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Planning Example

B-1. Example Network

This appendix consists of a network plan (Figure B-l), a communications configuration diagram (Figure B-2), and completed worksheets for a single area node number 10 in an example network. The example network shown in this appendix is designed to illustrate the features of a tactical switched network using the Circuit Switch AN/TTC-39 as its basis. Planning and data entry worksheets are critical to the planning functions described in this manual and are used here to show the process of planning and developing a network.

B-2. Scenario

The network for which the planning is done is that for a theater of operations in which the Army is the predominant service. However, other services and NATO allies are represented. There are three corps headquarters which make up the tactical Army forces. The network consists of a number of area nodes, command nodes, and extension nodes with extension accesses to various types of headquarters. Each area node and command node uses the AN/TTC-39 circuit switch and certain nodes also have the AN/TYC-39 message switch.

B-3. Illustrations

Figure B-1 illustrates this network. Circuit switch 8210 located at node 10 is the switch for which the worksheets are filled out. Figure B-2 illustrates the technical connections at node 10 for this switch. This arrangement may be typical but it is not necessarily the only arrangement possible for the equipment used. Use Figure B-2 when referring to the worksheet entries.

B-4. Planning Worksheets

Figures B-3 to B-6 are the planning worksheets for this switch. Worksheet P-5 is not used here because it would contain details of the card population of a specific piece of equipment. The strapping worksheets are also not used here because the information on them results from decisions reflected on the planning and data entry worksheets, and also because they contain information for a specific piece of equipment. However, keep in mind that it would be necessary to use all the worksheets for an actual operation. Chapter 5 gives information about where these worksheets are filled out.

B-5. Data Worksheets

Figures B-7 through B-39 are the data entry and reporting worksheets. In some cases these worksheets are annotated to explain how they are being used or where it is necessary to explain the meaning of the entry or the column heading.

B-6. COMSEC Worksheets

Figures B-40 through B-41 are the COMSEC worksheets which are the basis for some of the data entries. These worksheets are not classified here because the information is not based on an actual situation. However, these worksheets would normally be classified because of COMSEC information. You may also find that all communications network information, such as these worksheets, must be classified in an actual situation because of the order of battle and operational information that they contain. This is usually determined in the operations order. (The tables in Appendix A are needed to develop the data in the worksheets described in this appendix.)

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