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AAFCE Allied Air Forces, Central Europe

AAR after-action review

AC Active Component

ACC area coordination center

ACCB air cavalry combat brigade

ACE Allied Command, Europe

ACR armored cavalry regiment

ADA air defense artillery

ADM atomic demolition munition

ADP automatic data processing

AFCENT Allied Forces, Central Europe

AFNORTH Allied Forces, Northern Europe

AFSOUTH Allied Forces, Southern Europe

AG adjutant general

AH attack helicopter

ALO air liaison officer

AMEDD Army Medical Department

APC armored personnel carrier

AR Army regulation

ARTBASS Army Training Battle Simulation System

ARTEP Army Training and Evaluation Program

ASA aviation support activity

ASIC all-source intelligence center

ASOC air support operations center

ATGM antitank guided missile

ATLAS A Tactical, Logistical, and Air Simulation

AVKP armored vehicle kill probability

AVLB armored vehicle launched bridge



BAI battlefield air interdiction

BC battalion through corps

BCC battery control center

BDA bomb damage assessment

bde brigade

BE Belgium

BMNT before morning nautical twilight

bn battalion

BR Britain



C confidential

CA combat arms

CAA combined arms army

cal caliber

CAMMS Computer-Assisted Map Maneuver Simulation

CAS close air support

CATTS Combined Arms Tactical Training Simulator

CBR chemical, biological, and radiological

CBU cluster bomb unit

CC company commander

CENTAG Central Army Group, Central Europe

CEV combat engineer vehicle

CEWI combat electronic warfare intelligence

CFX combined field exercise

cal caliber

C/F command/fire

CI counterintelligence

CINCUSAREUR commander in chief, United States Army Europe

cml chemical

CMO civil-military operations

co company

COL colonel

COMMZ communications zone

CONUS continental United States

COSCOM corps support command

CP command post

CPT captain

CPX command post exercise

CS combat support

CSH combat support hospital

ctg cartridge

CSS combat service support

CTX combined training exercise

C/V Chaparral/Vulcan



DA Department of the Army

DACCS Department of the Army Command and Control System

DAME division airspace management element

DD Department of Defense

DEPEX deployment exercise

DISCO division support command

div division

DIVARTY division artillery

DMMC division materiel management center

DS direct support

DST director station trailer

DTG date-time group



E exercise (STARTEX)

EAC echelons above corps

ECC exercise control center

ECM electronic countermeasures

EDRE emergency deployment readiness exercise

EEI essential elements of information

ENCOM Engineer Command

ENDEX end of the exercise

EPW enemy prisoner of war

E/TA electronic target acquisition

ESM electronic warfare support measures

EUCOM European Command

EW electronic warfare



FA field artillery

FAAR forward area altering area

FAC forward air controller

FARP forward arming and refueling point

FASCO forward area support coordinator

FCX fire coordination exercise

FDC fire direction center

FEBA forward edge of the battle area

1SG first sergeant

FIST fire support team

FM frequency modulated

FO forward observor

FORSCOM US Army Forces Command

FPF final protective fire

FR France

FRAGO fragmentary order

FS fire support

FSC fire support coordinator

FSE fire support element

FSO fire support officer

FSS fire support section

FTX field training exercise



G1 assistant chief of staff, G1 personnel

G2 assistant chief of staff, G2 intelligence

G3 assistant chief of staff, G3 operations and plans

G4 assistant chief of staff, G4 logistics

G5 assistant chief of staff, G5 civil affairs

GBU guided bomb unit

GDR German Democratic Republic (East Germany)

GE Germany, Federal Republic of (West Germany)

GLLD ground laser locator dectector

GP general purpose

GS general support

GT gun-target

GTA graphic training aid



HAWK homing-all-the-way killer

HC high concentrate

HE high explosive

HELLFIRE Heliborne Laser Fire-and-Forget Missile System

HQ headquarters

HTF how-to-fight



ID identification

IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield

IPR in-process review



JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

JTX joint training exercise

JVB joint visitor's bureau



KIA killed in action

KT kiloton



LAW light antitank weapon

lb pound

LC line of contact

LD line of departure

LFX live-fire exercise

LOC lines of communication

LOI letter of instruction

LT lieutenant

LTC lieutenant colonel



m meter

MAB mobile assault bridge

MAC maneuver area command

MACE Military Air Cargo Export System

MAJ major

MAPEX map exercise

MBA main battle area

MCC movement control center

MEDCEN medical center

MEDCOM Medical Command

MEDDAC medical activity

MEMO mission essential maintenance only

MEDMOD Medical Module

METT mission, enemy, terrain, and troops available

MI military intelligence

MILES Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System

MLB metallic link belt

mm millimeter

MMC materiel management center

MOPP mission-oriented protection posture

MOS military occupational specialty

MOUT military operations on urbanized terrain

MP military police

MRL multiple rocket launcher

MSG master sergeant

MSR main supply route

MST maintenance support team

MTC maneuver training command

MTOE modification table of organization and equipment



NA not applicable

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC nuclear, biological, chemical

NCO noncommissioned officer

NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge

NL Netherlands

NOE nap-of-the-earth

NORTHAG Northern Army Group, Central Europe

NTC National Training Center



OB order of battle

O/O on order

OH observation helicopter

O/I operations/intelligence

OIC officer in charge

OP observation post

OPCOM operational command

OPFOR opposing force

OPLAN operation plan

OPORD operation order

OPSEC operations security



P&A personnel and administration

pam pamphlet

PL phase line

PAC personnel and administration center

PAO public affairs officer

PDF point detonating fuze

PERSCOM Personnel Command

PFC private first class

POMCUS pre-positioning of materiel configured to unit sets

PSYOP psychological operations

PW prisoner of war

PWRM pre-positioned war reserve materiel



RACO rear area combat operations

RATELO radio telephone operator

RC Reserve Component

REALTRAIN realistic training

REFORGER redeployment of forces to Germany

RG Reserve Guard



S secret

S&T supply and transportation

S1 adjutant

S2 intelligence officer

S3 operations and training officer

S4 logistics officer

S5 civil affairs officer

SACEUR supreme allied commander, Europe

SAM surface-to-air missile

SFC sergeant first class

SGT sergeant

SASP special ammunition supply point

SHORAD short-range air defense

SIDPERS Standard Installation Division Personnel System

SITREP situation report

SJA staff judge advocate

SOP standing operating procedure

SP self-propelled

SP4 specialist 4

SQT skill qualification test

SSG staff sergeant

SSI specialty skill identifier

SSN social security number

SSO special security officer

STANAG standarization agreement

STARTEX start of the exercise

STRAC Standards in Training Commission

STX situational training exercise



t ton

T&E training and evaluation

T&EO training and evaluation outline

TA theater army

TAACOM theater army area command

TAB target acquisition battery

TACC tactical air control center

TACP tactical air control party

TACSIM tactical simulation

TADS Target Alerting Data Display Set

TASC training and audiovisual support center

TC training circular

TD tactical deception

TDA tables of distribution and allowance

TES tactical engagement simulation

TEWT tactical exercise without troops

TF task force

TNT trinitrotoluene (dynamite)

TOC tactical operations center

TOE table(s) of organization and equipment

TOT time over target

TOW tube-launched, optically-tracked, wire-guided missile

TPT target practice tracer

TRAC training resource assistance center

TRANSCOM Transporation Command

TSOP tactical standing operating procedure



U unclassified

US United States

UK United Kingdom

USACAC US Army Combined Arms Center

USAF US Air Force

USAREUR US Army, Europe

USATSC US Army Training Support Command

USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics



VA Virginia

VB visitor's bureau

vs versus



WIA wounded in action

WO warrant officer

WP white phosphorus



XO executive officer

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