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1SG first sergeant
AAG army artillery group
AATF air assault task force
ABCA Australia, Britain, Canada, America
ABCS Army Battle Command System
ABF attack by fire
ACA airspace coordination area
ACE analysis and control element
ACP air control point/assault command post
ACR armored cavalry regiment
ACUS Area Common-User System
AD air defense
AD/LOG Administration / Logistics
ADA air defense artillery
ADAM area denial artillery munition
ADAPT adapter
ADDS Army Data Distribution System
admin/log administrative/logistics (net)
AFATDS Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AG adjutant general
AGM attack guidance matrix
AH attack helicopter
AIRCOR air corridor
ALO air liaison officer
ALOC administration and logistic operations center
alt altitude
AM amplitude modulated
AMC at my command
ammo ammunition
AMDPCS Air-Missile Defense Planning and Control System
ANCD automated net control device
AO area of operations
AOA avenue of approach
AOF azimuth of fire
AOI area of interest
AOL azimuth of lay
AP antipersonnel
APAM antipersonnel , antimaterial
APICM antipersonnel improved conventional munitions
App Appendix
AR army regulation
ARPA Archeological Resources Protection Act
ARTEP Army Training and Evaluation Program
arty artillery
ASAS All-Source Analysis System
ASL authorized stockage list
ASP ammunition supply point
ASR available supply rate
ATCCS Army Tactical Command and Control System
atch attached
ATHS Airborne Target Hand-Over System
ATI artillery target intelligence
ATIZ artillery target intelligence zone
ATP ammunition transfer point
AUTL army universal task list
avn aviation
AXO assistant executive officer
AZ azimuth
BAO battalion ammunition officer
BAS battalion aid station
BAT "brilliant" anti-armor technology
BC battery commander
BCS battery computer system
BDA battle damage assessment
BDAR battlefield damage assessment and repair
Bde brigade
BDO battle dress overgarment
BER bit error rate
BFACS battlefield functional area control system
BM battle management
BMA battery minefield angle
BMO battalion maintenance officer
BMT battalion maintenance technician
BN battalion
BOS battlefield operating system
BP battle position
BRAG brigade artillery group
BSA brigade support area
BSOC battalion support operations center
btry battery
C-E communications-electronics
C2 command and control
C2V command and control vehicle
C3 command, control and communications
C4I command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
CAA combined arms army (threat)
CAR combined arms rehearsal
CAS close air support
cat category
CATF commander amphibious task force
Cav cavalry
CBT combat
CCIR commander's critical information requirements
CCCP chemical casualty collection point
CCL combat-configured load
CCP casualty collection point
CDR commander
CDS container delivery system
CEP circular error probability
CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response and Liability Act
CESO communications-electronics staff officer
CF command/fire direction (net)
CFC chlorofluorocarbon
CFFZ call-for-fire zone
CFL coordinated fire line
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CFZ critical friendly zone
cGy centigray
Ch chief
CHEMO chemical officer
cmd command (net)
CNR combat net radio
CO company
COA course of action
COCOM combatant command
COE common operating environment
COLT combat observation/lasing team
Commo communications
COMSEC communications security
CONOPS continuity of operations
coord coordinate
COP common operational picture; command observation post
Corps Arty corps artillery
COSCOM corps support command
CP command post
Cphd Copperhead
CPREP counter preparations
CPU central processing unit
CROP container roll-in/roll-out platform
CRP combat reconnaissance patrol
CSA corps storage area
CSB common sensor boundary; corps support battalion
CSG corps support group
CSM command sergeant major
CSR controlled supply rate
CSS combat service support
CSSCS Combat Service Support Control System
CWA Clean Water Act
CZ censor zones
D data
DA Department of Army
DAG division artillery group
D3A decide, detect, deliver, and assess
DAO division ammunition officer
DF direction finding
DISCOM division support command
Div division
DIVARTY division artillery
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DMMC division materiel management center
DNE do not engage
DNL do not load
DNVT digital nonsecure voice telephone
DOD Department of Defense
DODIC Department of Defense Identification Code
DofS days of supply
DOT Department of Transportation
DP dual purpose/decision point
DPICM dual-purpose improved conventional munition
DRMO defense reutilization marketing office
DS direct support
DSA division support area
DSB division support battalion
DST decision support template
DSVT digital secure voice terminal
DTG date-time group
DZ drop zone
EA engagement area
EAC echelons above corps
EAD enemy air defense
ECCM electronic counter-countermeasures
ECO environmental compliance officer
ECOA enemy course of action
ED emergency destruction
EEFI essential elements of friendly information
EFAT essential field artillery task
EFC equivalent full charge
EFST essential fire support task
ELINT electronic intelligence
ENG engineer
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
EOL end of the orienting line
EOM end of mission
EPA Environmental Protection Act
EPCRA Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know Act
EPE estimated position error
EPLRS Enhanced Position Location Reporting System
EPW enemy prisoners of war
ESA Endangered Species Act
EVENTEMP event template
EW electronic warfare
EXTAL extra time allowance
F full-time subscriber
FA field artillery
FADAC field artillery digital automatic computer
FAIO field artillery intelligence officer
FASCAM family of scatterable mines
FASM field artillery support matrix
FASP field artillery support plan
FATDS field artillery tactical data systems
fax facsimile
FBCB2 Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade and Below
FCE fire control element
FCL final coordination line
FCS fire control system
FD fire direction
FDC fire direction center
FDO fire direction officer
FDS fire direction system
FEBA forward edge of the battle area
FED forward entry device
FFA free-fire area
FFE fire for effect
FFIR friendly force information requirements
FIFRA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, And Rodenticide Act
FIST fire support team
FIST-V fire support team-vehicle
FLD field
FLE forward logistical element
FLOT forward line of own troops
FM field manual; frequency modulation
FO forward observer
FOM figure of merit
FOS forward observer software
FPF final protective fires
FRAGO fragmentary order
FS fire support
FSB forward support battalion
FSCC fire support coordination center
FSCL fire support coordination line
FSCM fire support coordinating measure
FSCOORD fire support coordinator
FSE fire support element
FSEM fire support execution matrix
FSO fire support officer
FSP fire support plan
FST fire support terminal
FU fire unit
GCCS-A Global Command and Control System-Army
G-VLLD ground/vehicle laser locator designator
GDU gun display unit
GMET graphical munitions effectiveness tables
GPS Global Positioning System
GS general support
GSM ground station module
GSR general support reinforcing
GTA graphical training aid
GTD guards tank division (threat)
HA hide area
HARMM Halt all movement.
Avoid disturbing the mine(s).
Report the location of the mine(s).
Mark the location.
Move out of the area.
HAZWOPER hazardous waste operation
HC smoke, hexachloroethane
HE high explosive
HEMTT heavy-expanded mobility tactical truck
HET heavy equipment transporter
HF high frequency
HHB headquarters and headquarters battery
HHSB headquarters, headquarters, and service battery
HI high
HIMARS High Mobility Artillery Rocket System
HM/HW hazardous material / hazardous waste
HMMWV high-mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HN host nation
HOB height of burst
HPT high-payoff target
HPTL high-payoff target list
HQ headquarters
HTU hand-held terminal unit
HUMINT human intelligence
HVT high-value target
IAW in accordance with
ICE individual chemical equipment
ICM improved conventional munition
ICP intelligence collection plan
ID infantry division
ID (m) infantry division (mechanized)
IEW intelligence and electronic warfare
IFSAS Initial Fire Support Automation System
ILLUM illumination
Inf infantry
Intel intelligence
INTSUM intelligence summary
IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield
IR information requirements; infrared
IRAP improved rocket-assisted projectile
ITV intransit visibility
JAAT joint air attack team
JMEM joint munition effects manual
JP joint publication
JSEAD joint suppression of enemy air defense
JSTARS Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
JTF joint task force
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
JTOC jump tactical operations center
km kilometer
kph km per hour
LAN local area network
LBE load bearing equipment
LCU lightweight computer unit
LD line of departure
LDF lightweight digital facsimile
LFC landing force commander
LID light infantry division
LNO liaison officer
Lo low
LOC lines of communication
LOGPAC logistics package
LP listening post
LPB logistics preparation of the battlefield
LRP logistics release point
LRSU long-range surveillance unit
LTACFIRE Lightweight Tactical Fire Direction System
LTD laser target designation
LZ landing zone
M medium
MAGTF marine air ground task force
maint maintenance
man maneuver
max maximum
MBA main battle area
MCO movement control officer
MCOO modified combined obstacle overlay
MCS Maneuver Control System
MDMP military decision-making process
MDS Meteorological Data System
met meteorology
METT-TC mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops, time available, and civil considerations
MFR mission fired report
MHE material handling equipment
MI military intelligence
MIBN motorized infantry battalion
MIBR motorized infantry brigade
MLRS Multiple-Launch Rocket System
mm millimeter
MMS metrological measuring set
Mod modification
MOPP mission-oriented protective posture
MOS military occupational specialty
MOUT military operations in urban terrain
MP military police
MRB motorized rifle battalion
MRE meal, ready to eat
MRL multiple rocket launcher
MRR motorized rifle regiment
MSB main support battalion
MSD minimum safe distance; medium screen display
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
MSE mobile subscriber equipment
msn mission
MSR main supply route
MSRT mobile subscriber radio telephone
MST maintenance support team
MSU mutual support units
MTLR moving-target-locating-radar
MTO message to observer
MTOE modified table of organization and equipment
MTP mission training plan
MULE modular universal laser equipment
mvr maneuver
NA not applicable
NAGPRA Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
NAI named area of interest
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical
N/CH nuclear/chemical
NCO noncommissioned officer
NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge
NCS net control station
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
NET new equipment training
NFA no fire area
NFL no fire line
NG National Guard
NGF naval gunfire
NGLO naval gunfire liaison officer
NHPA national historic preservation act
NLT not-later-than
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NSFS naval surface fire support
O&I operations and intelligence
o/o on order
OB/OD open burning / open detonation
OB order of battle
OEBGO Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document
OEG operation exposure guidance
OH observation helicopter
OIC officer in charge
OP observation post
OPAREA operations area
OPCOM operational command
OPCON operational control
OPFAC operational facility
OPFOR opposing forces
OPLAN operation plan
OPORD operation order
Ops operations
OPSEC operations security
ops/F operations/fire (net)
ops/intel operations/intelligence (net)
Org organization
OS orienting station
OT observer target
OTG observer-target-gun
P&A personnel and administration
PA physician's assistant; position areas
PAC personnel and administration center
PADS Position And Azimuth Determining System
PCC pre-combat checks
PCI pre-combat inspections
PD point detonating
PEO peace enforcement operations
PERINTREP periodic intelligence reports
PI probability of incapacitation
PIR priority intelligence requirements
PKO peacekeeping operations
PL phase line
PLGR precision lightweight GPS receiver
PLL prescribed load list
PLS Palletized Load System
PLT platoon
PMCS preventive maintenance checks and services
POC platoon operations center
POD port of debarkation
POF priority of fires
POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants
POR preparation of replacements
POS priority of survey
PREP preparations
PRF pulse repetition frequency
PRI priority
PRI TGT priority targets
PSNCO personnel staff noncommissioned officer
PST pass time
PTMO prepare to march order
PX post exchange
PZ pickup zones
QSTAG Quadripartite Standardization Agreement
R reinforcing
R&S reconnaissance and surveillance
R3P rearm, refuel, resupply point
R3SP rearm, refuel, resupply, survey point
RAAMS Remote Antiarmor Mine System
RAG regimental artillery group
RAP rocket-assisted projectile
RAU radio access unit
RCRA Resource Conservation Recovery Act
RCT road clearance time
RDF radio direction finding
RDO radar deployment order
REC radio-electronic combat
Recon reconnaissance
ref reference
Regt regiment
retrans retransmission
RF radio frequency
RFA restrictive fire area
RFAF request for additional fires
RFI request for information
RFL restrictive fire line
ROE rules of engagement
ROM rate of march; refuel on the move
ROZ restricted operating zones
RP release point
RPV remotely piloted vehicles
RRP replacement receiving point
RSOP reconnaissance, selection, and occupation of position
RSR required supply rate
RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition
RT receiver transmitter
S&S stability and support
S&T supply and transportation
SACC supporting arms coordination center
SARA Superfund Amendment Reauthorization Act
SB service battery
SCATMINE scatterable mines
SCP survey control point
SD self-destruct
SEAD suppression of enemy air defenses
SEN small extension node
SFC sergeant first class
SGT sergeant
SHELREP shelling report
SIGINT signal intelligence
SIGSEC signals security
SIMO simultaneous observation
SINCGARS single-channel ground and airborne radio system
SITEMP situation template
SITREP situation report
SMK smoke
SOI signal operating instructions
SOP standard operating procedure
SOSR suppress, obscure, secure, reduce
SP self-propelled; start point; strong points
SPC specialist (rank)
SPCE survey, planning, and control elements
SPL support platoon leader
SPLL self-propelled launcher-loader
spt support
Sqn squadron
SR self-registering
SSB single sideband
SSG staff sergeant
STANAG Standardization Agreement
STON short-ton
survl surveillance
SVC service
Sys system
T towed
TA target acquisition
TAB target acquisition battery
TAC tactical action center
TACAIR tactical air
TACFIRE Tactical Fire Direction System
TACON tactical control
TACSAT tactical satellite
TAI targeted area of interest
TAIS Tactical Airspace Information System
TAMMS The Army Maintenance Management System
TAV total asset visibility
TBD to-be-determined
TBM theater ballistic missiles
TBP to be published
TC traffic control; training circular
TCIM tactical communications interface module
TCF tactical combat force
TD tank division
TDA target damage assessment; table of distribution and allowances
TDIS time distance
TDMA time division multiple access
TF task force
TFC tactical fire control
Tgt target
TLE target location error
TM technical manual
TMD theater missile defense
TMT total march time
TOC tactical operations center
TOE table of organization and equipment
TOT time-on-target
TOW tube-launched, optically tracked wire-guided missile
TPL time phase line
TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command
TRI-TAC Tri-Services Tactical
TSA theater storage area
TSDF treatment storage and disposal facilities
TSM target selection matrix
TSOP tactical standing operating procedures
TSS target selection standards
TTP tactics, techniques and procedures
TVA target value analysis
UAV unmanned aerial vehicle
UBL unit basic load
UHF ultrahigh frequency
UK United Kingdom
UMCP unit maintenance collection point
UMT unit ministry team
UNAAF Unified Action Armed Forces
US United States
USAF United States Air Force
USAFAS US Army Field Artillery School
USMC United States Marine Corps
UTM universal transverse mercator
V voice (net)
VE velocity error
VEH vehicle
VFMED variable format message entry device
VHF very high frequency
VT variable time
W wire connection
WAN wide area network
WARNO warning order
WGS-84 World Geodetic System 84 (a map datum)
WLR weapons locating radar
WP white phosphorous
WSM weapon system manager
WSRO weapon system replacement operations
X subscriber
XO executive officer


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