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Mobilization Unit Production Times


The postmobilization training concept is to use an intensified, accelerated program to produce TOE units in the shortest possible time. A training concept for divisional and nondivisional units to be activated during full mobilization will have been prepared. This concept identifies the mode and level of training, training guidelines, and time allotted for activating, organizing, training, and preparing for overseas deployment. Because of the intensified nature of post-mobilization training, unit training programs must follow a multiechelon concept. Unit training within each echelon progresses as rapidly as tasks are done.


The computation of production times is necessary to determine the need for additional facilities following the station loads of total mobilization. TOE unit production times are essential for time-phasing the use of currently available facilities. These production times assume that training will be conducted at a minimum of six days per week, ten hours per day.

Two weeks is the most frequent time projected for activation and organization with an additional week for preparation for overseas movement (POM) of battalion-size combat and CS type units. See the following chart for projected unit production times in weeks of training for different types of units. Unit training has been subdivided into training drills and unit proficiency training. The training drills consist of team, section, squad, and platoon training. The unit proficiency training consists of company, battalion and combined arms training, and FTXs.

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