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Appendix A

Metric Conversion Chart

This appendix complies with current Army directives which state that the metric system will be incorporated into all new publications. Table A-1 is a conversion chart.

Table A-1. Metric conversion chart

US Units Multiplied By Metric Units
Cubic feet 0.0283 Cubic meters
Feet 0.3048 Meters
Gallons 3.7854 Liters
Inches 2.54 Centimeters
Inches 0.0254 Meters
Inches 25.4001 Millimeters
Miles, statute 1.6093 Kilometers
Miles, statute 0.9144 Yards
Ounces 28.349 Grams
Pounds 0.454 Kilograms
Tons, short 0.9072 Tons, metric
Square feet 0.093 Square meters
Metric Units Multiplied By US Units
Centimeters 0.3937 Inches
Cubic meters 35.3144 Cubic feet
Cubic meters 1.3079 Cubic yards
Grams 0.035 Ounces
Kilograms 2.205 Pounds
Kilometers 0.62137 Miles, statute
Kilometers 1,093.6 Yards
Liters 0.264 Gallons
Meters 3.2808 Feet
Meters 39.37 Inches
Meters 1.0936 Yards
Millimeters 0.03937 Inches
Square meters 10.764 Square feet
Tons, metric 2,204.6 Pounds

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