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Historical Vignettes

Rome: A Microcosm of Urban Warfare
Seeing the Urban Area and Its Parts
Identifying Soldiers from Civilians
Information and the Media
Cultural and Religious Instability
Food and Water Shortages
Urban Insurgencies
Crime and Criminal Organizations
Applying the Urban Operational Framework: Panama - December 1989
Example of Simple Communications Innovation: Israel's Six-Day War - 1967
The Operational Context of Urban Operations: Brittany Ports - August to September 1944
Forms of Attack in the Urban Offense: Metz - 1944
Isolating the Urban Area: Hue City - January to February 1968
Creative Task Organization: Using Artillery in the Direct Fire Role
Bold Operational Maneuver to Seize an Urban Area: Inchon and
Seoul, Korea - September 1950
Urban Defense in a Major Operation: Stalingrad - August 1942 to January 1943
Defensive Combat Power: Suez - October 1973
Assessment of Security and Force Protection: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Support of and Coordination with Civilian Authorities: The 1992 Los Angeles Riots
Base Security: Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam - Tet 1968
Combat Stress: Chechnya - 1994 to 1996
Siege of Beirut: An Illustration of the Fundamentals of Urban Operations
Analysis of an Urban Area's Underlying Terrain: Mitrovica, Kosovo
Shifting Civilian Interests and Intent
Operations in Somalia: Applying the Urban Operational Framework to Support and Stability


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