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Appendix F

The Geneva Emblem and Camouflage of Medical Facilities

This appendix implements STANAG 2931.
STANAG 2931 covers procedures for using the Geneva emblem and camouflaging medical facilities. This STANAG requires signatories to display the Geneva emblem (red cross) on medical facilities to help identify and protect the sick and wounded. All signatories, however, are allowed to display the Geneva emblem according to their national regulations and procedures. STANAG 2931 also defines medical facilities as medical units, medical vehicles, and medical aircraft on the ground. A tactical commander may order the camouflage of medical facilities, including the Geneva emblem, when the failure to do so will endanger or compromise tactical operations. Such an order is considered temporary and must be rescinded as soon as the tactical situation permits. The camouflage of large, fixed medical facilities is not envisaged under the guidelines of STANAG 2931.

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