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Appendix E

Standard Camouflage Materials

Table E-1 lists standard camouflage items available to the soldier. Items on this list are ordered through normal unit-procurement channels:
  • A complete list of Department of Defense (DOD) stock materials is available from the Defense Logistics Service Center (DLSC), Battle Creek, Michigan, Defense Switched Network (DSN) 932-4725 or commercial (616) 961-4725.
  • A complete list of Army materials is available from the Army Materiel Command (AMC), Logistics Support Activity, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, DSN 645-0782 or commercial (205) 955-0782.

Table E-1. Camouflage items

Item NSN Mil No. Remarks
Camo enamel, black 8010-00-111-8356 NA 5 gal
Camo enamel, black 8010-00-111-8005 NA 1 gal
Camo enamel, sand 8010-00-111-8336 NA 5 gal
Camo enamel, sand 8010-00-111-7988 NA 1 gal
Camo screen, ultralite, asphalt/concrete 1080-01-338-4468 PN88116169 CVU-165/G
Camo screen, ultralite, green/tan 1080-01-338-4471 PN88116003 CVU-166/G
Camo screen, ultralite, snow/partial snow 1080-01-338-4469 PN88116170 CVU-164/G
Camo support set, ultralite (A-frame) 1080-01-338-4472 PN88116154 MTU-96/G
Connector plug, w/o gen-test 5935-01-050-6586 MS3456W16S-1P Use 5935-00-431-4935
Connector, receptacle, electrical CCK-77/E 1370-01-171-1336 293E663P404 1.4G class/div, 49 ea
Control, remote smoke gen, MXK-856/E32 1080-01-338-7051 PN88115510 For SG-18-02
Decoy target, bailey bridge 1080-00-650-1098 MIL-D-52165 None
Decoy target, how, 105-mm 1080-00-570-6519 MIL-D-52165B PN EB 306D4904-IT08
Decoy units, inflating, radar, AN/SLQ-49 5865-01-266-3840 MRIIRVIN820/821 Passive radar freq respondent
Decoy, aircraft, ground (F-16) 1080-01-301-8273 PN160002 Only 25 produced
Decoy, close combat, M1A1 tank 1080-01-242-7251 PN13277E9830 None
Decoy, close combat, M60A3 tank 1080-01-242-7250 PN3228E1979 None
Decoy, runway (FOS) 1080-01-338-5201 PN88116100 50 x 1,000 ft
Diesel fuel, DF-1 9140-00-286-5288 VV-F-800D Smoke/obsc-alt
Diesel fuel, DF-2 9140-00-286-5296 VV-F-800D Smoke/obsc-alt
Diesel fuel, DF-2 9140-00-286-5297 VV-F-800D Smoke/obsc-alt
Drum, S&S, 55-gal 8110-00-292-9783 NA 18-gauge steel, painted
Drum, S&S, 55-gal 8110-00-597-2353 NA 16-gauge steel, painted
Explosive, airburst projectile launch atk 1055-01-175-4002 PN102575 Smoky flak, LMK-25
Federal standard colors 595-B 7690-01-162-2210 NA 2-ft x 10-in fan deck of color
Gen set, smoke, mech, M157 1040-01-206-0147 PN31-15-255 None
Gen, signal radio freq 6625-00-937-4029 NA SM-422/GRC
Gen, smoke, mech, A/E32U-13 1040-01-338-8839 PN88115460 SG-18-02
Gen, smoke, mech, M3A 1040-00-587-3618 MILSTD604 None
Gen, smoke, mech, M3A4 1040-01-143-9506 MILSTD604 PN E31-15-2000
Indiv camo cover, 3-color woodland 8415-01-280-3098 MIL-C-44358 8 oz, 5- x 8-ft coverage
Indiv camo cover, 6-color desert 8415-01-280-5234 MIL-C-44358 8 oz, 5- x 8-ft coverage
Indiv camo cover, snow 8415-01-282-3160 MIL-C-44358 8 oz, 5- x 8-ft coverage
Launcher rckt, 1-bay launcher, LMU-23E 1055-01-131-7857 PN1335AS380 Smoky SAM
Launcher rckt, 4-bay launcher, OMU-24E 1055-01-144-0864 PN1335AS700 Smoky SAM
LCSS support set, desert 1080-00-623-7295 MIL-C-52765 Can use 1080-01-253-0522
LCSS support set, snow 1080-00-556-4954 MIL-C-52765 Same as 1080-01-179-6024
LCSS support set, woodland 1080-00-108-1173 MIL-C-52765 Same as 1080-01-179-6025
LCSS support set, woodland 1080-00-108-1173 MIL-C-52765 Plastic poles
LCSS, desert, radar-scattering 1080-00-103-1211 MIL-C-52771 Can use 1080-01-266-1828
LCSS, desert, radar-scattering 1080-01-266-1825 PN13228E5930 Can use 1080-01-266-1828
LCSS, desert, radar-scattering 1080-01-266-1828 PN13228E5933 Use 1080-01-266-1825 first
LCSS, desert, radar-transparent 1080-00-103-1217 MIL-C52765 PN13226E1357
LCSS, snow, radar-scattering 1080-00-103-1233 MIL-C-52765 Can use 1080-01-266-1826
LCSS, snow, radar-scattering 1080-00-103-1234 MIL-C-52765 PN13226E1355
LCSS, snow, radar-scattering 1080-01-266-1823 PN13228E5928 Can use 1080-01-266-1826
LCSS, snow, radar-scattering 1080-01-266-1826 PN13228E5931 Can use 1080-00-103-1233
LCSS, woodland, radar-scattering 1080-00-103-1246 MIL-C-53004 Can use 1080-01-266-1827
LCSS, woodland, radar-scattering 1080-00-103-1322 MIL-C-53004 PN13226E1356
LCSS, woodland, radar-scattering 1080-01-266-1824 PN13228E5929 Can use 1080-01-266-1827
LCSS, woodland, radar-scattering 1080-01-266-1827 PN13228E5932 Use 1080-01-266-1824 first
Lead acid btry, 24V, BB-297U 6140-00-059-3528 MS75047-1 For SG 18-02 w/o gen
Mounting kit, smoke gen, M284 1040-01-249-0272 PN31-14-2680 For M157 gen
Net, multipurpose, olive-green mesh 8465-00-889-3771 MIL-N-43181 108- x 60-in coverage
Paint, temp, tan 8010-01-326-8078 MIL-P-52905 Fed-std-595B 33446
Paint, temp, tan 8010-01-326-8079 MIL-P-52905 Fed-std-595B 33446
Paint, temp, white 8010-01-129-5444 MIL-P-52905 None
Pump inflating, manual, smoky flak 4320-00-822-9036 XX-P-746 Need 1 ea TO 11A-1-46
Reflector, radar, Coast Guard buoy marker 2050-01-225-2779 120768 1 cu ft, 10-lb, aluminum
Simulator, atomic explosion, M142 1370-00-474-0270 MIL-S-46528(1) PM8864243
Simulator, projectile airburst, PJU-7/E 1370-01-180-5856 PN102549 1.1G class/div, 48 ea
Simulator, projectile airburst, PJU-7A/E 1370-01-279-9505 PN8387310 1.3G class/div, 48 ea
Smoke pot, 30-lb, HC, M5 1365-00-598-5207 MIL-S-13183 PH E36-1-18, 17 min
Smoke pot, floating, HC 1365-00-939-6599 MIL-S-51235 w/M208/M209 fuse
Smoke pot, floating, HC, M4A2 1365-00-598-5220 MIL-S-51235B w/M207a fuse, 12 min
Smokey SAM rocket, GTR-18A 1340-01-130-6282 DL1335AS100 Firing cartridge and rocket
Support poles, camo net, ultralite 1080-01-338-4470 PN88116153 MTU-99/G, 2 poles/battens
Tool, special purpose, smoky flak 5120-01-176-2188 PN103320 Need 1 ea
Trailer, ground-handling, MHU-141/M 1740-01-031-5868 MIL-BK-300 5,500-lb cap, for SG-18-02
Valve adapter assy, smoky flak 1055-01-216-4803 PN8523971-10 Need 1 each
Valve, pneumatic tank, smoky flak 4820-00-427-5047 GV500RK2 Need 1 ea
Wrench, bung 5120-00-045-5055 Cage #07227 2- x -in plugs

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