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A2C2 Army airspace command and control
AAP allied administrative publication
AAR after action review
ABCA Australia, Britain, Canada, America
ABCS Army battle command system
AC active component
ACE analysis and control element
ACofS assistant chief of staff
ACR armored cavalry regiment
ACUS area common user system
AD air defense
ADA air defense artillery
ADC-M assistant division commander-maneuver
ADDS Army data distribution system
admin-log administration-logistic
AFATDS advanced field artillery tactical data system
AFSC assistant fire support coordinator (USMC)
AFSCOORD assistant fire support coordinator
AFSO aerial fire support observer
AGM attack guidance matrix
ALO air liaison officer
ALOC administration and logistic operations center
AM amplitude modulated
AO area of operations
AOC air operations center
APOD aerial port of debarkation
ARCOM Army command
armd armored
ASAS all-source analysis system
ASCC Army service component commander
ASL authorized stockage list
ASOC air support operations center
ASP ammunition supply point
ATACMS Army tactical missile system
ATCCS Army tactical command and control system
ATIZ artillery target intelligence zone
atk attack
ATP ammunition transfer point
avn aviation


battlefield coordination detachment

BCT brigade combat team
BDA battle damage assessment
BDAR battlefield damage assessment and repair
bde brigade
BFACS battlefield functional area control system
BMO battalion maintenance officer
bn battalion
BOS battlefield operating systems
BSA brigade support area
BSOC battalion support operations center
C-E communications-electronics
C2 command and control
C3 command, control, and communications
C4I command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
CAS close air support
cav cavalry
CCIR commander's critical information requirements
CCL combat-configured load
CFA covering force area
CFFZ call-for-fire zone
CFL coordinated fire line
CFZ critical friendly zone
CGS common ground station
CINC commander in chief
cmd command
CNR combat net radio
COA course of action
COC combat operations center (USMC)
CofS chief of staff
COLT combat observation/lasing team
comm communications
COMSEC communications security
CONUS continental United States
CONUSA continental United States Army
corps arty corps artillery
COSCOM corps support command
CP command post
CS combat support
CSA corps storage area
CSB corps support battalion area
CSG corps support group
CSH combat support hospital
CSR controlled supply rate
CSS combat service support
CSSCS combat service support control system
CTAD corps target acquisition detachment
CTT-H commanders tactical terminal-hybrid
D digital
D3A decide, detect, deliver, and assess
DAO division ammunition officer
DBSL deep battle synchronization line
DFSCOORD deputy fire support coordinator
DISCOM division support command
div division
div arty division artillery
DOCC deep operations coordination cell
DODIC Department of Defense identification code
DPICM dual-purpose improved conventional munition
DS direct support
DSA division support area
DTG date-time group
DTO division transportation officer
EA engagement area
EAC echelons above corps
EBC embedded battle command
ECCM electronic counter-countermeasures
EEFI essential elements of friendly information
EFAT essential field artillery task
EFST essential fire support task
EPLRS enhanced position location reporting system
EPW enemy prisoner of war
EW electronic warfare
EWO electronic warfare officer
FA field artillery
FAADC3I forward area air defense command, control, communications, and intelligence system
FAIO field artillery intelligence officer
fax facsimile
FBCB2 Force XXI battle command brigade and below
FCC fire control cell
FCE fire control element
FDC fire direction center
FEBA forward edge of the battle area
FED forward entry device
FFIR friendly force information requirements
FIST fire support team
FLE forward logistic element
FLOT forward line of own troops
FM field manual
FM fire mission
FM frequency modulated
FO forward observer
FORSCOM Forces Command
FRAGO fragmentary order
FS fire support
FSB forward support battalion
FSC fire support coordinator (USMC)
FSC fire support cell (US Army)
FSCC fire support coordination center (USMC)
FSCL fire support coordination line
FSCM fire support coordinating measure
FSCOORD fire support coordinator
FSE fire support element
FSHTU fire support hand-held terminal unit
FSO fire support officer
FST fire support terminal
GCCS-A global command and control system-Army
GCE ground combat element (USMC)
GMLRS guided multiple launch rocket system
GOCOM general officer command
GPS global positioning system
GRREG graves registration
GS general support
GSM ground station module
GSR general support reinforcing
HDC headquarters and distribution company
HE high explosive
hel helicopter
HF high frequency
HHB headquarters and headquarters battery
HIMARS high mobility artillery rocket system
HMMWV high-mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HPT high-payoff target
HPTL high-payoff target list
HQ headquarters
HUMINT human intelligence
HVT high-value target
IAW in accordance with
IFSAS initial fire support automation system
IHFR improved high frequency radio
INS inertial navigation system
intel intelligence
INTSUM intelligence summary
IO information operations
IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield


joint air attack team

joint air operations center

JFC joint force commander
JSEAD joint suppression of enemy air defenses
JSTARS joint surveillance and target attack radar system
JTCB joint targeting coordination board
JTF joint task force
JTIDS joint tactical information distribution system
km kilometer
LAN local area network
LC line of contact
LCU lightweight computer unit
LD line of departure
LDF lightweight digital facsimile
LEN large extension node
LNO liaison officer
LOC lines of communication
LOGPAC logistics package
LOGSTAT logistics status
LPB logistics preparation of the battlefield
LRP logistics release point
LSD large screen display
MAGTF Marine air-ground task force (USMC)
MANPADS man-portable air defense system
MAPS modular azimuth and positioning system
MASH mobile Army surgical hospital
MBA main battle area
MCOO modified combined obstacle overlay
MCS maneuver control system
MDMP military decision-making process
mech mechanized
MEDEVAC medical evacuation
MEDSOM medical supply, optical, and maintenance
MEF marine expeditionary force
met meteorology
METT-TC mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available, time available, and civil considerations
MEU Marine expeditionary unit (USMC)
MI military intelligence
MLRS multiple launch rocket system
MMC materiel management center
MOI message of interest
MOPP mission oriented protective posture
MOS military occupation specialty
MSB main support battalion
MSD medium screen display
MSE mobile subscriber equipment
MSR main supply route
MSRT mobile subscriber radiotelephone
MST maintenance support team
MSU mutual support unit
MTOE modified table of organization and equipment
NAI named area of interest
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical
NCO noncommissioned officer
NCS net control station
NFL no-fire line
NGO nongovernmental organization
OB order of battle
OCONUS outside continental United States
o/o on order
OPCON operational control
OPFAC operational facility
OPLAN operation plan
OPORD operation order
ops operations
OPSEC operations security
PADS position and azimuth determining system
PAH position area hazard
PIR priority intelligence requirements
plt platoon
PM preventive maintenance
POD port of debarkation
POE port of embarkation
POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants
PSYOP psychological operations
QF quick fire
QSTAG quadripartite standardization agreement
R reinforcing
RAOC rear area operations center
RAP rocket assisted projectile
RATT radio teletypewriter
RAU radio access unit
RC reserve component
RDO radar deployment order
recon reconnaissance
regt regiment
RFA restrictive fire area
RFL restrictive fire line
RIPL reconnaissance and interdiction planning line
RO/RO roll-on/roll-off
ROE rules of engagement
ROZ restricted operations zone
RSI rationalization, standardization, and interoperability
RSO reconnaissance and survey officer
RSOI reception, staging, onward movement, and integration
RSR required supply rate
S&S supply and service
SBT subscriber table
SCATMINE scatterable mine
SCP survey control point
SEAD suppression of enemy air defenses
sec section
SEN small extension node
SIGINT signals intelligence
SIMO simultaneous observation
SINCGARS single-channel ground and airborne radio system
SITTEMP situation template
SJA staff judge advocate
SOF special operations forces
SOI signal operating instructions
SOP standing operating procedures
SP self-propelled
SPCE survey, planning, and coordination element
SPCO survey, planning, and coordination officer
SPOD seaport of debarkation
sqdn squadron
SRP soldier readiness processing
SSB single side band
STANAG standardization agreement
STARC state area command
T towed
TA target acquisition
TAA tactical assembly area
TAB target acquisition battery
tac tactical (command post)
TACFIRE tactical fire direction system
TACP tactical air control party
TACSAT tactical satellite
TADIXS tactical data information exchange system
TAH target area hazard
TAI target area of interest
TCF tactical combat force
TCU tactical computer unit
TIBS tactical information broadcast service
TMD theater missile defense
TOC tactical operations center
TOE table of organization and equipment
TRAP tactical receive equipment and related applications
trig triangulation
TRITAC tri-services tactical
TSOP tactical standing operating procedures
TSS target selection standards
TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures
TVA target value analysis
UAV unmanned aerial vehicle
UBL unit basic load
UHF ultra high frequency
UMT unit ministry team
US United States
USAFAS United States Army Field Artillery School
USANCA United States Army Nuclear and Chemical Agency
USARC United States Army Reserve Command
USMC United States Marine Corps
USTRANSCOM United States Transportation Command
UTM universal transverse mercator
V voice
VHF very high frequency
WARNO warning order
WLR weapons locating radar
XO executive officer

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