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    AC- - Active Component

    ANCOC- - advanced noncommissioned officer course

    AN/PVS- - Army Navy passive vision sight

    ARTEP- - Army Training and Evaluation Program

    backblast- - The backward blast created by igniting the propellant in a weapon designed to be as recoilless as possible.

    blast- - An explosive or violent detonation that produces a direct effect on its target in addition to radiant heat and overpressure at its point of origin.

    BMP- - a type of non-US fighting vehicle built by the former Soviet Union

    BNCOC- - basic noncommissioned officer course

    BRDM - - a type of non-US scout car built by the former Soviet Union

    BTR- - a type of non-US personnel carrier built by the former Soviet Union

    C- - Centigrade

    CS- - combat support

    CSS- - combat service support

    DA- - Department of the Army

    DKIE- - decontamination kit individual equipment

    DOD- - Department of Defense

    DS- - direct support

    F- - Fahrenheit

    FHT- - field handling trainer

    fps- - feet per second

    FTX- - field training exercise

    HE- - high-explosive

    HEAT- - high-explosive antitank

    HELLFIRE- - heliborne laser fire and forget (a missile system)

    IAW- - in accordance with

    IET- - initial entry training

    kmph- - kilometers per hour P> LAW- - light antitank weapon

    METL- - mission-essential task list

    MILES- - Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System

    mm- - millimeter(s)

    MMTT- - manned moving target tank

    MOPP- - mission-oriented protective posture

    MOUT- - military operations on urbanized terrain

    mph- - miles per hour

    mps- - meters per second

    MTP- - mission training plan

    NA- - not applicable

    NATO- - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

    NBC- - nuclear, biological, chemical

    NCO- - noncommissioned officer

    NSN- - national stock number

    NVD- - night vision device

    OIC- - officer in charge

    overpressure- - increased atmospheric pressure (positive overpressure), followed by a wave of decreased atmospheric pressure (negative overpressure), produced around the origin of an explosive or violent detonation

    PLDC- - primary leadership development course

    POI- - program of instruction

    promethium- - a radioactive metallic element of the rare- -earth group used to illuminate range markings on the front sight of the M72-series LAW

    RC- - Reserve Component

    RPG- - A non-US rocket-propelled grenade

    STX- - situational training exercise

    SMCT- - soldier's manual of common tasks

    SOP- - standing operating procedure

    spall- - small fragment or chip

    STP- - soldier training publication

    STRAC- - standards in training commission

    TOC- - tactical operations center

    TP- - training-practice

    TRADOC- - (US Army) Training and Doctrine Command

    trc- - track (as used in STRAC manual)

    TRP- - target reference point

    TSC- - training support center

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