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This manual establishes the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) used by individuals, teams, and units of United States (U.S.) Army and United States Marine Corps (USMC) Civil Affairs (CA) forces, as well as planners of civil-military operations (CMO) at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of operation. The TTP prescribed in this manual are used when engaging other government agencies, indigenous populations and institutions, international organizations, and other nonmilitary entities in support of conventional and special operations (SO) missions. This manual elaborates on doctrine contained in Field Manual (FM) 41-10, Civil Affairs Operations.

The focus of FM 3-05.401 is on "how to" conduct CA operations and CMO at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of operation and at the national, provincial, and local levels of government. The intent is to establish a common foundation for how CA soldiers-regardless of Active Army or Reserve Component (RC) affiliation-apply their skills to accomplish their mission in Service, joint, interagency, and multinational environments.

Using the perspective of the CA planning team, the CA generalist, and the CA functional specialist, FM 3-05.401 illustrates how to identify and conduct CA tasks and activities that are products of mission analysis. This manual also discusses how to prepare for deployment, conduct operations, redeploy, and perform postmission activities.

As with all doctrinal manuals, FM 3-05.401 is authoritative, but not directive. It serves as a guide and does not preclude CA personnel or units from developing their own standing operating procedures (SOPs). The TTP this manual presents should not limit CA soldiers from using their civilian-acquired skills, training, and experience to meet the challenges they will face while conducting CA activities and providing support to CMO.

The USMC has adopted this publication as a nondirective reference publication to supplement existing USMC doctrine on CMO.

The proponent of this manual is the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (USAJFKSWCS). Submit comments and recommended changes to Commander, USAJFKSWCS, ATTN: AOJK-DT-CA, Fort Bragg, NC 28310-5000.

Unless this publication states otherwise, masculine nouns and pronouns do not refer exclusively to men.

This manual does not implement any international standardization agreements (STANAGs).

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