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DD Form 629 (Receipt of Prisoner or Detained Person) and
DA Form 4137 (Evidence/Property Custody Document)

Use these forms to accept custody of captives and to account for property taken from captives during evacuation. When evacuating captives to the rear or transferring them to MI control or medical channels, give escorts copies of both forms. Retain or forward one copy to PM operations section. (These forms establish positive accountability of captives and their property and can be used later to substantiate proper care and treatment.) Give captives copies of receipts for property that is seized.

DA Form 4237-R (Detainee Personnel Record)

Prepare an original and one copy of this form. It is the primary source document for administrative information about captives. (Original stays at facility where captive is interned until released or repatriated; copy is forwarded through MP channels to branch PWIC.) Enter, at least, on the form the ISN, name, rank, enemy service number, sex, date of birth, date of processing, name and unit of person preparing form, date and place form is prepared, date of capture, place of capture, capturing unit's identification code, country served, physical condition, and any other information from captive's ID card. Attach one photo to the form.

Identification Cards

Prepare ID card (even if they have one issued by their government): DA Form 2662-R for EPWs; DA Form 2677-R for CIs; DA Form 2672-R for officer EPW claiming status as retained person; DA Form 2673-R for enlisted EPW claiming status as retained person. Make weight, fingerprint, and photo entries on identity cards. Attach one photo. Laminate ID card after photo is attached and all entries made.

DA Form 1132 (Prisoner's Personal Property List--Personal Deposit Fund)

Prepare original and two copies of this form. (See AR 37-36 for detailed discussion.) The original goes in captive's personnel files, one copy goes with impounded property, and one copy goes to captive. List on DA Form 1132-R property returned to captive or kept in storage during internment. Do not list any confiscated property on this form. Use this form to account for foreign currency treat as impounded property.

DA Form 2663-R (Fingerprint Card)

Prepare two copies of this form: forward one to internment facility; one goes to Branch PWIC for classification. When ADP fingerprint reading is available, it will be used. Fill out administrative information such as name and rank. Make weight, fingerprint, and photo entries.

DA Form 2664-R (Weight Register [Prisoner of War])

Prepare one copy of this form.

DA Form 3161 (Request for Issue or Turn-In)

Use this form to account for confiscated property (arms, ammunition, and equipment with intelligence value). File with captive's supply records copies of DA Form 4137 or DA Form 3161 used to account for confiscated property during evacuation.

DA Form 1131-R (Prisoner's Cash Account-Personal Deposit Fund)

Use this form to account for US currency found in possession of captives.

Turn in form to supporting finance and accounting office.

Notification Cards

Have captives prepare notification of capture cards (DA Forms 2665-R) and notification of address cards (DA Forms 2666-R for EPWs; DA Forms 2678-R for CIs) where they are interned.

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