task
elev elevation
EO executive order
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
EOM end of mission
EOL end of the orienting line
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPCRA Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act
ESA Endangered Species Act
EW electronic warfare
FA field artillery
FAASV field artillery ammunition support vehicle
FAAD firing area defense diagram
FASP field artillery support plan
FD fire direction
FDC fire direction center
FDO fire direction officer
FED forward entry device
FFE fire for effect
FIFRA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
FIST fire support team
FLOT forward line of own troops
FM field manual, fire mission, or frequency modulated
FOCMD forward observer command
FPF final protective fire
FR fire request
FRTP flat rack transfer point
FSB forward support battalion
FSE fire support element
FSCM fire support coordinating measure
FSCOORD fire support coordinator
FSO fire support officer
ft feet
fz fuze
geom geometry
GPS global positioning system
GRS geodetic reference system
GS general support
GSG gunnery sergeant
GSR general support reinforcing
HB high-burst
HE high explosive
HEMTT heavy expanded-mobility tactical truck
HHB headquarters and headquarters battery
HHS headquarters, headquarters and service battery
HM/HW hazardous material/hazardous waste
HMMWV high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
how howitzer
hrs hours
HTC howitzer tracking chart
HTU hand-held terminal unit
HQ headquarters
IAW in accordance with
ICM improved conventional munition
id identification
IFSAS initial fire support automation system
in inch
IP internet protocol
IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield
km kilometer
kw kilowatt
LCU lightweight computer unit
ldr leader
LOGPAC logistics package
LP/OP listening post/observation post
LRP logistics release point
LRU line replaceable unit
LSECT left sector
maint maintenance
MAP MOD map modification
MAPS modular azimuth positioning system
max maximum
mech mechanical (fuze)
met meteorological
METT-TC mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops, time available, and civil considerations
min QE minimum quadrant elevation
MLRS multiple launch rocket system
MMS meteorological measuring system
MOPP mission oriented protective posture
MPI mean point of impact
MSDS material safety data sheet
MSE mobile subscriber equipment
MSN mission
MSR main supply route
MSU mutual supported unit
MTO message to observer
MTP mission training plan
MTSQ mechanical time superquick (fuze)
MV muzzle velocity
MVS muzzle velocity system
MVV muzzle velocity variation
N northing
NAGPRA Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
nav navigation
NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical
NCO noncommissioned officer
NCOIC NCO in charge
NCS net control station
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
NHPA National Historic Preservation Act
NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
O&I operations and intelligence
OBCO observer coordinates (observer location)
obsr observer
OCONUS outside the continental United States
OEBGD Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OVM on-vehicle material
PA position area
PADS position azimuth determining system
pantel panoramic telescope
PCC precombat check
PCI precombat inspection
PCU power conditioner unit
PD point detonating (fuze)
PDIU prognostic/diagnostic interface unit
PDSQ point detonating superquick (fuze)
PE probable error
PLGR precision lightweight GPS receiver
PLS palletized load system
plt platoon
pltn platoon
PMCS preventive maintenance checks and services
POC platoon operations center
POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants
posn position
PRF pulse repetition frequency
PRI priority
PROP propellant
psi pounds per square inch
PSNCO personnel services NCO
PTM plain text message
QE quadrant elevation
R reinforcing
RAAMS remote antiarmor mine system
RAM reliability, availability, and maintainability
RAP rocket assisted projectile
RAT record as target
RCRA Resource Conservation Recovery Act
REG registration
REQ request
rg range
rng range
RPM revolutions per minute
RSECT right sector
RSO reconnaissance survey officer
RSOP reconnaissance, selection, and occupation of position
RTF ready to fire
R3SP rearm, refuel, resupply, and survey point
SA subsequent adjust
SARA Superfund Amendment Reauthorization Act
SBT subscriber table
SCATMINE scatterable mine
SCP survey control point
sec second
sect sector or section
SGT sergeant
SH shell
shft shift
SINCGARS single channel ground & airborne radio system
SOP standing operating procedures
SP self-propelled or start point
sph spheroid
sprt support
STP soldier's training publication (soldier's manual)
subq subsequent
surv surveillance
sys system
TA target acquisition
TAA tactical assembly area
TC track commander or training circular
temp temperature
TGT target
ti time
TLP troop leading procedure
TM technical manual
TOC tactical operations center
TOT time on target
TRP target reference point
TSOP tactical SOP
TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures
UMCP unit maintenance collection point
URN unit reference number
USAFAS United States Army Field Artillery School
UTE unable to execute
V voice
VHF very high frequency
VMS vehicle motion sensor
VT variable time
WGS world geodetic system
XO executive officer
ZUPT zero velocity update
1SG first sergeant

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