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Documents Needed

These documents must be available to the intended users of this publication.

ARTEP 7-90-MTPMission Training Plan for the Infantry Mortar Platoon, Section, Squad. August 1989.
DA Form 2188-RData Sheet. March 1991.
DA Form 2399Computer's Record. December 1991.
DA Form 2408-4Weapon Record Data. January 1979.
DA Form 2601-1MET Data Correction Sheet for Mortars. October 1971.
DA Form 2601-2-RMET Data Correction Sheet 6400 Mils (Mortars). October 1971.
DA Form 3675Ballistic MET Message. January 1971.
DA Form 4176Target Plotting Grid Field Artillery Graduated in Mils and Meters, Scale 1:25,000. October 1973.
DA Form 5424-RTerrain Mortar Position/Special Corrections Worksheet, May 1985.
DA Form 5472-RComputer's Record (MPI). October 1985.
*FM 7-90Tactical Employment of Mortars. October 1992. (TBP)
*FM 23-90Mortars. June 1990.
*FT 4.2-H-2Mortar, 4.2-inch, M30. August 1968.
*FT 4.2-K-2Mortar, 4.2-inch, M30. June 1984.
*FT 60-P-1Mortar, 60-mm, M224. March 1980.
*FT 81-AQ-1Firing Table for Mortar, 81-mm: M29A1 and M29. August 1981.
FT 81-AR-1Mortar, 81-mm, M252. October 1986.
FT 81-AI-3Mortar, 81-mm, M29A1 and M29. March 1973.
STP 7-11C14-SM-TGSoldier's Manual, Skill Levels 1/2/3/4 and Trainer's Guide, MOS 11C, Indirect Fire Infantryman. August 1994.
*TM 9-1220-246-12&POperator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List for Mortar Ballistic Computer Set, M23. August 1985.
*This source was also used to develop this publication.


These readings contain relevant supplemental information.
AR 385-63Policies and Procedures for Firing Ammunition for Training Target Practice Combat. October 1983.
FM 3-50Smoke Operations. December 1990.
FM 6-30Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Observed Fire. July 1991.

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