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AC Active Component

ADA air defense artillery

ADAM Armywide devices automated management

ADP automatic data processing

ADT active duty training

AG adjutant general

AIT advanced individual training

AMC United States Army Materiel Command

ammo ammunition

AMOPS Army Mobilization and Operations Planning System

AR Army regulation

ARNG Army National Guard

ARPERCEN Army Reserve Personnel Center

ARPRINT Army program for individual training

ARTEP Army training and evaluation program

AS active service

ATP Army training program

AUS Army of the United States


bde brigade

bn battalion

BNCOC basic noncommissioned officer course

BT basic training

btry battery


CA combat arms

CAS3 Combined Arms and Service Staff School

cbt combat

cdr commander

CEWI combat electronic warfare intelligence

CFX command field exercise

CGSC United States Army Command and General Staff College

civ civilian

CMF career management field

co company

con control

CONUS continental United States

CONUSA continental United States Army

CPX command post exercise

CRC CONUS reporting center

CS combat support

CSH combat support hospital

CSS combat service support

CTT common task test


DA Department of the Army

DCSOPS Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans

DCSPER Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel

det detachment

DFE Director of Facility Engineers

DIO Director of Industrial Operations

div division

DOD Department of Defense

DDU direct deploying unit


evac evacuation


FCX fire coordination exercise

FM field manual

FORMDEPS FORSCOM Mobilization and Deployment System

FORSCOM United States Army Forces Command

FTX field training exercise


gp group


hel helicopter

HHC headquarters and headquarters company

HHD headquarters and headquarters detachment

hosp hospital

HQ headquarters

hvy heavy


ICTP individual and collective training plan

IET initial entry training

IMA individual mobilization augmentee

indiv individual

ING inactive National Guard

IRR individual ready reserve

ITEP individual training evaluation program

ITP individual training plan


JSC Joint Chiefs of Staff


KS Kansas


LAD latest arrival date

LFX live-fire exercise


MACOM major Army command

M-day mobilization day

maint maintenance

MAPEX map exercise

mech mechanized

MEPS military entrance processing station

MHD military historical detachment

MI military intelligence

MILES Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System

MILPERCEN United States Army Military Personnel Center

MOB mobilization

MOS military occupational specialty

mov movement

MQS military qualification standards

MTBSP mobilization troop base stationing plan

MTOE modification table of organization and equipment

MTP mission training plan


NCO noncommissioned officer

NCOES Noncommissioned Officer Education System


OAC officer advance course

OBC officer basic course

OCONUS outside continental United States

OCS officer candidate school

off officer

op operation

OSUT one-station-unit-training


PCC precommand course

PCS permanent change of station

petrl petroleum

pkg package

PLDC primary leadership development course

plt platoon

POD port of debarkation

POE port of embarkation

POI program(s) of instruction

POM preparation for overseas movement

PSC personnel service company


RC Reserve Component

RECSTA reception station

ROTC Reserve Officers Training Corps


SM soldiers manual

spt support

sqdn squadron

SQT skill qualification test

SSI specialty skill identifier

STP soldier training publication

STX situational training exercise


TAA total Army analysis

TADM tactical atomic demolition munition

T&EO training and evaluation outline

TARS theater army replacement system

TASC training and audiovisual support center

TASO training and audiovisual support officer

TBOR training base output requirement

TC training center; training circular

TD training drill

TDA tables of distribution and allowance

TDY temporary duty

TEC Training Extension Course

TEWT tactical exercise without troops

TG trainers guide

tm team

tml terminal

TMOPS TRADOC Mobilization and Operations Planning System

tng training

TOE table(s) of organization and equipment

TRADOC United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

trans transportation

trf transfer

trk truck


UPT unit proficiency training

USAR United States Army Reserve

USAREUR United States Army, Europe

USATSC United States Army Training Support Center

USMA United States Military Academy


VA Virginia

vol volume


WO warrant officer

wpn weapon


collective training
Training to prepare cohesive teams and units to accomplish the mission of their combined arms and services on the integrated battlefield.
commander's evaluation
Commanders and the chain of command select common and MOS-specific tasks which support the unit mission and evaluate the performance of soldiers using evaluation guides in soldiers manuals. Evaluation may be done in conjunction with individual and collective training (before, during, and after) or it may be done to sample training status.
command field exercise
A field training exercise with reduced troop and vehicle density, but with full command and control and CSS elements. It involves the commander, staff, communications within and between headquarters, and key elements of participating units.
common task test
A hands-on test used to evaluate proficiency on critical common tasks specified in the Soldier's Manual of Common Task. Alternate written tests are provided if equipment required for hands-on testing is not available.
crew drill
This relates to the operation of a piece of TOE equipment by more than one soldier, especially the operation of a crew-served weapon. Crew drills are practiced until a high level of proficiency and speed is achieved.
critical task
A task which is essential for accomplishment of the unit mission, successful individual skill performance, and/or survival in battle. It requires training and evaluation.
The systematic training of the soldier on tasks related to another job within the same MOS or tasks related to a secondary MOS within the same skill level.
direct deploying units
RC units that deploy directly from home station to an overseas theater of operations.
field training exercise
An exercise conducted in the field under simulated combat conditions.
fire coordination exercise
A scaled down live-fire exercise wherein entire command and control systems are fielded with nominal weapon systems.
individual training evaluation program
The program provides the diagnostic tools needed to evaluate soldier proficiency in performing soldiers manual tasks. The ITEP is administered in accordance with AR 350-37. It includes SQT, CTT, and commander's evaluation.
institutional training
Training conducted in schools (Army service school, USAR school, NCO academy) or Army training centers. Institutions which conduct this training are part of the training base.
integration training
The completion of IET in Skill Level 1 tasks for an individual newly arrived in a unit, but limited specifically to tasks associated with the mission, organization, and equipment of the unit to which the individual is assigned. It may be conducted by the unit using training materials supplied by TRADOC, by troop schools, or by in-service or contract mobile training teams. In all cases, this training is supported by the TRADOC school proponent.
live-fire exercise
An exercise designed to allow a team and/or unit to engage targets with its organic weapons and support.
The day the Secretary of Defense directs a mobilization (partial, full, or total) based on the decision by the President, or Congress, or both. All mobilization planning (for example, alert, movement, transportation, and deployment or employment) is based on this date. (AMOPS, Volume I, Annex B.)
merger training
Training that prepares an NCO to supervise one or more different MOSs at lower skill levels when the soldier advances in skill level in his career management field.
military qualification standards
The framework of the officer education and training program which provides officer candidates, cadets, lieutenants, and captains with career development goals in the attainment of military skills and professional military knowledge.
mobilization programs of instruction
That portion of a program of instruction that establishes the content and training support requirements for individual training during MOB POI document describes peacetime and mobilization requirements, with the major difference being integration training in the unit environment.
multiechelon training
A technique whereby training is simultaneously accomplished at more than one echelon. The tasks trained are individual, collective, or both, and are not necessarily related. For example, soldiers may receive individual training on soldiers manual tasks from NCOs at the squad, crew, or team level, while other NCOs and officers sharpen leader skills in a CPX.
reclassification training
Training that qualifies a soldier in a new MOS.
A representation of a portion of a system, the operation of the system, the environment in which the system operates and in which command and staff are trained to perform wartime functions.
The generic term for systems-specific devices that train individuals or crews in system use and maintenance.
soldiers manual
A soldier training publication listing the critical tasks for each skill level of an MOS and common skills. It provides the performance steps, the conditions under which the task is performed, and the standards which must be met. All tasks in the SQT are in the soldiers manual.
skill evaluation evaluation test
A performance-oriented written test used to evaluate soldier MOS and skill level proficiency in performing soldiers manual tasks. Results provide a source of objective information for the commander on soldier strengths and weaknesses for training management decisions.
soldier training publication
Replaces field manuals as the publication medium for soldiers manuals, trainers guides, and job books.
standardization program
A program that contains those operational, tactical, logistical, administrative, and training tasks, drills, and procedures performed in a single prescribed manner throughout the total Army.
sustainment training
The provision of instruction for practice to ensure that individual or collective task proficiency is maintained at a required level. The frequency will vary with individual and collective tasks; the role, location, and personnel to fill the unit; and the desires of the commander.
trainers guide (formerly commander's manual)
The trainers guide section of the soldiers manual/trainers guide gives commanders and trainers information needed to plan individual training in units for soldiers in a specific MOS. It includes an MOS training plan, a reproducible hands-on evaluation form, and in some cases, a field-expedient squad book.
train-up training
The process of increasing the skills and knowledge of an individual to a higher skill level in an MOS. It may involve certification.
transition training
Unit training that is responsive to changes in equipment, doctrine or organization. It has three parts: training of individuals assigned to the unit prior to the change; training of individuals assigned to the unit after the change and without prior experience; and embedding in the unit's training program the sustainment training of required individual and collective skills.
unit training
Training (individual, collective, and joint or combined) conducted in a unit.

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