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The size and composition of the MP force in a theater of operations is determined by the operational environment. But the MP force level on any battlefield, developing or mature, is austere. In a theater of operations all MP assets are committed at all times. As an MP leader you know that sound planning is critical to determining the employment and carrying out the operations that will most successfully address the echelon commander's needs and intent.

As you plan your operations and determine the size of the force you need to meet the tactical situation, you are flexible in the employment of your elements. You tailor your resources and priorities to meet the changing situation. You shift unit locations and adapt the size of unit AOs. You plan for and use economy-of-force.

You consistently task organize for the smallest force needed to do the job. While the generic size and composition of each MP unit is set by its table of organization and equipment (TOE), interoperable MP teams coupled with adaptive MP tactics and techniques allow all MP elements to be task-organized to carry out operations. You can briefly reconfigure MP elements with limited need for coordination. Task-organizing small tactical elements to carry out your operations can gain you a needed advantage on the battlefield. You can quickly meld any number of independently operating MP teams into a functioning force capable of unified action. You set the number, size, and configuration of your operating elements to meet your operational need and to suit the tactical situation.

To meet the factors of METT-T and to support the echelon commander's plan and intent with your available MP assets, you also are selective in the measures and operations you use to carry out your missions. Some MP operations require the integrated efforts of a number of MP teams, either carrying out actions independently in several places or gathered in one place to operate in concert. Other operations can be accomplished by a few MP teams carrying out specific actions repeatedly over time.

You are an Army leader. You draw on your initiative and experience when you analyze any battlefield need. You choose actions and operations that fit the tactical situation. You select from measures that will both support the commander's intent and achieve your purpose. You consistently choose the measures that deliver the greatest results for the effort. And you employ your MP elements where they best support, survive, and win in combat.

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