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The purpose of this manual is to provide tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) for corps artilleries (corps artys), division artilleries (div artys), and field artillery (FA) brigades. It is intended as a general "how to" guide to assist in force standardization with sufficient flexibility to adapt to local conditions as reflected in unit tactical standing operating procedures (TSOP). A firm grasp of FA and fire support (FS) doctrine and TTP, tempered by experience and military skills, should be the basis for decisive and effective action.

This manual addresses TTP and the supporting infrastructure relevant to corps arty, div arty, and FA brigade operations in support of deep, close, and rear combat across the spectrum of full-dimensional operations. Included are:

  • The integration, synchronization, and execution of FA missions in consonance with the force commander's concept of operations and scheme of FS. The manual also provides an overview of linkages to fire support elements (FSEs) and deep operations coordination cells (DOCCs).
  • Internal FA command and control (C2) and sustainment operations.
  • Support of joint/allied/multinational FS efforts and connectivity to higher-level sensors, intelligence sources, etc.

Field Manual (FM) 3-09.22 (6-20-2) provides TTP applicable to Army corps artys, div artys, and FA brigades equipped under the L-series tables of organization and equipment (TOEs) in 2000 and assigned to armored, mechanized, light infantry, airborne, and air assault divisions in active or reserve component formations. It also serves as an interface document for supporting or supported United States Marine Corps (USMC) artillery formations.

The proponent for this manual is the Commandant, United States Army Field Artillery School (USAFAS), ATTN: Director of Warfighting Integration and Development (ATSF-D), Fort Sill, OK 73503-5600.

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