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AA assembly area

AAR after action review

AC Active Component

acq acquisition

Active Component that portion of the US Army in which organizations are comprised of personnel on full-time duty in active military service of the United States.

active duty training a tour of duty for training Reserve Component soldiers. The soldier must be under orders to return to nonactive duty status when the ADT period is completed.

AD air defense

ADA air defense artillery

ADC area damage control

after action review a method of providing feedback to units by involving participants in the training diagnostic process in order to increase and reinforce learning. The AAR leader guides participants in identifying deficiencies and seeking solutions.

air defense battlefield operating system all measures designed to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of attack by hostile aircraft or missiles after they are airborne.

A/L administrative and logistics

ALICE all purpose, lightweight individual carrying equipment

ALO air liaison officer

AMTP Army mission training plan

ANCOC Advanced NCO Course

annual training the minimal period of annual active duty training a member performs to satisfy the annual training requirements associated with a Reserve Component assignment. It may be performed during one consecutive period or in increments of one or more days, depending upon mission requirements.

ap antipersonnel

APFT Army Physical Fitness Test

APOE aerial port of embarkation

AR Army regulation

ar armor

ARCOM Army Reserve Command

Army regulation Army publications that establish policies and responsibilities and prescribe the administrative procedures necessary to implement policies. They do not contain historical information; they are permanent publications and remain in effect until changed, replaced, or rescinded.

ARNG Army National Guard

ARTBASS Army Training Battle Simulation System

ARTEP Army Training and Evaluation Program

ASI additional skill identifier

aslt assault

assessment an analysis of the effectiveness of a unit, activity, or force.

asst assistant; assistance

AT annual training

at antitank

ATGM antitank guided missile

atk attack

ATLS advanced trauma life support

ATP ammunition transfer point

AVIM aviation intermediate maintenance

AVLB armored vehicle launched bridge

avn aviation

AXP ambulance exchange point

az azimuth

BAS battalion aid station

BASD basic active service date

battle book a graphic portrayal of how to accomplish the force's wartime mission.

battlefield operating systems the major functions occurring on the battlefield and performed by the force to successfully execute operations. The seven systems are: (1) intelligence, (2) maneuver, (3) fire support, (4) mobility, countermobility, survivability, (5) air defense, (6) combat service support, and (7) command and control. Nuclear, biological, and chemical must be integrated throughout each of the BOS.

battle focus the process of deriving peacetime training requirements from wartime missions.

battle roster a listing of individuals, crews, or elements that reflects capabilities, proficiencies of critical tasks, and other information concerning war fighting abilities.

battle staff the organic battalion primary and special staff, plus task-organized slice (CS and CSS) unit leaders.

battle task a task which must be accomplished by a subordinate organization if the next higher headquarters is to accomplish a mission essential task. Battle tasks are selected by the senior commander from the subordinate organization's METL.

BBS brigade battalion simulation

BCOC base cluster operations center

BCPC Bradley crew proficiency course

bde brigade

BFV Bradley fighting vehicle

BGST Bradley gunners' skills test

BII basic issue item

BMNT beginning (of) morning nautical twilight

bn battalion

BNCOC Basic NCO Course

BOS battlefield operating systems

BP battle position

BSA brigade support area

BSEP basic skills education program

BSX battle simulation exercise

BT Bradley table

btl battle

btry battery

C2 command and control

C3 command, control, and communications

CALFEX combined arms live fire exercise

CAPSTONE program that aligns AC and RC units to meet the total Army's wartime requirements. The alignments are tailored specifically to each war plan. This allows for detailed theater planning and provides the basis for commanders to enter cohesive planning and training association with their designated wartime commands. It also is the basis of allocation of resources by the peacetime chain of command to meet wartime training requirements.

CAS close air support

cav cavalry

CBS corps battle simulation, previously known as JESS

cbt combat

cdr commander

CEOI communications-electronic operating instructions

CEP commander's evaluation program

CEV combat engineer vehicle

CEWI combat electronic warfare and intelligence

CFX command field exercise

CG commanding general

chem chemical

CHOT comprehensive hands on test

CIP command inspection program

CLS combat lifesaver

cmd command

CMF career management field

co company

COFT conduct-of-fire trainer

combat service support battlefield operating system the support and assistance provided to sustain forces, primarily in the fields of logistics, personnel services, and health services.

Combat Training Center Program an Army program established to provide realistic joint service and combined arms training in accordance with Army doctrine. It is designed to provide training units opportunities to increase collective proficiency on the most realistic battlefield available during peacetime. The four components of the CTC Program are: (1) the National Training Center, (2) the Combat Maneuver Training Center, (3) the Joint Readiness Training Center, (4) the Battle Command Training Program.

combined arms live fire exercise high-cost resource-intensive exercises in which player units move or maneuver and employ organic and supporting weapons systems using full service ammunition with attendant integration of all combat, CS, and CSS functions.

combined arms and services training collective training which is jointly conducted by associated combat arms, combat support, and combat service support units.

combined training exercise a training exercise that is conducted by military forces of more than one nation.

COMEX communications exercise

command field exercise a field training exercise with reduced troop and vehicle density, but with full command and control and CSS units.

command post exercise a medium-cost, medium overhead exercise in which the forces are simulated that may be conducted from garrison locations or between participating headquarters.

command training guidance the long-range planning document published by division and brigades (or equivalents) in the AC and RC to prescribe future training and related activities.

comp competition

COMSEC communications security

concurrent training scheduled training designed to train groups of soldiers simultaneously on different tasks. These tasks may or may not be related. For example, a leader may subdivide the unit at a rifle range into firing orders. Soldiers who are not firing may train on preliminary marksmanship instruction, target detection, soldier decontamination procedures, or map reading.

cons consolidate

CONUSA the numbered armies in the continental United States

COSCOM corps support command

CP command post

CPOG chemical protective overgarment

CPR cardiovascular pulmonary resuscitation

CPT captain

CPX command post exercise

CS combat support

CSC Command and Staff College

CSM command sergeant major

CSS combat service support

CTA common table of allowances

CTC combat training center

CTG command training guidance

CTT common task training

CTX combined training exercise

DA Department of the Army

decon decontamination

def defend; defense

deployment exercise (DEPEX) an exercise which provides training for soldiers, units, and support agencies in the tasks and procedures for deploying from home stations or installations to potential areas of hostilities.

det determine

dev development

DISCOM division support command

dismt dismounted

div division

DIVARTY division artillery

doctrine fundamental principles by which military forces guide their actions in support of objectives. It is authoritative, but requires judgment in application.

DOR date of rank

DS direct support

EAP emergency action procedures

ECCM electronic counter-countermeasures

ECM electronic countermeasures

EDRE emergency deployment readiness exercise

EENT end (of) evening nautical twilight

EFMB Expert Field Medic Badge

EIB Expert Infantry Badge

electronic counter-countermeasures that division of electronic warfare involving actions taken to ensure friendly effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum despite the enemy's use of electronic warfare.

electronic warfare military action involving the use of electromagnetic energy to determine, exploit, reduce, or prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum.

ENDEX end of exercise

engr engineer

EPW enemy prisoner of war

ERB enlisted record brief

ETM extension training materiel

ETS expiration term of service

evac evacuate; evacuation

eval evaluate; evaluator

EW electronic warfare

EWOC electronic warfare operations course

EXEVAL external evaluation

1SG first sergeant

FA field artillery

FCX fire coordination exercise

FDC fire direction center

FEBA forward edge of the battle area

field training exercise high-cost, high-overhead exercise conducted under simulated combat conditions in the field. It exercises command and control of all echelons in battle functions against actual or simulated opposing forces.

fire coordination exercise a medium-cost, reduced-scale exercise that can be conducted at platoon, company team, or battalion task force level. It exercises command and control skills through the integration of all organic weapon systems, as well as indirect and supporting fires. Weapon densities may be reduced for participating units, and subcaliber devices substituted for service ammunition.

fire support battlefield operating system the collective and coordinated use of target acquisition data, indirect fire weapons, armed aircraft (less attack helicopters), and other lethal and nonlethal means against ground targets in support of maneuver force operations.

FIST fire support team

FM field manual

FO forward observer

force integration the process of incorporating new doctrine, equipment, and force structure into an organization while simultaneously sustaining the highest possible levels of combat readiness.

FORSCOM US Army Forces Command

FPW firing port weapon

FRAGO fragmentary order

FSB forward support battalion

FSO fire support officer

FSOP field standing operating procedures

FTX field training exercise

FY fiscal year

GDP general defense plan

goal an achievement toward which effort is directed.

GOCOM US Army Reserve General Officer Command

GPS gunner's primary sight

grp group

GRREG graves registration

GSR ground surveillance radar

GTA graphic training aid hel helicopter

HEMTT heavy expanded mobility tactical truck

HET heavy equipment transporter

HHC headquarters and headquarters company

HHD headquarters and headquarters detachment

HIV human immunodeficiency virus

how howitzer

hq headquarters

hr hour

ht height

hvy heavy

IAW in accordance with

IBBS interim brigade battalion simulation

ID identification

IDT inactive duty training

IET initial entry training

IG inspector general

inactive duty training authorized training performed by an RC member not on active duty or active duty for training, and consisting of regularly scheduled unit training assemblies, additional training assemblies, or equivalent training periods.

indiv individual

inf infantry

insp inspection

int intelligence

intelligence battlefield operating system the collection of functions that generate knowledge of the enemy, weather, and geographical features required by a commander in planning and conducting combat operations.

INTSUM intelligence summary

IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield

ITEP Individual Training and Evaluation Program

ITL individual task list

Janus an event-driven simulation that models fighting systems as entities (such as tank, helicopter) used to train platoon through brigade.

JESS joint exercise support system

JTX joint training exercise

lane training a technique for training company/team-level and smaller units on a series of selected soldier, leader, and collective tasks (STXs) using specific terrain.

LBE load bearing equipment

LCX logistical coordination exercise

ldr leader

leader book a leader tool maintained at crew level and above for recording and tracking soldier proficiency on mission-oriented tasks.

LET launch effects trainer

LFX live fire exercise

logistics exercise (LOGEX) an exercise which concentrates on training tasks associated with the combat service support battlefield operating system.

LOGPAC logistical package

LOI letter of instruction

LP listening post

LT lieutenant

LTA local training area

MACOM major Army command

main battle area that portion of the battlefield extending rearward from the forward edge of the battle area and in which the decisive battle is fought to defeat the enemy.

maint maintenance

mand mandatory

maneuver battlefield operating system the employment of forces on the battlefield through movement and direct fires, in combination with fire support, to achieve a position of advantage in respect to enemy ground forces in order to accomplish the mission.

map exercise (MAPEX) low-cost, low-overhead training exercise that portrays military situations on maps and overlays that may be supplemented with terrain models and sand tables. It enables commanders to train their staffs in performing essential integrating and control functions under simulated wartime conditions.

MASCAL mass casualty

MBA main battle area

MCOFT mobile conduct-of-fire trainer

mech mechanized

med medium

MEDEVAC medical evacuation

mem member

METL mission essential task list

METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available

MG major general

mg machine gun

MI military intelligence

mil military

MILES Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System

mission the primary task assigned to an individual, unit, or force. It usually contains the elements of who, what, when, where, and the reasons therefore, but seldom specifies how.

mission essential task a collective task in which an organization must be proficient to accomplish an appropriate portion of its wartime mission(s).

mission essential task list a compilation of collective mission essential tasks which must be successfully performed if an organization is to accomplish its wartime mission.

mission training plan descriptive training document which provides units a clear description of what and how to train to achieve wartime mission proficiency. MTPs elaborate on wartime missions in terms of comprehensive training and evaluation outlines. They provide exercise concepts and related training management aids to assist field commanders in the planning and execution of effective unit training.

MKT mobile kitchen trailer

MLRS multiple launch rocket system

mm millimeter

MMC materiel management center

MMT miniature moving target

mo month(s)

mob mobilization

MOBEX mobilization exercise

mobility, countermobility, and survivability (M/CM/S) battlefield operating system the capability of the force permitting freedom of movement relative to the enemy while retaining the ability to fulfill its primary mission. The mobility, countermobility, and survivability BOS also include those measures that the force takes to remain viable and functional by protection from the effects of enemy weapons systems and natural occurrences.

MOI memorandum of instruction

MOPP mission-oriented protection posture

mort mortar

MOS military occupational specialty

mov movement

MP military police

MQS military qualification standards

MRA maneuver rights area

MRB motorized rifle battalion

MRC motorized rifle company

MRE meals ready to eat

MRR motorized rifle regiment

MSB main support battalion

MSE mobile subscriber equipment

MSG master sergeant

MST maintenance support team

mt mounted

MTA major training area

MTEP mission training evaluation plan

mtg meeting

MTOE modification table of organization and equipment

MTP mission training plan

multiechelon training the simultaneous conduct of different exercises by a unit, or the training of different tasks by elements of the unit. Multiechelon training occurs whenever collective training is being conducted. Any time training above soldier level is going on, multiechelon training is being done.

multiple unit training assembly a training assembly that consists of more than one 4-hour session. For example, a MUTA-4 consists of at least 8 hours training on Saturday and Sunday, for a total of 16 or more hours of training.

MUSARC Major United States Army Reserve Command

MUTA multiple unit training assembly

NA not applicable

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC nuclear, biological, chemical

NCO noncommissioned officer

NCOES Noncommissioned Officer Education System

NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge

NET new equipment training

NLT not later than

NMC nonmission capable

NOD night observation device

NSI nuclear surety inspection

NWTI nuclear weapon technical inspection

OAC Officer Advanced Course

OBC Officer Basic Course

objectives concrete, measurable steps, or milestones, usually taken in sequence to achieve a goal.

observer-controller (OC) an individual tasked to evaluate training, and provide administrative control and constructive feedback to participants during a training exercise.

ODTS optical discrimination and tracking system

off offense

OJT on-the-job training

OP observation post

op operation; operator

operating tempo the annual operating miles or hours for the major equipment system in a battalion-level or equivalent organization.

OPTEMPO is used by commanders to forecast and allocate funds for fuel and repair parts for training events and programs.

OPFOR opposing force

OPLAN operations plan

OPORD operations order

opportunity training training conducted by section, squad, team, or crew-level leaders which is preselected, planned, and rehearsed, but not executed until unexpected training time becomes available; for example, when waiting for transportation, or completing scheduled training early, or when a break occurs in a training exercise.

OPSEC operations security

OPTEMPO operating tempo

ORB officer record brief

organizational assessment a process used by Army senior leaders to analyze and correlate evaluations or various functional systems, such as training, logistics, personnel, and force integration, to determine an organization's capability to accomplish its wartime mission.

ORP objective rally point

"P" needs practice

pam pamphlet

pc personnel carrier

PCS permanent change of station

performance-oriented training training that involves learning by doing. Performance to standard is required.

performance test performance of a task under test conditions that is evaluated on a go/no-go basis using stated standards. Performance tests are based on the training objective.

PEWS platoon early warning system

PFC private first class

PGE preliminary gunners examination

pkg package

PLDC Primary Leader Development Course

plt platoon

PMCS preventive maintenance checks and services

PMOS primary military occupational specialty

POM preparation for oversea movement

pos position

precombat checks detailed final checks that all units conduct before and during combat operations.

pre-execution checks the informal planning and detailed coordination conducted during preparation for training.

prerequisite training skills or knowledge that individuals must have before beginning to learn a task.

preventive maintenance checks and services prescribed maintenance procedures found in an operator-level, item-specific technical manual (TM-10), and performed by the operator before, during, and after operating a piece of equipment.

PSG platoon sergeant

PT physical training

PULHES physical profile serial code (numerical)

PVT private

PW prisoner of war

QTB quarterly training briefing

QTC quarterly training calendar

qtr quarter

qtrly quarterly

qual qualification

quarterly training briefing a conference conducted by AC division commanders to approve the short-range plans of battalion commanders.

quarterly training guidance (QTG) an AC training management document published at each level from battalion to division that addresses a three-month planning period. The QTG adjusts, as required, and further develops the training guidance contained in long-range plans, to include specific training objectives for each major training event.

RC Reserve Components

rd road

REC radioelectronic combat

REFORGER return of force to Germany

refresher training training conducted to train again a task with soldiers or units who have previously been proficient but require a reorientation to a task, to include a walkthrough. Refresher training is conducted prior to sustainment training.

regt regiment

reorg reorganize

reqmt requirement

res resuscitation

Reserve Components individuals and units assigned to the Army National Guard or the US Army Reserve who are not in active service but are subject to call to active duty.

reverse cycle training training which reverses the normal duty day so that training takes place during periods of reduced or limited visibility.

RG readiness group

ROE rules of engagement

ROTC Reserve Officers' Training Corps

RSOP readiness standing operating procedures

S1 adjutant

S2 intelligence officer

S3 operations officer

S4 supply officer

saf safety

SATS Standard Army Training System

SAW squad automatic weapon

sec section

sep separate

SFC sergeant first class

SGT sergeant

sig signal

SIMNET simulations networking

situational training exercise a mission-related, limited exercise designed to train one collective task, or a group of related tasks or drills, through practice.

SKAs skills, knowledge, and attitudes

SL skill level

slice a term used to describe a grouping of combat arms, combat support, and combat service support units which are task-organized for wartime missions or are habitually associated for peacetime training.

SM soldier's manual

SMOS secondary military occupational specialty

SOF special operating forces

SOI signal operation instructions

SOP standing operating procedure

SPC specialist

SPOE seaport of embarkation

spt support

sqd squad

sqdn squadron

S&S supply and service

SSG staff sergeant

SSN social security number

Standard Army Training System database software that integrates the automation of unit METLs, the commander's assessment of proficiency, AMTPs, and training management administration.

stand-to a full alert posture normally assumed from 30 minutes before until 30 minutes after BMNT and EENT. All soldiers are in their fighting positions or vehicles and ready for combat operations.

STARC state area command

STARTEX start of exercise

STP soldier training publication

STX situational training exercise

sustainment training training required to maintain the minimum acceptable level of proficiency or capability required to accomplish a training objective.

SWOT Senior Warrant Officer Training

"T" trained

TAB target acquisition battery

tac tactical

tactical exercise without troops a low-cost, low-overhead exercise conducted in the field on actual terrain suitable for training units for specific missions. It is used to train subordinate leaders and battle staffs on terrain analysis and unit and weapons emplacement. It also trains on planning the execution of the unit mission.

TADSS training aids, devices, simulators, and simulations

TAG The Adjutant General

TASC Training and Audiovisual Support Center

TASC catalogs training aids, films, and devices available in TASC system.

task a clearly defined and measurable activity accomplished by soldiers and units. Tasks are specific activities which contribute to the accomplishment of encompassing missions or other requirements.

TAV technical assistance visit

TC training circular; tank commander

TCF tactical combat forces

TCGST tank crew gunnery skill test

TCPC tank crew proficiency course

TDA tables of distribution and allowances

tech technical

technical bulletins technical information on weapons, equipment, and professional techniques.

T&EO training and evaluation outline

TEWT tactical exercise without troops

TF task force

tgt target

threat doctrine tactical and strategic doctrine of enemy forces.

tm team

TMT transportation motor transport

tng training

TO training objective

TOC tactical operation center

TOE table(s) of organization and equipment

TOW tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided

TRADOC US Army Training and Doctrine Command

training the instruction of personnel to individually and collectively increase their capacity to perform specific military functions and tasks.

Training and Audiovisual Support Center an organization that maintains and provides TADSS.

training and evaluation outline a summary document prepared for each training activity that provides information on collective training objectives, related individual training objectives, resource requirements, and applicable evaluation procedures.

training management the process used by Army leaders to identify training requirements and subsequently plan, resource, execute, and evaluate training.

training meeting a periodic meeting conducted by platoon, company, and battalion key leaders to review past training, plan and prepare future training, and exchange timely training information between participants.

training objective a statement that describes the desired outcome of a training activity. A training objective consists of the following three parts: (1) Task. A clearly defined and measurable activity accomplished by individuals or organizations. (2) Condition(s). The circumstances and environment in which a task is to be performed. (3) Standard. The minimum acceptable proficiency required in the performance of a particular training task.

training requirements the difference between demonstrated and desired levels of proficiency for mission essential or battle tasks.

training resources those resources (human, physical, financial, and time) used to support training. They may be controlled by an organization or externally controlled by a headquarters that allocates their use to units as required.

training schedule a document prepared at company level that specifies the who, what, when, and where of training to be conducted by the unit.

training strategy the method used to attain desired levels of training proficiency on mission essential tasks.

TRP target reference point

trp troop

TSFO tactical simulations forward observer

TSOP tactical standing operating procedure

TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures

TVI technical validation inspection

"U" untrained

UCOFT unit conduct-of-fire trainer

unit training assembly an authorized and scheduled period of unit inactive duty training at least four hours in length.

USAR US Army Reserve

UTA unit training assembly

VGT viewgraph transparency

vis visual

VISMOD visual modification

weaponeer a mobile, automated, reduced-scale individual marksmanship trainer contained in a modified cargo van.

wpn weapon

wt weight

XO executive officer

yearly training briefing (YTB) a conference conducted by RC division commanders to approve the short-range plans of battalion commanders.

yearly training guidance (YTG) an RC training management document published at each level from battalion to division that addresses a one-year planning period. The YTG adjusts, as required, and further develops the training guidance contained in long-range plans, to include specific training objectives for each major training event.

YTC yearly training calendar

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