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1. General

Training aids should be used to the maximum during phase I and phase II training. A model, picture, or chart can be used to explain how the mine functions or is installed. Effective training aids improve instruction and increase understanding.

2. Training Aids

a. Training film 7-3180, "Technique of Employment, M18 and M18A1 Antipersonnel Weapons (CLAYMORE)," 27 minutes.

*b. Graphic training aid (GTA) 7-1-15, "Antipersonnel Mine, M18A1 (CLAYMORE)" llustrates the mine and its methods of employment.

c. When the training film and GTA are not available, figures 3, 10, 11, and 24 illustrate the type of training aids that can be used to conduct phase I training. These training aids should not limit the instructor's imagination or replace any other aids which may be available or listed in training aids catalogs. Wherever possible, local training aids centers should be utilized to obtain desired training aids and devices. These centers will loan and/or fabricate the required aids and devices.

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