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As an MP leader you know how to get the job done. You accomplish your missions, providing MP support where and when it is needed. You respond to combat demands quickly and effectively. You task-organize your elements, practicing economy of force. You prioritize your efforts to carry out the commander's intent. You link your operations and integrate your efforts with those of other units and Services, developing and maintaining liaison with your civil-military counterparts and with host nation (HN) authorities.

Across the battlefield you expedite movements into, through, or out of the area of operations. You set up posts to assist, direct, and protect combat resources at or near your location. Moving throughout the battlefield, you control activity at key locations and provide security at critical points in the rear area. You serve as the commander's eyes and ears in the rear area, gathering and forwarding information about terrain and weather, about friendly and enemy activity. When rear operations intensify, you become a "combat multiplier," serving as the command's first line of defense for rear operations. And you briefly but significantly, with economy of force, generate substantial short-term combat power for the echelon commander.

Your combat and combat support operations for division, corps, and theater army area command (TAACOM) forces vary with your location on the battlefield and the needs of the echelon commander in the combat zone or in the communications zone (COMMZ).

The kind of MP operation you undertake and the size of the force you use to carry it out are determined by tactical need, by METT-T, and by the echelon commander's plan and intent. You tailor your resources and priorities to meet the changing combat situation. You choose your actions and operations and the combination in which you use them to meet the need at hand.

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