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The glossary lists acronyms and terms with Army or joint definitions, and other selected terms. Where Army and joint definitions are different, (Army) follows the term. Terms for which FM 3-0 is the proponent manual (the authority) are marked with an asterisk (*) and followed by the number of the paragraph () or page where they are defined. For other terms, refer to the manual listed. JP 1-02 and FM 1-02 are posted in the Joint Electronic Library, which is available online and on CD-ROM.

73 Easting a location in Iraq where the 2d ACR engaged the Tawakalna Division during the Gulf War
AADC area air defense commander
AC active component
ACR armored cavalry regiment
ACSA acquisition cross-service agreement
ADADO assistance division air defense officer
ADCON administrative control
ADE assistant division engineer
administrative control JP 1-02
administrative movement JP 1-02
adversary a person or group that is opposed to an Army force mission but is not engaging Army forces in combat operations
*agility 4-58
alliance JP 1-02
allocated forces JP 5-0
ALO air liaison officer
*ambush 7-64
AMC US Army Material Command
AMEDD USArmy Medical Department
amphibious objective area JP 1-02
antiterrorism JP 1-02
AO area of operations
AOR area of responsibility
apportioned forces JP 5-0
*approach march (Army) 7-45
AR Army Regulation
area damage control JP 1-02
*area defense 8-20
area of influence JP 1-02
area of interest JP 1-02
area of operations JP 1-02
area of responsibility JP 1-02
area security FM 1-02
*ARFOR 2-38
ARNG Army National Guard
ARSOF Army special operations forces
ARVN Army of the Republic of Vietnam
ASCC Army service component command
*assessment (Army) 6-90
assigned forces JP 5-0
*attack 7-53
augmentation forces JP 1-02
avenue of approach JP 1-02
base (Army) FM 1-02
base cluster (Army) FM 1-02
base of operations JP 1-02
*battle 2-12
*battle command 5-3
battle drill FM 1-02
*battlefield organization 4-83
battle handover FM 1-02
battle position FM 1-02
battlespace JP 1-02
BG brigadier general
block FM 1-02
BOS battlefield operating systems
*branch 6-17
C2 command and control
campaign JP 1-02
canalize (Army) FM 1-02
CBRNE chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive
CCIR commander's critical information requirements
CD-ROM compact disk, read-only memory
centers of gravity JP 1-02
CIMIC civil-military cooperation (NATO use only)
civil affairs (Army) FM 1-02
CJCS chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJCSI Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction
CJCSM Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual
classes of supply (I-IX) FM 1-02
*close area 4-96
*close combat 4-9
CM consequence management
CMO civil-military operations
CMOC civil-military operations center
COA course of action
coalition JP 1-02
COCOM combatant command (command authority)
combatant command (command authority) JP 1-02
combat health support FM 1-02
combat power JP 1-02
combat service support (Army) FM 1-02
*combat service support reach operations 12-4
combatting terrorism JP 1-02
combat zone JP 1-02
*combined arms 4-102
command JP 1-02
command and control JP 1-02
*commander's critical information requirements 11-39
*commander's intent 5-61
*common operational picture 11-43
communications zone JP 1-02
COMMZ communications zone
component JP 1-02
*concept of operations 6-19
contingency plan (Army) FM 1-02
control measure FM 1-02
CONUS continental United States
coordinating authority JP 1-02
COP common operational picture
counterair JP 1-02
*counterattack (Army) 7-61
counterdrug operations JP 1-02
counterfire JP 1-02
counterguerrilla operations JP 1-02
counterinsurgency JP 1-02
countermobility operations FM 1-02
counterterrorism JP 1-02
coup de main JP 1-02
course of action (Army) FM 1-02
cover (Army) FM 1-02
CS combat support
CSG corps support group (graphics)
CSM command sergeant major
CSS combat service support
CUL common user logistic/logistics
*culminating point 5-38
DA Department of the Army
Dayton Accords the agreements that established the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, signed on 21 November 1995, in Dayton, Ohio
decisive engagement (Army) FM 1-02
*decisive operation 4-84
*decisive point (This definition is being staffed in draft JP 3-0. If accepted, it will become a joint definition.) 5-30
decisive terrain FM 1-02
*deep area 4-98
defeat in detail Defeat in detail is achieved by concentrating overwhelming combat power against separate parts of a force rather than defeating the entire force at once (see FM 3-90).
*defensive operations 1-48
*defensive information operations (Army) page 11-17
delay JP 1-02, see delaying action
*demonstration (Army) 7-66
deployment JP 1-02
*depth 4-61
destroy FM 1-02
deterrence JP 1-02
direct action JP 1-02
*direct approach 5-42
disease and nonbattle injury casualty JP 1-02
disrupt FM 1-02
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DNBI disease and nonbattle injury
DOD Department of Defense
DODD Department of Defense Directive
domestic support operations JP 1-02
DS direct support
DSO domestic support operations
DTLOMS doctrine, training, leader development, organizations, materiel, and soldiers
DTRACS Defense Transportation Reporting and Control System
EA engagement area (graphics)
EEFI essential elements of friendly information
electromagnetic pulse (Army) FM 1-02
employment JP 1-02
*encirclement 7-34
*end state (Army) 5-25
enemy an individual or group engaging Army forces in combat
*engagement 2-12
engagement area FM 1-02
*envelopment (Army) 7-31
eny enemy (graphics)
essential elements of friendly information FM 1-02
EW electronic warfare
executive agent JP 1-02
exploitation JP 1-02
*exterior lines 5-35
facility (Army) a structure or location providing a work environment (This definition is being staffed with draft FM 6-0. If approved, it will become an Army definition.)
FARP forward arming and refueling point
FEBA forward edge of the battle area
*feint (Army) 7-65
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FFIR friendly force information requirements
FHA foreign humanitarian assistance
FID foreign internal defense
firepower JP 1-02
fires JP 1-02
fire support JP 1-02
fire support coordinating measure (Army) FM 1-02
fix (Army) FM 1-02
flexible deterrent option JP 1-02
FLOT forward line of own troops
FM field manual
force projection JP 1-02
*force protection (Army)
(This definition is being staffed in draft JP 3-0. If accepted, it will become a joint definition.)
forces for the "Forces for Unified Commands" memorandum, by which the secretary of defense assigns service forces to combatant commands (see JP 0-2)
*force tailoring 3-27
force tracking JP 1-02
*forcible entry (This definition is being staffed in draft JP 3-18. If accepted, it will become a joint definition.) 3-51
foreign internal defense JP 1-02
forward arming and refueling point FM 1-02
forward boundary FM 1-02
forward edge of the battle area JP 1-02
forward line of own troops (Army) FM 1-02
fragmentary order (Army) FM 1-02
*fratricide 4-27
friendly force information requirements FM 1-02
*frontal attack (Army) 7-40
FSCL fire support coordination line
FSCM fire support coordinating measure
full spectrum operations page 1-4
functional component command JP 1-02
G1 assistant chief of staff, personnel
G2 assistant chief of staff, intelligence
G3 assistant chief of staff, operations
G4 assistant chief of staff, logistics
G5 assistant chief of staff, civil affairs
GCCS global command and control system
GEN general
GS general support
GSR general support reinforcing
hazard JP 1-02
HCA humanitarian and civic assistance
high-payoff target FM 1-02
home station JP 1-02
hostile environment JP 1-02, see operational environment
humanitarian and civic assistance JP 1-02
IFOR NATO Implementation Force (Bosnia)
IG inspector general
IM information management
indications and warning JP 1-02
*indirect approach 5-42
*infiltration (Army) 7-36
information JP 1-02
information environment JP 1-02
*information management 11-28
*information operations (Army) page 11-16
*information superiority (Army) 11-1
*information systems (Army) 11-31
infrastructure JP 1-02
initiative (individual) FM 6-22
*initiative (operational) 4-51
INS Immigration and Naturalization Service
intelligence JP 1-02
intelligence preparation of the battlefield FM 1-02
interagency coordination JP 1-02
interdiction JP 1-02
*interior lines 5-35
*intermediate staging base 3-56
in-transit visibility (Army) FM 1-02
IO information operations
IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield
IPTF International Police Task Force (Bosnia)
IR information requirements
ISB intermediate staging base
ISR intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
ISSA interservice support agreement
JFACC joint force air component commander
JFC joint force commander
JFLCC joint force land component commander
JOA joint operations area
joint force commander JP 1-02
joint logistics over-the-shore JP 1-02, see joint logistics over-the-shore operations
joint operation JP 1-02
joint operations area JP 1-02
joint rear area JP 1-02
joint special operations area JP 1-02
Joint Staff JP 1-02
joint task force JP 1-02
JOPES Joint Operation Planning and Execution System
JP joint publication
JTF joint task force
key terrain JP 1-02
lead agency JP 1-02
leadership FM 1-02
level III FM 1-02, see rear area threat levels
limit of advance FM 1-02
line of communications JP 1-02
*lines of operations 5-33
LOC line of communication
local security FM 1-02
LOGCAP Logistics Civil Augmentation Program
LTG lieutenant general
M-16 an Army assault rifle
M1A1 the main battle tank used by Army forces during the Gulf War
MACA military assistance to civil authorities
MACOM major Army command
MACV Military Assistance Command-Vietnam
*main effort 4-93
*major operation 2-5
maneuver JP 1-02
marshaling area JP 1-02
maritime power projection JP 1-02
M/C/S mobility, countermobility, survivability
*meeting engagement (Army) 7-51
METL mission essential task list
METT-TC mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available, time available, civil considerations (the major factors considered during mission analysis)
military department JP 1-02
mission (Army) FM 1-02
MG major general
MI military intelligence
*mobile defense (Army) 8-16
mobility operations FM 1-02
mobilization JP 1-02
MOOTW military operations other than war
movement control JP 1-02
*movement to contact 7-46
MP military police
MRX mission rehearsal exercise
MTW major theater war
National Command Authorities JP 1-02
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical
NCA National Command Authorities
near real-time JP 1-02
NEO noncombatant evacuation operation
neutralize (Army) FM 1-02
NGO nongovernmental organization
NKPA North Korean People's Army
noncombatant evacuation operations JP 1-02
nongovernmental organization (In FM 3-0, nongovernmental organizations include private voluntary organizations.) JP 1-02
NTC National Training Center
NVA North Vietnamese Army
obj objective (graphic)
*offensive information operations (Army) page 11-17
*offensive operations 1-48
OPCON operational control
operation JP 1-02
*operational approach 5-42
operational art JP 1-02
operational control JP 1-02
*operational fires 4-13
*operational framework 4-69
operational level of war JP 1-02
*operational pause 5-43
*operational picture 11-43
*operational reach 5-41
operation plan JP 1-02
operations security (Army) FM 1-02
OPSEC operations security
order of battle JP 1-02
overwatch FM 1-02
PAO public affairs officer
peace building JP 1-02
peace enforcement operations JP 1-02
peacekeeping JP 1-02
peacemaking JP 1-02
peace operations JP 1-02
*peacetime military engagement 9-5
*penetration (Army) 7-37
PEO peace enforcement operations
permissive environment JP 1-02, see operational environment
*phase 6-13
PIR priority intelligence requirements
PKO peacekeeping operations
*planning 6-3
PME peacetime military engagement
PO peace operations
POD port of debarkation
POLAD political advisor
power projection JP 1-02
*preparation 6-22
preventive diplomacy JP 1-02
priority intelligence requirements JP 1-02
*protection 4-20
PSYOP psychological operations
public affairs JP 1-02
pursuit JP 1-02
R reinforcing
raid JP 1-02
RC reserve components (the Army National Guard and US Army Reserve)
real-time JP1-02
*rear area (Army) 4-99
reconnaissance JP 1-02
reconstitution FM 1-02
redeployment JP 1-02
regeneration FM 1-02
*relevant information 11-32
reorganization FM 1-02
reserve JP 1-02
response force (Army) FM 1-02
retirement JP 1-02
*retrograde (Army) 8-22
*risk management (Army) 6-20
ROE rules of engagement
ROK Republic of Korea
RSO&I reception, staging, onward movement, and integration
rules of engagement JP 1-02
SANG Saudi Arabian National Guard
sea control operations JP 1-02
*search and attack 7-50
security assistance JP 1-02
security operations FM 1-02
*sequel 6-18
service component command JP 1-02
*shaping operations 4-86
show of force JP 1-02
*situational understanding 11-46
SJA staff judge advocate
SMART special medical augmentation response teams
SOF special operations forces
SOP standing operating procedure
*spoiling attack (Army) 7-60
spt support (graphics)
SSC smaller-scale contingency
*stability operations 1-48
staging area JP 1-02
standing operating procedure JP 1-02
Stat. Statutes at Large
*strategy (Army) 2-4
strike JP 1-02
*striking force page 8-5
strong point (Army) FM 1-02
subunified command JP 1-02, see subordinate unified command
*supporting distance page 7-17
*supporting range page 7-17
*support operations 1-48
surveillance JP 1-02
survivability FM 1-02
survivability operations FM 1-02
*sustaining operation 4-90
sustainment JP 1-02
*synchronization 4-65
T-72 a Russian/Soviet-built main battle tank
TACON tactical control
tactical assembly area JP 1-02
tactical combat force JP 1-02
tactical control JP 1-02
*tactical road march 7-45
*tactics (Army) 2-12
*task organization 4-101
*task organizing 4-101
TCF tactical combat force
*tempo 5-54
TEP theater engagement planning/plan
terrain management FM 1-02
terrorism JP 1-02
TF task force
theater JP 1-02
theater of operations JP 1-02
theater of war JP 1-02
throughput JP 1-02
Title 10 responsibilities responsibilities placed on the Army by Title 10, US Code
TPFDD time-phased force and deployment data
TSC theater support command
turn FM 1-02
*turning movement (Army) 7-35
UN United Nations
uncertain environment JP 1-02, see operational enviroment
unconventional warfare JP 1-02
unified action JP 1-02
unified command JP 1-02
*urban operations 6-76
URL uniform resource locator
US United States
USAMEDCOM US Army Medical Command
USC United States Code
USCENTCOM US Central Command
USEUCOM US European Command
USJFCOM US Joint Forces Command
*versatility 4-67
warning order JP 1-02
weapons of mass destruction JP 1-02
withdrawal JP 1-02
WMD weapons of mass destruction


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