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This field manual (FM) provides tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) for the commander and staff in field artillery (FA) battalions. It is intended as a general "how to" manual to assist in force standardization with sufficient flexibility to adapt to local conditions as reflected in unit tactical standing operating procedures (TSOP).

The publication sets forth doctrine pertaining to organization, command and control (C2), operations, and TTP for the FA battalions. It establishes responsibilities and general duties of key personnel by focusing on how an FA battalion supports the full spectrum of military operations.

It keys the battalion commander and staff to areas that must receive training emphasis in order to provide effective FA support. The specifics of how to train are outlined in soldiers' manuals and Army training and evaluation program (ARTEP) mission training plans (MTPs).

This manual applies to United States (US) Army and US Marine Corps (USMC) FA battalions assigned to the active, reserve, and National Guard (NG) forces. Unit organizations described in this publication reflect, in general overview, the L/A/F-series Department of the Army (DA) tables of organization and equipment (TOEs). Full consideration is given to recent and planned force structure changes and emerging technological opportunities — as of the date of publication.

The publication broadly describes how the FA battalion operates to support the combined arms team using available Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems (FATDS), and other automated C2 systems.

This FM addresses combat operations in support of both heavy and light maneuver forces, as well as stability operations and support operations and FA (support) operations in special environments. It is not a stand-alone document; but should be used in conjunction with maneuver and other FA doctrinal manuals.

The manual focuses on FA battalions performing the missions of direct support (DS) or general support (GS) to maneuver forces, as well as FA units providing reinforcing (R) or general support reinforcing (GSR) fires to other FA units in support of force operations.

This publication implements all applicable North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) standardization agreements (STANAGs) (see the bibliography for a complete listing).

The proponent for this manual is the Commandant, US Army Field Artillery School. Submit changes for improving this publication on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms). Please key your comments and recommendations to the page, paragraph, and line numbers to which they apply. If DA Form 2028 is not available, a letter is acceptable. Provide reasons for your comments to ensure complete understanding and proper evaluation.

Unless this publication states otherwise, masculine nouns or pronouns do not exclusively pertain to men.

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